Friday, 18 January 2008

Two different tales

The Spanish daily El Pais has a story about the reactions surrounding the disappearance of two girls, Amy Fitzpatrick y Mari Luz Cortés. The fact that Amy lives in “one of the most ‘closed’ communities from Costa del Sol had as a consequence that very few neighbours mobilized to help finding her”, according to the newspaper.

In Huelva, thousands of citizens came to the streets to show support to the family and there are pictures of Mari Luz everywhere. But in Mijas, the small town where Amy’s family lives, her disappearance faced “an almost absolute indifference”. Just a few pictures were posted in bars and restaurants near the main road of the town, writes El Pais.

The expatriate community of Mijas has also made the police work more difficult. The British living at Costa del Sol, like other Europeans, don’t integrate easily in the local community, writes the Spanish newspaper. But police suspects the case of Amy could be just a runaway teenager, which is very different from a child like Mari Luz, only five years old.

Spanish media reports that there is already a suspect in Amy’s case, a British citizen, friend of the family, who was arrested, after giving “contradictory statements” to authorities. Parents of Mari Luz believe she was kidnapped by a group of illegal Rumanian gypsies, as an act of revenge related with the refusal of the family to give them permission to sell at an informal market they run, near El Portil.
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