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Mark Warner, Alex Woolfall and a few questions

I appreciate the kindness and sympathy of so many of my readers who send me information about the first news in UK Media, about Madeleine’s disappearance. So, it seems that even before the Polícia Judiciária team arrived at Praia da Luz, the Foreign Office had already information about the “kidnap” and UK TV’s were already broadcasting the story.

It’s always good to remember that first call to GNR precinct was 45 minutes after Kate realized Madeleine disappeared, and the head of PJ was informed by the British Ambassador, around 11h15, even before PJ detectives had time to drive from Portimão to Praia da Luz…

Alex Woolfall is a star among stars. His experience covers “deliberate sabotage and accidental contamination of products (from food to pharmaceuticals); accident, injury and death in the workplace; allegations of corporate manslaughter; product recalls; corporate fraud and theft; court cases on the grounds of sex, race and age discrimination; redundancy and closure announcements; the use of illegal and/or child labour; regulatory breaches; mislabelling of products; abduction and robberies and terrorist related activities”, according to Bell Pottinger site. Quite a curriculum…

I presume my readers will help me again with these details: Mr. Alex Woolfall was quickly placed at Praia da Luz, with a special team from Bell Pottinger. I’m looking for news, in the UK Media, referring the arrival of Alex Woolfall. Not that he was there or he has been there, but about being on his way or having just arrived at Praia da Luz…

Another detail: John Hill, manager of Ocean Club, told some newspapers that police was called immediately and arrived at 10h45. But I was told he was quoted in other newspapers as saying that police arrived around midnight. Could it be only in printed editions? I checked the Net and only found this reference, from MR. John Hill, about 10h45. Any help on this will be appreciated…

I promised to share with all of you – free of charge, as always, of course… - the final conclusions of what I’m investigating, as soon as I reach a conclusion. What I can tell you is that those two persons – Alex Woolfall and John Hill – play a significant role in this case. Because they had, both, close knowledge of events, on decisive moments.


praia da lose said...

It was my understanding that Woolfall was already in Praia da Luz as he was employed by Mark Warner at the time???


Anonymous said...

The McCanns' early success with the press can be put down, in part, to the media experts they found working alongside them. The Mark Warner company, whose holiday apartments they had been staying in, already had a deal with PR company Bell Pottinger. That meant that Alex Woolfall, the company's crisis management head, was in Praia da Luz the day after Madeleine disappeared. When Woolfall left 10 days later, the Foreign Office stepped in.

sourced from the Guardian

Anonymous said...

A Mark Warner company official told The Scotsman: "Alex Woolfall is very experienced and was a fantastic asset to the family. "What Kate and Gerry wanted to do was to get this on the news agenda and make this as big as possible, so that people don't forget."

Mr Woolfall returned to London on Tuesday, and that night the Foreign and Commonwealth Office installed one of its own press officers as the McCann family's official press contact in Praia da Luz.

Thread in Mirror Forums..

Anonymous said...

Alex W flew to Portugal on behalf of MW on 5th May

Anonymous said...

I wish to You a very good investigation and a real conclusion.

I like to understand how a investigator (journalist) have´nt a weel organized dossier with doc.printed.

Or, you want test the public memory?

Anonymous said...

Paulo, no names here but a mention that counsellors are on their way...

[Mark Warner] which is based in London, says it is committed to doing all it can to support the McCanns.

It has sent out two counsellors, while directors of Mark Warner are also in the resort to help "in any way possible".

6 May 04.21am

Anonymous said...

Report from 4th May - (unnamed counsellor)

The British Ambassador to Portugal, John Stephen Buck, was travelling to the Algarve on Friday, as was Mark Warner UK Operations Director Craig Mayhew and a counsellor.

Anonymous said...

AW flew to Portugal on behalf of MW on 5th

Anonymous said...

Here Paul Moyes said the police arrived at midnight...

Paul Moyes, 47, from Cheshire and his wife Susan, who own a holiday apartment in the same block as the McCanns, said they were woken at 11.30pm by a knock on the door and asked to join in a search for a missing girl.

"We went down to the beach with scores of other people to look for her," said Mr Moyes. "The police arrived at around midnight..,,2073027,00.html

irina said...

Look in the book 'Maddie 129' by Hernâni Carvalho and Luís Neves (Prime Books, 2007)

as sudgested by joaohonesto on

The authors also insist on the political pressure the case has been subjected to from the UK since the very beginning, and insists on the arrival of Alex Woolfall, described as one of the most expensive experts in the world on damage limitation and crisis management (the man who kept the GM controversy off British headlines for Monsanto) on May 3 as an indication of the colossal interests trying to cover-up the case and orchestrate the media campaign to promote the abduction theory.

irina said...

Gerry and Kate McCann’s on-screen composure in the days after their daughter disappeared was at odds with their turmoil and dread behind the scenes, a witness says today.

Alex Woolfall, a public relations consultant for the holiday resort where the child disappeared, was with the McCanns regularly for that first fortnight and is convinced that they are innocent.

He is an expert in crisis PR at the communications group Bell Pottinger and flew to Portugal as part of the Mark Warner holiday company’s emergency response team on Saturday, May 5. Madeleine vanished on the evening of May 3.

Anonymous said...

Mark Warner + Code Madeleine campaign in News of the World
Madeleine is already the face of the campaign for the tourist industry

Anonymous said...

This report is dated May 4th and mentions only a "Mark Warner spokesman". The comments might be Woolfalls because John Hill is specifically quoted elsewhere in the same report, and who else would be allowed to speak to the media on behalf of Mark Warner? Other reports suggest Woolfall was to have arrived on May 5th, along with 2 trauma counsellors. Those trauma counsellors are also mentioned in this report.

Anonymous said...

Gerry McCann said: "Kate and I fully endorse Code Madeleine. We'd like to thank everyone in the British travel industry and the News of the World for taking the initiative in setting up this scheme to help protect families away from home."

Code Madeleine—based on the hugely successful Code Adam that operates in shopping malls and public buildings across America—embraces a simple six-point plan of measures.

Had our new code been in place when little Maddie was abducted from the Praia da Luz apartment, while her parents were dining just yards away, the procedures could have foiled the snatch.

The scheme is backed by the Federation of Tour Operators (FTO), whose members take 18 MILLION Brits abroad each year, AND the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA). Among the big names who have thrown full support behind us are Teletext, First Choice, BA Holidays, Thomas Cook, My Travel, Thomson Holidays, Virgin Holidays and Cosmos.

Anonymous said...

Iflg is the group that helped constitute the FundMadeleine. They have a link to the site Find Madeleine on their site and they are part of Reunite (Home Office)

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Anonymous said...[/quote]

Templars = DaVinci Code – Code Madeleine