Sunday, 6 January 2008

Leicester Mercury: Another one bites the dust

After the official Vatican site and Sky News, it's now time for Leicester Mercury to delete the special page for Madeline McCann. At the bottom of the main online page, the Leicester Mercury also has a link - “Maddy - Leave your message for Madeleine” - but all previous messages were deleted and the space is empty now. The first clear retreat from a public support of Madeleine's parents was performed by the Vatican, just after Gerry and Kate were named suspects. Not long after that, Sky New web site also deleted a special entry to Madeleine's case in its web page.


Outono said...


Com é,PR? Quem não se compromete,não.....? não sei o resto.

They are, the 3 places, with high caution.
They do no want loose clients.


Outono said...

5 themes. The first is to Maddie.
The others are letters; movies and so on.

madymama said...

Retreat of the public support of this little missing innocent child? Or you mean to her negligent parents?

Eloisa said...

Paulo, I guess it's time the press stops deceiving ... high time
Spanish version in Esplendor de la Forma.
Best regards,

Anonymous said...

Paulo Quick , get this to the worlds press, it shows why McCanns were so keen to fit Murat up. Now they've found all the witness's for Mr David Payne to be there.

Anonymous said...

It is about time the McCanns were exposed to reveal what they really are - negligent parents and fraudsters!

Rato Terra said...

Her negligent,super negligent with 3 babies and "lost" one of them.

Rato Terra