Thursday, 17 January 2008

Urgent – Maps of Portugal and Spain needed!

Huelva, the city from where Mari Luz disappeared, is in Spain. Please, somebody can explain this to those ignorants from Telegraph?


Anonymous said...

Whats with the Telegraph?? Isn't it also the first paper to have a story about the missing Madeleine? What are the McCann connections to that paper?

Outono said...

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Good morning. I think that your big mistake to saying that Mari Luz disapeared from Potugal is an error very big.
Who write the article have studie geographie and learn to read MAPS. So, Portugal is a Country; Spain is another Country and the distance from Praia da Luz,Algarve to Huelva,Spain is a lot! The journalists must have must careful and must avoid errors so rudeness.
Thank You very much,

Anonymous said...

Anatomy of a Campaign + Fund {ongoing}

Anonymous said...

'I share your pain': Kate McCann makes emotional phone call to parents of missing Spanish girl
Last updated at 11:17am on 17th January 2008

Anonymous said...

Why does this story seem manufactured? Is it the way it is being linked to Madeleine? Something is not right about it. Nothing about this case would surprise me anymore after all they have manufactured "witnesses" before. They seem prepared to do anything to prove their lies about an abductor.

Africanmum said...

Please have some sympathy for anyone who has gone through the British school system. Geography lessons about 'places abroad' discuss the possibilities of people's feelings in those countries, how they can be helped, how do they cope when it's hot? In Nigeria, we looked at maps of places and distances, and memorised state capitals, that sort of thing. In the British school curriculum, attitudes and feelings are rated more important than remembering facts. The sort of odd reporting in the British media is the result of this, I'm afraid.
Meanwhile these 2 stories below can delight your Portuguese readers curious about the state of Britain and its justice system:

keep up the good work, meanwhile.

Anonymous said...

But Paulo, don't you know that the British media has been delegated the role of jester that was once reserved for the King's Fool?

jojo said...

Paulo, I just read that the McCanns suggested a joint poster campaign for the two girls, Madeleine and Mari.
Huh? Is this how they will get their hands on money now? Through another girls disappearance???