Monday, 21 January 2008

Just a question:

Is it legal, in UK, for a citizen, to release an image of the face of another person and call that person a suspect of a crime? I thought that only police could do that…


Anonymous said...

No. It would be a 'person of interest'. If this man who bears a striking early resemblance to the Late Beatle George Harrison with some added 'criminal' features is to be explained, he is the bogeyman- that looks like a felon.

Somehow this sketch is now historical definition which was found to be wrong historically in the morphology of facial characteristics. How does any one tell they are the correct Morrocan suspect, and how does one if broken English get enough to say the very specific tale of an RTA and an orphanage?

The man is perhaps one of many who walk by this main road location as all do. It is a main central highway of pedestrian traffic, so if in any tourism spot men come to the door they are not sinister, or pedophiles, or kidnappers. This Lombroscoian facial mapping is archaic. It does not say the face only drawn from someones intake of a face is a kidnapper, or took Madeleine, same as the bible visitors did not.

The man seen is clearly a worker and police and locals will quickly know of such a face. In fact some of the press looked like that after a blinding night in the bars. Hmmm. But the arched eyebrows, large teeth, all are too much of fit to the man who some want to see as the killer. We are taking it this man is a killer are we? As well as a loiterer.

Anonymous said...

Good point! It seems that in the UK anyone could freely go on smearing other people. Nevertheless, the sketch, but for the moustache, looks a lot like Kate! Maybe is a relative of hers? If I would have any resemblance to this drawing I would sue Mrs Cooper and team McCann!