Saturday, 5 January 2008

The Telegraph: "Don't go to Portugal for your holiday..."

British Media started a campaign to ask for a boycott of Portugal, among British holidaymakers. The Telegraph appealed to its readers not to choose Portugal as a holiday destination, to show his support and solidarity to the McCann and to protest against the “utterly useless Portuguese police”. Calling Portugal “little more than a banana republic”, The Telegraph considers that people “would be mad even to think of having a holiday” in Portugal “whether they have small children or not”.


Anonymous said...

This fool, Simon Heffer, is a discrace to Britian.
He does not speak for the man in the street, and the Telegraph is censoring comments to this article.

British Press = PRAVDA Propaganda.

madymama said...

pfff... how pathetic can you posibly be?

Africanmum said...

The Daily Telegraph is aimed at senile old Brits who support a party that is so racist, when an Afro-Caribbean candidate stood for their party in 1992 (in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire), they voted for a different party rather than support him. Portugal can do without the sort of imbecile that listens to Simon Heffer, the sort of idiot who still sees Africa & USA as British colonies and would wear socks and sandals on safari in Africa.

Anonymous said...

I have just read Heffer`s article and would like to apologise to the Portugese people for his oafish behaviour.There are many people in the Uk like myself and family who have visited Portugal for years and have always found a very warm welcome.I posted these comments on the Telegraph earlier only to find they have not so far appeared.But this alas is the state and coarseness of the Uk at present