Sunday, 20 January 2008

McCann want Metodo 3 to replace PJ

Following the release of a sketch showing the face of a new suspect, the McCann spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, told journalists that the couple wants his private detective company, Metodo 3, to be in charge of a review of police investigation. The sketch was based in the descriptions made by witnesses that saw a “creepy” man near the Ocean Club. Jane Tanner, the McCann friend who allegedly saw a man carrying a child on the night of May 3rd, helped to make a first sketch, without a face because she didn’t saw it. Now, she told the News of the World “the man in the new suspect picture strongly resembles the person I saw on May 3rd."
Clarence Mitchell said also that Portuguese and British police, and Interpol had already the image and were trying to find the man. But a source from Portuguese police denied any previous knowledge of the sketch and said that “PJ knew about it from the Media”. “As it happens with any other clue, this one will be investigated, but the main line of the inquiry hasn’t changed”, the source added. The Daily Mail refers today that Paulo Rebelo has invited Gonçalo Amaral to go back to the team in charge of the investigation.
Editor's note: This list was published on November 2007.
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