Sunday, 20 January 2008

Spanish journalist: big news coming tomorrow from London

Albert Castillón, a Spanish journalist, claimed yesterday, in his blog, that “this weekend will be crucial in solving Madeleine’s case” and recommends to everybody to “pay attention to the news that will came from London on Sunday.” In his post, he also praises the work of Metodo 3, the Spanish detective company hired by the McCann. “If, at last, the clue that will be revealed this Sunday allows Madeleine to be found and shows that the parents had nothing to see with her disappearance, many people will have to apologise”, writes Albert Castillón. “In a few months the case will be solved”, he claims.

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Joana Morais said...

Oh sim! Francisco Marcos é sem dúvida um verdadeiro Sherlock e Alberto é um verdadeiro dardo, espetado ao lado dum hipotético alvo. Es todo culpa da envidia, claro...

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