Sunday, 20 January 2008

McCann want a “joint poster campaign” with Mari Luz and Madeleine

The parents of Madeleine McCann sent a message to José and Irene Cortés, whose daughter vanished at the city of Huelva. In the message, according to The Sun, Gerry and Kate “suggested a joint poster campaign to find the girls.” This the first time the McCann offers help to another family whose child is missing. While in Portugal, the McCann were contacted by the parents of Rui Pedro, a Portuguese boy who disappeared ten years ago, but didn’t reply to the letter that was sent to them.


Anonymous said...

I think the parents of Mari should be advised to have nothing to do with the McCanns.

This, I suggest, would be a PR exercise for the McCanns and that they want to look innocent by association with other parents of children that are missing.

Already the mother of Mari has declared that the McCanns are innocent. What a strange thing to say.

Have you ever heard another mother of a missing child declare suspects innocent so quickly?

This behaviour is suspicious.

Anonymous said...

What if the parents or friends of the parents actually buried Maddie in Huelva and some fanatical McCann sympathizers have arranged to have Mari taken and killed and plan on placing her body near Maddie's, to make it look like Maddie was killed by the same killer?

I'm not a Brit, but recent British news reports leave one wondering just how desperate these desperate sounding McCanns are becoming.

Anonymous said...

I think the last poster is just as sick as the people who took Maddie. I'm glad you're not a Brit if you think up such disgusting as that. You obviously don't have kids of your own or you'd never be able to write something as revolting as that.