Thursday, 17 January 2008

The McCann friends don’t exist, a Spanish news site, has been contacted by many British journalists, asking for information about Mari Luz, the five-year old that disappeared last Sunday. They want everything: pictures from the child, from the school where she goes, the house where she lives, who are her parents. They want details and information concerning the searches, the family, and so on. Ok, that’s the job of a journalist.

But if you are talking about the group of friends that was on holiday with the McCann, you can see some differences in the way the British journalists did their job. It took three months and a Portuguese journalist, Felicia Cabrita, to publish the names of all members of Tapas Group.

And until now, no more details than those revealed by Felicia Cabrita have surfaced. No friends of the McCann friends talking about them, no pictures (only those taken in Portugal..), no interviews with neighbours, no details about where they live, no references about where they work. We had Jane Tanner in TV, but it was all.

It seems that the McCann friends don’t exist. Or the British Media, so quick to find anything about anybody, is facing the same difficulties I found, when I called Leicester University, months ago, and asked them if they could confirm that David Payne was a fellow researcher at that university.

The lady who talked with me asked for my email and promised to send me later the information I requested, because she needed to take a look at the files. No email has come from Leicester University, until now. Were the McCann having diner, on May 3rd, with a group of ghosts?


Anonymous said...

Paulo, it has become painfully obvious that, if Mari Luz had disappeared from a town in the North of Spain, the British press would not have dispensed her a single paragraph. But as they seek to explore the 'Madeleine connection', which obviously serves the interests of the McCann field, who thus see M's abduction 'justified' by the disappearance of a 5-year-old girl, more than eight months later, under different circumstances, in a different country - as the British media seek to explore the alleged similarities, they forget that the only real similarity, is the fact that a child has gone missing.

One has to wonder if the British press dedicates the same energy to other missing children in England, which are not nearly as rare as in Spain or in Portugal.

I almost forgot to mention that missing children's cases in Britain have one crucial flaw, as far as the British press is concerned: They fail to provide yet another opportunity to support the McTheory of Rampant Abduction cases in the South of the Iberian Peninsula.

Keep the good work going!

Anonymous said...

North Spain????????????

ahahahaha Huelva in North of spain?

Have you some maps in your country?