Thursday, 3 January 2008

Journalism, Madeleine and an Irish blogger

"Madeline McCann's life was elevated above that of all the hundreds of people who went missing both in the UK and here in Ireland because Sky decided so. There was an uncomfortable xenophobic undercurrent in the whole thing - it was all to easy to have a pop at Johnny Foreigners policing of the situation, not like the sterling work done in the UK. There is little to inspire and aspiring journalist to stay clear of the gutter, to avoid sensationalism when it's the easy path to success that is not only apparent but absolutely promoted within the industry."

by Doss Spot


Outono said...

Nice,Doss Spot. Very well!

At least the "sad" man of the couple was´nt man of the year...
Like me,I supose, a lot of people have write to the irish news paper to remember them how a man less 3 babbies alone and lost one of them.

mike said...

Irish owned real estate ready for crash in Portugal
News Type: Event — Thu Dec 27, 2007 6:59 AM EST

Yesterday boxing day the owners of Oceanico developements in Portugal where summoned to appear before the local courts , concerning the close knit relationship with another irish held company Kendar Properties , it is believed by the relevant authorities that the Oceanico and kendar owners had set up a cartel of Price fixing and a very complex financial structure where several mortgages where given on the same piece of land , the owner of Kendar Properties has absconded bail and is actively being sought by the Irish authorities , the local courts have been given authorisation to investigate Oceanico developements in Portugal , given that the loans where granted by Irish banks , this is a very worrying situation for all the future buyers of real estate in Portugal given the size and nature of the fraud relating already to Kendar Properties .