Wednesday, 16 January 2008

PJ source: “No evidence about Canary Islands connection”

Portuguese police has “no evidence about any connection between the case of Madeleine McCann and recent arrests of suspected child abusers at Canary Islands”, a source from PJ said. Several British newspapers reported that Spanish police was following leads that connected the arrests in Canary Islands to the disappearance of the child from Praia da Luz. Marcos Cabrera was arrested after an alleged attempt to kidnap a child, at Canary Islands.

“The line of inquiry in Madeleine’s case remains the same and is focused in the group of British citizens that were with the child’s family. There is no indication that the person arrested in the Spanish Islands has been in Portugal”, according to the same source.

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Anonymous said...

Surely the PJ cannot possibly know they are linked so soon?

Two children, of a similar age disappearing within a 100 miles of each other has a strong potential to be linked. Until they genuinely [b]know[/b} what happened to either of them, they cannot categorically state they are not connected.

Methinks yet another attempt to discourage belief of the abduction theory.