Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Trolls in silence, waiting for instructions


D said...

Think you're doing a great job...keep it up!

Walter said...

The following names, all registered in September, may or may not be in use by astroturfing volunteers on the Mirror forum:

salle (02 Sep)
amplyjustified (03 Sep)
liza5 (06 Sep)
jazzy (09 Sep)
aneone (09 Sep)
therese (11 Sep)
hunnybunny (11 Sep)
punch (13 Sep)
pippi (14 Sep)
sabot (14 Sep)
tsm (14 Sep)
endreas (14 Sep)
blueberry (15 Sep)
jaffa cake (15 Sep)
urcrazy (16 Sep)
nicholass (16 Sep)
chad (17 Sep)
iceni_warrior (17 Sep)
charles7575 (18 Sep)
leeannedevette (20 Sep)
sans_souci (21 Sep)
charoz319 (24 Sep)
ic (29 Sep)

One tactic is to discredit the forum by fueling articles with titles like: "Was Madeleine sacrificed in a satanic ritual?"

Anonymous said...

You missed out Truth _M _ Lud

Anonymous said...

Anti McCann trolls?

Truth _M _ Lud

Eloisa said...

Hello Paulo,
Trolls wowrk for self glorification. Some of them tried to bomb my blog, so I opened a new one for them. They seem to be quite happy with it.
Keep up the good job.
Best regards,

Outono said...

Escocês,ao fim de 20 anos e acusado da morte de uma criança de 2 anos,libertado no último momento!
Maddie-3 anos;
os advogados da "elite" ilibaram um que causou a morte de várias pessoas porque justificaram a inoperância do dna.

Preparando a cama para inocentar culpados e, pior ainda culpar inocentes.Perigoso.
Tive que escrever em português porque a ligação ou o " raio que o parta" não me estava a deixar comunicar.
MCarmo Reis

Outono said...

EXPLENDOR DE LA FORMA,HOJE: complementa o que sugiro, as declarações do CM.

Fazendo a cama.

MCarmo Reis

Outono said...

Cutting through the rubbish - The McCann's
Hoje,tb para ler.Penso.E espero não estar a pensar mal.

Outono said...

Money machine,thats it. More,and more,and more.


Outono said...

Now I must stop only I must to think to be " uma fraquinha fadinha do lar".


Anonymous said...

So, now the list of 'trolls'and 'chimps' extends to those anti-MCann posters who don't happen to agree with the majority, or who don't happen to agree with Walter?

That's funny - you kooks are eating your own now. As a REAL person who does not believe the Mccanns guilty, I find it funny to be lumped in with Coldwater and that twonk Lucian deVille!!

BTW, no-one on the MF is paid to post. That's a lie put about by HAL, aka - but no, go find out for yourselves.!!
Just find the most obsessive internet poster about the Nat Holloway case, and you know wha that is.

Mercedes said...

This is the first and the last time I will do something like this.

I have been doing traductions (and some personal comments) since early june for some blogs over here in Spain and never had any problem with this before now. This can be proved online visiting Kalysis and those who visited Elvira's Blog Know me too.

It is quit true that "Eloisa" has opened a Troll Blog, but the only people that write over there "useing my and others name" is her and some of her friends.

Despite having read here several times her allusions to "trolls" I never had given importance to this, with the hope that she would get tierd of doing theese things, but I fear that not only this has not happened, but it is getting worse.

She has acceseded to our "Private Forum," has copied some of our private post and has stuck them on her "Troll Blog" trying to make people believe that we done it, in a clear provocation to us.

The Trolls of McCann's case are normaly used to burst blogs ¿anti McCann?, but Mrs. Eloisa only does this becouse of her own EGO. She was a an active writer of our blog (comentariat) that opened her own space and got bothered because the regular posters of Kalysis didn't go with her.

Mr. Reis, I apologize for this intrusion into your space with something that is not about Madeleine's case, but I am a bit tired of seeing my name and work vilified by someone who only wants personal notoriety.

Thank you for hearing me.

Mercedes - Spain

Outono said...

http://www.blogger.com/profile/02847751694854783632 a sad group or a little person,rupert.
MCarmo Reis (NO.I am not from P.R. family).

Chapéus há muitos.Silvas,etc

Anonymous said...

i feel so left out...

Anonymous said...


"The meeting tomorrow follows the resignation of key board members, including the fund's spokeswoman Esther McVey."

WhatAcheek said...

This list of people who have been attributed to causing trouble on the forum at the Daily Mirror is not true. It is people who hate the McCann's who start threads such as THROWN INTO A VOLCANO and WAS MADELEINE SACRIFICED IN A SATANIC RITUAL . That thread was actually started by a vehement McCann hater.
Publishing lists of people and accusing them of being paid to disrupt forums is underhand, untrue, and juvenille.

Anonymous said...

... and ludicrous!

Strangedays said...

I am not a troll and the volcano theory was mine. I am no fan of the macabre McCanns. It was a light hearted theory, chill out morons.

Anonymous said...

Talking about Trolls... The battle was transferred to this forum? I hope Good will prevail and "Tomtarna" will win!

Anonymous said...

Truth _M _ Lud is an imposter. Have intercepted comments from HTFM forum. He is a plant by them. Warning do not post personal info to Truth _M _ Lud!!!!!!