Friday, 4 January 2008

Police has new evidence against Madeleine's parents

Investigation about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann from a quiet resort at Praia da Luz had “important developments” in the last weeks, after a Portuguese police team met with Leicestershire police and representatives from Forensic Science Service, the British laboratory where samples collected at the crime scene are being analysed.

On a preliminary report about the case, recently sent to the Public Prosecutor's Office, Polícia Judiciária (PJ) states that the parents remain the main suspects. Among other pieces of new evidence, there is a specific phone call and several messages, send from Ocean Resort, that are classified by investigators as “highly incriminating” Gerry and Kate McCann.

The same evidence also gave indications about how the body of Madeleine McCann could have been taken from the apartment and disposed of. Today, it was confirmed by a source from the Public Prosecutor's Office that a request to extend the time limit for the case will be filed, with the Criminal Court, before January 14, eight months after the first formal suspect was named.

Questions for the friends

The Tapas Group, the friends who had dinner with the McCann on May 3rd, will be questioned again soon, as a formal request to the British Home Office is ready. Police wants to clarify, first, contradictory statements about the night of May 3rd, and PJ detectives would like to interrogate Gerry and Kate before the end of January – something that will depend from the time Home Office and British police will take to proceed with the questionings.

Among many details that are confuse or contradictory, Police sources refer the fact that witnesses confirm they saw Gerry McCann and Russell O'Brien going inside apartment 5A to check the three children sleeping there. The McCann spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, is already preparing public opinion for a new interrogation of Madeleine's parents and yesterday told British Media that Kate and Gerry would be pleased to clarify “misunderstandings” related with their previous statements.

New detectives hired

Hogan International, a company specialized in asset investigations, is reviewing Madeleine's case, working in coordination with Metodo 3, the Spanish detectives company that announced recently they knew who kidnapped Madeleine and promised to find her before Christmas. Sources close to the McCann supporters say that the six-month contract with Metodo 3, which ends around March, will not be renewed and Hogan International will replace them, in the private investigation set up by the McCann, following advise from Control Risk Group.

The McCann legal team has asked private investigators to concentrate in specific details of the investigation related with Police evidence of Madeleine's death and his body disposal, instead of following leads about sightings or other information related with a possible abductor.
Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis
Editor's Note:

The increase of “troll” activity following the teaser I posted here, two hours ago, was visible in many forums and message boards discussing Madeleine's case. It's curious to analyse some of that activity and look at details about the most prolific posters. This is something that deserves a more researched article. Whenever people wishes to confirm that new evidence has been uncovered, just pay attention to the number of new witnesses or facts showing that Gerry and Kate are innocent and will have their status of “arguidos” lifted soon, published by the British Press. Clarence Mitchell has, indeed, good sources in the Government. He knows a lot more about the case than the legal defence team working for the McCann. But he didn't realized yet that every attempt to anticipate bad news with a disinformation campaign seems almost a confession and, at the same time, it's a proof of the strong and deep connections between authorities in UK and the McCann inner circle of supporters.
Paulo Reis


Tom said...

Really evidence or more speculations? It could be..., maybe..... A new line of investigation.... Always the some. I hope it comes to an end now
Regards Tom

Helene said...

Please let this finish soon and for justice for Madeleine

Anonymous said...

Hope they have found Madeleine's body, the poor little child deserves to be laid to rest with dignity. The idea of her being used any further, to distract people from the serious implications for the parents, raised by the police investigation, is downright awful.

Peter said...

Good. Please don't let them get with it, PJ. PLEASE.

Anonymous said...

Interesting announcement. Thanks again, Paulo for the English record you have so graciously provided. I love the Portuguese.

-Beth in the USA

Anonymous said...

coming soon is next hour, next day or next week?

Anonymous said...

Paulo, I thank you for your work on this website.

You have helped bring information to the people. Yes once you made a mistake in believing the McCanns, but they fooled many people.

Your persistance and professionalism is something that many people will not forget.

Walter said...

The "trolls" - or astroturfers - on the forums operate in shifts.

Although there're obviously more of them tonight, the following names were actively swarming and disrupting together a few nights ago:

vilipend (10 Aug)
rhodes3 (10 Aug)
poorhorse (20 Aug)
amplyjustified (03 Sep)
therese (11 Sep)
pippi (14 Sep)
endreas (14 Sep)
blueberry (15 Sep)
urcrazy (16 Sep)
nicholass (16 Sep)
chad (17 Sep)
charoz319 (24 Sep)
scandinavia (20 Oct)
tiberious7 (8 Dec)

Most are U.S. fundamentalist Christians who seem to believe in the McCanns' statements as unquestioningly as they do the myths of their faith.

How shrewd it was of the McCanns to not only remember they were Catholics but to go and kiss the Pope as well.

Eloisa said...

Hello Paulo,
Thank you for keeping up the good job.
I have posted the Spanish version in Esplendor de la Forma.
Best regards,

Anonymous said...

Good morning Paulo, many people have been told that under Portuguese Law, once charges are made, further evidence cannot be considered by the courts. Is this true?

Anonymous said...

walter dont forget leeanndevitte and cruelladeville who are both also therese. All those ids should be banned, and
banned permanently. Did you know that you can be banned and then the ban lifted if you promise to behave yourself?

Outono said...

PR: now, after read your explanation I´m better. Ups!

New evidences to our PJ;to British Police and also the incredible Lab. Seems that ours experts when they went to England give results,even with strong discussion,probably. But these recent news give something to use
for couple´s defense. It´s a big problem. They are all so "diabolic"! And sure very,very big job to the power´s group.

Justice to Maddie and to us.

Rato Terra

Outono said...

To the anonymous before Walter ( the explanation come from Walter,Paulo-trolls):

Dear Anonymous I think that Paulo do not commit a error,because it was his true of that moment. I remeber Paulo writing how him needed to make ESFORÇO to not leave their tears fall down. She is a "great actress",puf! and him,the other of the couple arrogant; not delicate and thinks he is smart.God....

Probably Maddie´s body was destroyed.Daddy come from Usa with a book (didactic)" No stone....

Anonymous said...

Finally! A clear expose of Clarence's maneuvers when incriminating evidence is publicized of the McCann's - his changes in tactics or words to rebut or accomodate what the PJ are doing or will do!
Also, Bravo for listing the trolls' names who attack immediately after police findings are made public!
The PJ have waded through all the deception this couple have perpetrated upon the UK and Portugal citizens. They will not get away with their lies!
McCann's must tonight be especially disturbed about the information of the phone calls from Praia de Luz that night!

Anonymous said...

Ref - Walter and Anon concerning trolls

You are both partially right. However these are not primarily US posters. One is Australian, one lives where she says she does, one in South Africa, two are Canadian,at least 3 are from the UK.

LeeAnneDeVette is actually a MALE troll who posts as Buenos Aires on some forums in the USA. He is NOT therese.

Anonymous said...

I am named in Walter's ridiculous list.
I am not a troll, not paid, and most definitely not a Christian fundamentalist - I'm an atheist.
There are some very very strange people around, and if I personally find that any of them have been invading MY privacy, i shall take what ever action is possible to both name them and shame them.
Idiots. This is about a missing child, not your personal fantasies and conspiracies.

Walter said...

The following names, all registered in September, may or may not be in use by astroturfing volunteers on the Mirror forums:

salle (02 Sep)
amplyjustified (03 Sep)
liza5 (06 Sep)
jazzy (09 Sep)
aneone (09 Sep)
therese (11 Sep)
hunnybunny (11 Sep)
punch (13 Sep)
pippi (14 Sep)
sabot (14 Sep)
tsm (14 Sep)
endreas (14 Sep)
blueberry (15 Sep)
jaffa cake (15 Sep)
urcrazy (16 Sep)
nicholass (16 Sep)
chad (17 Sep)
iceni_warrior (17 Sep)
charles7575 (18 Sep)
leeannedevette (20 Sep)
sans_souci (21 Sep)
charoz319 (24 Sep)
ic (29 Sep)

Anonymous said...

And you expect us to believe yet another Portuguese journalist with an axe to grind? specifically in the heads fo the McCann's?

Honestly mate, pal, buddy Paulo, you are your gutter press and your bent corrupt PJ make me physically sick and they can and will be be detected, they will NOT be allowed to get away with their crimes. Nothing worse than bent coppers.
In my opinion of course!

Anonymous said...

If te PJ had any concrete evidence against the McCanns, they would have been arrested by now. They are innocent and it makes me sick to see the PJ try to incriminate them to cover up their inneficiencies. They never even took the sheets in her bed to be analysed, nor did they seal off the apartment.

They are the most inept police force I have ever seen! Either they have no clue on how to solve this or they have been paid off to cover it up!! They are crooked and all of this will some day come out.

Enough with the anti McCann comments! As if it were not enough, the pain and anguish they are going through!! There is NO EVIDENCE against them! The blood in the apartment is from a man and the DNA from the car had a partial match, which mean it could have come from anyone in the family, including the twins. The hair particals found can be tested to see if they came from a corps and the McCanns asked it be tested. I'm sure it was, but we heard nothing from the media then... I wonder why...maybe because it came from a living person and this bit of info is best left unsaid since they want to incriminate the parents so badly.

God Bless little Madeleine and I pray for her safe return to her family.