Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Laura Jones threats to Gazeta Digital

A self-called “anti-abuse campaigner”, Laura Jones, has been emailing me about a supposed “hit list” of McCann supporters that I have compiled – something that happened only in her imagination. After a few emails full of non-sense, I told her that I considered the talk finished. She told me that she doesn’t like “to see innocent people hurt because of bullies on the internet” and she has “not finished this talk” before I explain that "Hit List". She promised she will “get the internet authorities” to look at what I am getting up to on my site. “There will be no stone unturned until we find the abusers behind it”, she promises. Now, I expect a knock on door, at any moment, and a couple of former SAS asking for explanations… Is this one more evidence of the growing “Cult of Madeleine”?


Anonymous said...

Laura the 'bully' eh!

buttywuddneymelty03 said...

Anonymous said...

Some people really strive to transform the Internet into a very anti-democratic tool they can wrap around their finger and manipulate according to their will and interests! I like your blog because it tries, to some extent, to elucidate all the misinformation spread out especially by the British media on this case. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Laura Jones will have to ask the internet authorities to look at a lot of sites! Most people with a fairly amount of grey cells don't believe in the story told by the McCanns - just because of its inconsistencies: a blanket was transformed into pyjamas; short hair was transformed into long straight black hair; 130 yards into 50 yards; locked doors into unlocked, etc... They say they want to help the police, but refuse to answer the questions; I could go on forever!
There is a very good interview of C Mitchell by Jon Gaunt in the Youtube.
Good luck with your blog!

Anonymous said...

Another to Laura Jones:
"......A spokesman from Eurojust confirmed to The Press Association that Portuguese authorities made a formal request to the European Union’s judicial cooperation agency to help in the process of questioning again the group of British citizens that was at Ocean Club, with Gerry and Kate McCann, when Madeleine vanished.

A PJ team is scheduled to fly to UK, soon, to follow the questioning by Leicester police, according to Press Association. Eurojust role is to help investigators and prosecutors in European Union for information and assistance in crime cases involving more than one country. "

Will see who block the issues.
We want justice to MADDIE,THE GREAT VICTIM!

And all the Paulo´s friends and even Police we are with amindful of anything against him.

Anonymous said...

According to today's Times newspaper, the British Press Complaint Commission received 485 complaints against the "Daily Miror"'s article on the Portuguese police - more than 10% of all complaints receive (4340)in 2007. Guess who is unethical and disrespectful of good journalism principles in this whole McCann story!

Anonymous said...

Paulo, keep up the excellent work, and keep in mind that this sort of threaths only occur because you might be too close to the truth for your own good.

The PJ will see this investigation through, no matter what the McCanns and its acolytes manage to spin into the media. Today's 'Maddie maniac strikes again' news, which looks more like a campaign to portray the Southern Iberian Peninsula as the World Paedophile Central, has shown how the British media are at Team McCann's command. Their attempt to describe the disappearance of Mari Luz Cortes as the 'second incident' of a serial kidnapper, would be hilarious if it was not a shameful exploitation of what seems to be the unlucky fate of another small child.

I have not lost my faith in the PJ's capacity to guarantee that Justice will be served. If nobody else honours Madeleine's memory, the policemen and -women at the PJ will.

The rest, as we like to say in Portuguese, is scenery - 'o resto é paisagem'.

Boa sorte!

piglet said...

Oh Paulo, you have to laugh!

Keep up the fab work!

Anonymous said...

Paulo keep up the good work!!!

S said...

Keep it going Paulo! Fantastic stuff - as ever!

I've now had the same theory deleted from the net 15 times and 14 bans in press forums for voicing it - people out there do NOT like something.

As for the anti abuse campaigner Dont let the ..?.. wear you down! Never before have i seen so many of the so called anti abuse advocates and 'abuse professionals' suddenly become paranoid, owned by split personalities and being utterly abusive in their own behaviours. The case is bringing out a lot of inner demons in many, but truth will out.

Now, must dash, there is, apparently, another abuse advocate out there on the net that needs straightening out to what abuse is - and how one should not behave - and like many others is using poor madeleine as a vehicle to do so. Thank heavens for google!

Justice for madeleine and keep on going.