Thursday, 3 January 2008

A Press fit for Herman Göring

Another fine example of good quality journalism:
"Whether 'PRO' or 'ANTI', (as the debaters of this Forum are frequently affectionately referred to), we must surely all be agreed on one thing; that Metodo 3 are unquestionably fabricating information on a daily basis, (or are purporting to be investigating matters fabricated by someone else), which are then, in turn, given FULL coverage in EVERY news journal and TV outlet, whether tabloid, broadsheet, commercial TV and Radio or BBC Documentary."
By "spudgun"


Anonymous said...

The British Media are beneath contempt, the editors should be thrown in Jail, along with the pair of child neglectors they have defended. I'm British, I apologise to you proud, brave and noble people of Portugal, for the actions of the few spineless idiots who stick up for this vile gang of crooks.
I shall hope to meet some of you noble people when I visit your lovely Country this year.

Outono said...

I thank you a lot! You are a sweet.A lovely person.Thank you so much.