Saturday, 2 February 2008

Rogatory letters: magistrate from the Home Office “sent” it back to Portugal

“José Lopes da Mota, the president of Eurojust, minimizes saying: "The letter was made with the collaboration of a representative from Eurojust. A magistrate from the Home Office decided that the legal procedures for the sending of the document had not been fulfilled and informed the colleague at Eurojust. After everything was duly analysed, we decided to request Portugal to make the letter again and to send it through official channels." (Thank’s to Joana Morais, who has a translation of what was published at “24 Horas” (pdf file in Portuguese).

So, Home Office had the letters, analysed it and decided not to accept it. What will be the next step, now that the letters were rewritten and sent, again, but through a different channel?

PS – With the Mirror forum closed to comments about Madeleine’s case, The Three Arguidos seems to be a nice option to replace it….


Irina said...

Do the letters contain questions and evidence? Could it be leaked to McCanns? And delay is to give them chance to prepare accordingly.
May be they need visas to Argentina - the traditional place for criminals to escape after UK of course.

Irina said...

Do the letters contain questions and evidence? Could it be leaked to McCanns? And delay is to give them chance to prepare accordingly.
May be they need visas to Argentina - the traditional place for criminals to escape after UK of course.

Pompous Pilot said...

Evidence will probably make its way to the suspects before they are charged. The British government is on the McCanns' side and will not flinch from perverting the course of justice. The UK's reputation is more important than justice being done.

Anonymous said...

Dear Paulo,

These news are revolting.
The systematic humiliation of our country simply continues.
I have the bad feeling that next time it will be another detail which is missing and the letters will have to go back again...and the time flows and ...niente!

Reading Irina's comment makes the feeling even more sickening. Could such a thing happen? I had thought only the Police would be allowed access to the questions!

Thank you for your work and Joana's!
Um abraço para os dois.

Athena xxx

Oxy Moran said...

Hi Paulo,

3 points
1) I continue to appreciate the in-country reporting coming from both you and Joana. FYI I have linked both of your sites at Joanna has already made a link to Oxy Moran and all help is appreciated. (Paulo, I know you linked my Virgin Balloonist story and thanks for that)

2) I too recommend for Mirror refugees and have been impressed since I joined after The Mirror went squishy last week

3) Please be aware that some segment of the Mirror refugees also landed at You are most welcome to join us and think you'll like the "research" oriented format.


BBDC (ex-Mirror Forums)

Doughnut said...

Paulo the The Three Arguidos site might be a haven of sorts for outcasts - but isn't it a bit of a coincidence that registered its domain on only January 12th 2008, removed its 'members-only' board viewing policiy and made plans to locate to a dedicated server only several days BEFORE the Mirror Forum was closed down'spontaneously' on the 23rd January? How did this site know the Mirror Forum was about to be closed? Did it set out to deliberately sabotage the Mirror Forum and poach its forum members?

Or has this forum been set-up with the full support of Daily Mirror forum 'staff'?

The Mirror Forum was closed little more than an hour after popular Three Arguidos forum member, 'Hippychick' ceremonially unmasked herself as another Forum user called 'Crystaltips' (the thread exposing this was locked at Three Arguidos - but theere is photo evidence still lurking around.

It seems the lot of them routinely use multiple usernames to post threads and messages.

I'm disgusted at the Mirror Forum's decison to censor this story but there's something not quite right about The Three Arguidos.

Anonymous said...

Know this good people of Portugal:

The British press and Clarence Mitchell are NOT, repeat NOT, humiliating Portugal. They are 100% humiliating Britain. Myself, and everyone I know feel deeply embarrassed and ashamed of our Country's blatant in-your-face corruption, that is allowed to continue unabated.

When the Rogatory letters finally get accepted, and due process is allowed to flow, if there is a continuation of the bullying and political interference we have witnessed to-date on behalf of the McCanns', I believe it will have a devastating affect on Gordon Brown's future.

Anonymous said...

Thank´s to Joana Morais e J. Público:
02.02.2008 - 09h02 Paula Torres de Carvalho
O director nacional da Polícia Judiciária, Alípio Ribeiro, considerou ontem que houve "precipitação" na constituição de Kate e Gerry McCann com arguidos no processo do desaparecimento, no Algarve, da sua filha Madeleine.

Anonymous said...

"Dans l’enquête McCann, vu les obstacles qui nous ont été crées au Royaume-Uni, la meilleur tactique aurait été de continuer l’investigation sans faire savoir que les parents sont suspects", affirme une source de la Police Judiciaire à propos des déclarations de leur Directeur National, rajoutant "qu’en ce moment l’investigation est devenue un combat entre David et Goliath".

Anonymous said...

Depois das declarações do principal da PJ,fiquemos por Portugal.

É a minha proposta para esta gazetadigital.

Kytasau said...


Some hardhitting action is needed! The spin machine and 3 second sound bites by C. Mitchell are reaching dizzying extremes. The PJ need to comment on this...and clarify their position as Mitchell is taking advantage and twisting their words/premises more and more.


Anonymous said...

Since the PJ stated in January that the McCanns are THE prime suspects and the media published reports that the DNA on Madeleine McCann that was found in the hire car of the parents IS conclusively hers, we have witnessed:

A frenzy of media activity from the McCann camp. Innocent people have been assigned to play the role of criminal suspects in their Suspects for a Day Contest, which fortunately has quickly lost steam. Now only the parents as THE prime suspects remain, along with the surviving children's game of 'Find the Monster'. I'm not an expert in psychology, but the idea that a psychopath is loose at the wheel is becoming apparent.

Camp McCann appears to be attempting to build a defence on a remark made in early May by someone in England who had only their feelings to go on as the British government had not yet sent out the cadaver dogs or run the forensic tests on the findings in the apartment(s) and car(s). Since then much has come to light, the parents are known to be the prime suspects and they don't like it. So that explains, IMO, all of these illogical remarks and opinions.

They have degenerated from spin to squawk and I'm not paying any more attention to their squawk.

Anonymous said...

I wish that someone, somewhere, would put an end to the massive speculation about Mr Ribeiro's statements.

The statement that has been posted on the McCanns' website is absolutely unbelievable, in the way it twists Mr Ribeiro's words and promotes a lie that should - must! - be corrected as soon as possible, by the PJ.

If nothing else, this case has highlighted how desperately the PJ need to get themselves a media cabinet, and how badly they need to drop their attitude of 'no comment'. This is the year 2008, and while I fully respect the way the PJ operates internally, and that they need not respond to every silly little headline in every silly little tabloid, there are serious issues that cannot be allowed to grow into a cancer.

The McCanns' official statement on their website is not just another tabloid article. It should be dealt with appropriately.

As much as I find it amusing to watch the McCanns, and especially their spokesman, spinning every little bit of gossip into a full-blown piece of propaganda, on an almost daily basis, I think it is an entire matter altogether, to take the words that were spoken by Mr Ribeiro and transform them into an apology of sorts, or an acknowledgement of error.

Finally, I'd like to remind you that Mr Amaral did not leave his post in vain. He is seen as a national hero to this day, a man who would not be intimidated and who refused to cooperate with lies and deception. It is very significant that Mr Ribeiro did not mention that his allegations were untrue, but that his mistake was to make them within the context that he did.

Justice will be made.

Paulo, keep up the good work!

sheila said...

UK news must be corrected. This appeared on bbc 1 news as admission by Ribeiro that McCanns should not be suspects. Totally misleading.

As for David and Goliath, we all know who won that battle....

Anonymous said...

The British Press Deserves What It Gets

Much is written these days to the effect that the circulation of newspapers is dropping, even the respected broadsheets are dying, and the print media will soon be replaced by the internet.

Those statements used to bother me, as I get most of my news from the internet these days but do still read the papers.

Now when I see similar comments, my reaction is, "Good. High time that was the case."

I have posted that I was a biochemistry major at uni, and that is true, but when I first began I thought I wanted to be a journo (I know, I know), and I took several journalism courses. Two of the quaint customs my professors managed to impart to me in those classes were that those who write for newspapers have a responsibility to (1) check facts; and (2) tell the truth.

I am astounded every day by what is, in my opinion, the sloppiness and outright lack of integrity by the British press when it comes to reporting on the Madeleine McCann case. This week we have had two noteworthy examples. One was Clarence Mitchell's assertion that he has received "private briefings" from the UK police and social services in which he was assured that the McCanns "are not" (note use of the present tense) regarded as suspects in Madeleine's disappearance. Yet listening to the podcast makes it crystal clear to anyone who is not stone deaf and a cretin into the bargain that Mr. Mitchell said these "private briefings" took place before he went "out there" (to Portugal, hello) the first time. That would have been within 60 days of Madeleine's disappearance, when even substantial segments of the PJ did not consider them suspects.

How the British press could print that statement unchallenged is simply beyond me. At a minimum, they should have noted that Mr. Mitchell OUT OF HIS OWN MOUTH indicated that his statement referred to the state of things as they were last summer. I believe they should also have asked him (1) if he had received subsequent "private briefings" about the case since the McCanns were formally named arguidos; (2) the date, place, and provider of such briefings, if he said they occurred; and (3) specifics about any current information he says he was provided from the British police or social services about how they regard the guilt or innocence of the McCanns. THEN THEY SHOULD HAVE CALLED THE INDIVIDUALS HE NAMED, IF ANY, AND ASKED THEM FOR COMMENTS ON HIS STATEMENTS.

The matter today is even worse. Yes, I believe that Alipio Ribeiro should have been more careful what he said about an ongoing case. He should understand by now that Clarence Mitchell will try to put his own spin on anything coming out of Portugal, and that the British press will uncritically print whatever Mitchell dishes out to them, regardless of how poorly it marries up with the facts. The fact that Clarence Mitchell is taking an affirmative answer to a question from Ribeiro about whether the decision to name the McCanns as arguidos might have been taken hastily and saying that constitutes an admission that they should not have been named as arguidos is an outrage, in my opinion. For all we know, Ribeiro may have meant, "Bl**dy h*ll, yes, considering all the guff we've received from the British over the letters rogatory, I wish we had waited another 30-60 days until we had enough evidence to arrest them and keep them in Portugal."

The last time I had any news of him, Alipio Ribeiro was still alive and gifted with the ability to speak; if he has died or been rendered mute by a stroke or other misfortune, the press has said nothing of it. Since the meaning of his statement could have been open to interpretation, I believe it was incumbent on the British press to at least try to contact him and ask him to clarify what he meant by "hasty" and also to read him what Mr. Mitchell said and ask him for his comments on that, as well. That is how journalism is supposed to work. That is how it USED to work.

Whether the current state of reporting on this case is due to government pressure, laziness on the part of British journos, the fact that they are inclined to be uncritical of anything Clarence Mitchell says because he was once one of "them," desperation in going for the most florid headlines because balanced, nuanced articles do not sell papers, or other factors, I know not. I do know this, however: If the McCanns are eventually charged with a crime in this case, as I believe they will be, there will be no place for the British press to hide. British newspapers, both tabloids and broadsheets, will continue to lose readers until the power and influence they once wielded are but a dream of the past. In my humble opinion, that cannot happen soon enough.

Beachy 3A

Joana Morais said...

Obrigada Paulo, por mencionares o blog. Desejo que estejas bem. um beijo de Lx.

arguidos is down again...

Africanmum said...

There's a book called 'Flat Earth News' by Nick Davies. It's been serialised in the latest ed of 'Private Eye'. It says all you need to know about the corrupt British media - weapons of mass destruction, bribery & corruption, etc. I'm sure you've also heard of people in Parliament employing their relatives, spouses working under false names, etc. Britain is now a 3rd world country. Only stays afloat because of foreigners here doing skilled jobs. The McCanns merely illustrate the decline. On this case, I don't blame them so much as much as I blame the media and politicians who have crawled into the sewers.

Anonymous said...

Jornais portugueses de 04/02

Flor de Lotus

Anonymous said...

Paulo,os meus agradecimentos.Fique bem.
Kiki.bjs de LX

Anonymous said...

I hope posters here are correct, and that justice will prevail in the end. I pray the PJ will succeed in convicting these sad child neglectors for ALL their crimes.

How this government can allow the entire British media to be at Mitchell's daily disposal rankles me to the core. His persistent distortion of truth and gagging of the media, have thwarted any chance of real investigative journalism. This has enabled the Fund to continue soliciting money from an uninformed public. People are being spoon-fed just one version of events, unfortunately that version is from the main suspects.

I am sick of Mr Mitchell and his seedy clients!

Anonymous said...


I have to confess that I have thought many times that the PJ were hasty in naming the parents as suspects. What were the immediate results of this decision? The McCanns got lawyered up and have put themselves in a situation where they are continually playing down their negative celebrity status. It's not the best of environments for the PJ to have to work in, but hey, that's life.

They will have to deal with it just like I am having to deal with the two puppies that I hastily agreed to adopting. Neither my husband or any of our children think that was a mistake... Maybe in another year or two I'll see things there way.

Anonymous said...

Um caso «Maddie» resolvido em três horas
2008/01/31 | 10:01António Martins Neves, Agência Lusa
Menina de 4 anos desapareceu de Lisboa quatro dias depois de Madeleine.

O paradeiro da britânica Madeleine McCann era desconhecido há quatro dias quando tocou o telemóvel do responsável do departamento de desaparecidos da Polícia Judiciária (PJ), em dia de folga. Outra criança, da mesma idade, sumira-se.

O caso tinha ocorrido em Lisboa e não no Algarve, como sucedera com «Maddie». Com os holofotes no máximo e apontados à PJ portuguesa pela opinião pública inglesa, Ramos Caniço teve um estremecimento e rapidamente decidiu que tinha que tentar o tudo por tudo e resolver o caso o mais rapidamente possível.

Eram 10:30 da manhã, as compras no supermercado tiveram que ser interrompidas, mas o Coordenador do Departamento Central de Informação e Polícia Técnica da PJ sabia que não podia correr o risco deste desaparecimento vir a ganhar a dimensão pública que ocorrera na algarvia Praia da Luz.

Dois inspectores foram mobilizados no momento e seguiram para o terreno, como sucederia noutro caso com estas características, mas pouco depois Ramos Caniço decidiu que desta vez tinham que ser mais, e outros oito que estavam de prevenção «pegaram» também no caso.

Maddie: autoridades inglesas com dúvidas
«Vista pela última vez»: entre Maddie e Esmeralda

Três horas depois a criança estava entregue à mãe e o responsável da PJ tinha o resto do domingo para respirar fundo e relaxar do «susto».

Com cinco anos de liderança da secção da PJ encarregue de encontrar desaparecidos, Ramos Caniço garante que foi pela primeira vez confrontado com um álibi semelhante ao apresentado pelos pais de Maddie, desaparecida na Praia da Luz.

«Eu vinha vê-la de hora a hora...», conta Ramos Caniço, citando a mãe da menina de quatro anos.

Na festa onde estivera este argumento caiu por terra após várias pessoas serem ouvidas pelos investigadores e a mulher não teve outro remédio do que reconhecer que a filha tinha passado a noite inteira sozinha na vivenda, situada na zona de Loures.

Criança estava em casa da vizinha

Mais umas diligências e num telefonema a polícia acerta em cheio, quando ouve a interlocutora, uma vizinha, dizer do outro lado: «Está aqui em casa a dormir . . .»

Resumidamente, os pormenores da história completam-se com a criança de quatro anos a acordar sozinha em casa pouco antes das 04:00 da manhã. Como não encontra ninguém, sai para a rua, em pijama, provavelmente estremunhada e assustada, onde a vizinha a encontra e leva-a para casa.

Quando a mãe regressa a casa, às 08:00, e dá pela ausência da filha, telefona à GNR, que contacta a PJ às 10:30. Pouco depois da hora de almoço o caso estava encerrado e «reposta a normalidade».

Este foi um exemplo contado à agência Lusa por Ramos Caniço, que recorre às suas próprias estatísticas para sustentar que no ano passado entre 92 a 94 por cento dos casos de desaparecidos que chegaram à PJ na área da Grande Lisboa foram resolvidos, como aquele.

Ao todo, contabiliza 1.618 desaparecidos na região da capital em 2007, uma taxa inferior a 0,9 por cento da população.

Na prática, salvaguarda o investigador, acabam por ser menos. Só um paciente de um hospital foi dado como desaparecidos 26 vezes nos últimos dois anos.

Peço desculpa por este abuso-Portugal Diário/Lusa mas é interessante.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

From Blog de Joana Morais:
The Criminal Investigation Officers' Union (ASFIC) of the PJ refused to comment on the last declarations of the national director on the Maddie’s case, considering that the silence has more power than any comment.

Chung Aria
« In this moment, the silence of the Union has more power than any word », told Carlos Anjos, president of the ASFIC, to the Lusa news agency.

« Our silence has a special meaning », highlighted Carlos Anjos.

And more:

"Carlos Anjos, the president of ASFIC, the Criminal Investigation Officers' Union, was laconic: "At this moment, the ball is not in the PJ's court."
The power of the silence!

Há quem desabafe devido a poderosissima pressão e é posto fora;

Há quem abra a boca e/ou sai asneira ou entra mosca.

Irina said...

I completely agree with Africanmum. UK society has been going down the hill for some time now. Corruption, lies, spin, ignorance and arrogance are the main qualities of current political power. At least Thatcher did not pretend to be nice.
The press lost its last bit of independence during the Dr Kelly's case and murder (I strongly believe that).
All that UK gov was delivering to public is distorted to suit its purposes and brought a lot of suffering too many nations (I strongly argue that Saddam was Blaire’s "egg man").
But the case of Madeleine cracked open that rotten egg. Thanks to Portugal and PJ!!!

If there are any decent journalists left in UK, it's their time.

I was blamed on Daily express forum to be anti-British. It is not true. But if the nation takes upon itself the role of moral superiority and democratic excellence, but in fact is not either, then criticism should be expected stronger then of the nation that knows it's faults and do not dictate the others.

Irina said...

I completely agree with Africanmum. UK society has been going down the hill for some time now. Corruption, lies, spin, ignorance and arrogance are the main qualities of current political power. At least Thatcher did not pretend to be nice.
The press lost its last bit of independence during the Dr Kelly's case and murder (I strongly believe that).
All that UK gov was delivering to public is distorted to suit its purposes and brought a lot of suffering too many nations (I strongly argue that Saddam was Blaire’s "egg man").
But the case of Madeleine cracked open that rotten egg. Thanks to Portugal and PJ!!!

If there are any decent journalists left in UK, it's their time.

I was blamed on Daily express forum to be anti-British. It is not true. But if the nation takes upon itself the role of moral superiority and democratic excellence, but in fact is not either, then criticism should be expected stronger then of the nation that knows it's faults and do not dictate the others.

Anonymous said...

From Blog Joana Morais e

Apologetic police chief says it was right to make the McCanns 'arguidos'
Last updated at 10:41am on 5th February 2008

Comments (12)

Detectives were right to make the McCanns offiial suspects, says apologetic Portugues police chief.

Alipio Ribeiro has reportedly said sorry to his officers for saying they rushed into making Gerry and Kate McCann suspects in their daughter Madeleine's disappearance.

Mr Ribeiro apologised to a police union boss and senior detectives in the Algarve, the newspaper 24 Horas reported today.

The director of the Judicial Police said he had made an “error of expression” when he said there had been “hastiness” in making the McCanns “arguidos”, or formal suspects.

He apologised to Carlos Anjos, head of the Judicial Police Inspectors Union, and to officers leading theMadeleine investigation.

A union source said: “What he says is that he didn't mean to say it, but that faced with pressure from the media, the words came out of his mouth.

He guaranteed that he maintains total confidence in the teams who investigated and are investigating the case.”

A senior police source said: “Statements like these should be made internally, but never through the media.”

Mr Ribeiro had said in a radio interview he thought the McCanns, 39-year-old doctors from Rothley, Leicestershire, had been made official suspects too hastily and without a proper evaluation.

The couple's spokesman Clarence Mitchell called on prosecutors to lift their status as suspects.

But Mr Ribeiro was heavily criticised in Portugal for his remarks. Antonio Cluny, president of the District Attorney and Magistrates Council, urged him to show “restraint”.

He said: “This idea that authority representatives comment about ongoing judicial proceedings is becoming a very dangerous habit.”

The McCanns are expected to remain as suspects for at least three more months. Portuguese police will travel to the UK to interview the couple and the seven friends they were dining with in Praia da Luz when Madeleine vanished in May last year.
The news will come as another blow to the couple who had expected to have their arguido status lifted after police chief Alipio Ribeiro admitted at the weekend that detectives bungled by rushing to blame them.

Government legal advisors also ruled out any intervention, according to reports in Portugal.

A source at Portugal's Attorney General's Office told Portuguese daily 24 horas: "We will be saying nothing officially about Mr Ribeiro's comments.

"The fate of Madeleine's parents will be reassessed at the appropriate moment."

The McCanns are desperate to have their "arguido" status lifted so that police focus instead on the search for their daughter.

But now, they will have to face up to the nightmare of having to wait until the end of the investigation into their daughter's disappearance before they learn if they will have to stand trial.

It is now nine months since Madeleine, then three, disappeared during their family holiday to Praia da Luz in the Algarve.

The setback for her parents comes as a team of divers were scouring a remote reservoir for their daughter's body.
Lawyer Marcos Aragao Correia organised the private search at Barragem do Arade, an isolated man-made lake, at a cost of £1,200 a day.

He claims underworld contacts told him Madeleine's body was weighted down and thrown into the water last May - the month she disappeared - after she was raped and murdered.

The human rights lawyer was first told about the reservoir on May 6, three days after the child disappeared, and told police but says they ignored him.

Madeleine's grandfather Brian Healey, 67, said he was clinging to hopes for a miracle that his little granddaughter would be found alive.

He said: "Like most people I would like to think if there is a spark of hope I have to hang on to it. They haven't found anything yet.

"We have to believe a miracle can happen. I still believe she is alive and until someone tells me different I will believe."

Portugal's Public Prosecution Service can remove someone's arguido status before a criminal probe reaches its end - but it is extremely rare.

Police have yet to quiz members of the so-called Tapas Nine - the friends who were eating tapas with the McCanns on May 3 when Madeleine disappeared.

Reports last month suggested the couple may not learn of their fate until September after public prosecutors were granted an extension to keep police files secret.

The new blow for the McCanns coincided with calls by one of Portugal's most senior public prosecutors for Mr Ribeiro to refrain from public comments about the case.

The police chief said in an interview on Portuguese radio yesterday that he thought the McCanns had been named official suspects too hastily and without a proper evaluation.

The couple's spokesman Clarence Mitchell called on prosecutors to lift their arguido status after his comments.

Antonio Cluny, president of Portugal's District Attorneys and Magistrates Council, has now urged Mr Ribeiro to show "restraint and reserve."

He added: "This idea that authority representatives comment about ongoing judicial proceedings is becoming a very dangerous habit."

Chung Aria

Anonymous said...

Ir ao Blog de Joana Morais é também muito agradável,por completo e com qualidade.

Anonymous said...

"Lo verdaderamente importante es saber quién dañó de manera tan cruel a Maddie. Si fueron los padres, sus amigos, o simples desconocidos, no hace a la esencia de la cosa. Lo importante es que se sepa quién lo hizo y que se deslinden responsabilidades."

Parte do artigo em Explendor de la Forma:

Anonymous said...

Haven't heard from you in a while...I hope you're ok! Look forward to hearing your opinion on all of this!
- A friend from the States xx

Anonymous said...

The greatest strength lies in silence.
For then truth is heard.
To the PJ I send you again my support and respect for your bearing and dignity.
We are seeing two very different sides of a coin here.
Clarence and his team.
Ribero and his.
I know who my money is on.

SHU said...

Paulo: please, can you put the Joana Morais Blog in "Others blogs and sites?

I Know that in your post the first day you put the link. We must go first to the "Cutting....)

Thanks a lot.


SHU said...

So many strange problems with Home Office!

What will be the reason? Have they many things to hide?Many? Many a lot!


SHU said...
Ao admitir ter havido "precipitação" em constituir arguidos os pais de Madeleine McCann pelo desaparecimento da filha há nove meses na Praia da Luz, perto de Lagos, o director nacional da Polícia Judiciária (PJ), Alípio Ribeiro, estará a preparar a opinião pública para a possibilidade de não ser formulada qualquer acusação por falta de provas consistentes.

A ideia que fica das posições que o director da PJ tem assumido em declarações públicas é que "terá deixado cair" o processo, conforme admitiram ao DN fontes que têm acompanhado a investigação ao caso Maddie desde o início.

Com advogados de peso, tanto em Inglaterra como em Portugal, que já exploram as declarações de Alípio Ribeiro, e uma estrutura profissional de apoio, o casal McCann poderá dentro de meses ser mesmo ilibado do estatuto de arguido, em que está sujeito à medida de coacção mais leve prevista no Código de Processo Penal, o de Termo de Identidade e Residência, para o qual indicaram a sua residência na cidade inglesa de Rothley. Recorde-se que, depois de Alípio Ribeiro ter dito numa entrevista à Rádio Renascença e jornal Público que terá havido precipitação na constituição do casal como arguido, um dos advogados do casal Rogério Alves veio dizer que a defesa iria pedir que Kate e Gerry McCann deixassem de ser arguidos no processo, que tem como primeiro arguido o luso-britânico Robert Murat.

Possível arquivamento

O consequente arquivamento do processo poderá ser o caminho a seguir, numa perspectiva mais pessimista de fontes ligadas ao assunto contactadas pelo DN, embora a PJ no Algarve continue empenhada em desvendar o mistério, mantendo como mais forte a linha de investigação sobre a tese da morte acidental da criança inglesa no apartamento 5A do "Ocean Club", na Praia da Luz. Daí que as palavras de Alípio Ribeiro tenham provocado o mal-estar que se sente no seio da judiciária.

Se o processo for mesmo arquivado, ficará para muitos a convicção de que houve "cem por cento de pressões políticas" por parte dos ingleses. Como o DN já referiu, um sentimento de "revolta" continua instalado entre os investigadores face às recentes declarações de Alípio Ribeiro, embora o director nacional da PJ tenha tentado apaziguar os ânimos com um pedido de desculpas, procurando fazer crer ter sido mal interpretado quando falou em "precipitação" na constituição do casal McCann como arguido.

"Não sei se haverá prisões"

No entanto, as referências ao caso por Alípio Ribeiro não se ficaram por esta afirmação feita à Rádio Renascença. Já em entrevista publicada a 17/11/2007 no semanário Expresso, depois de considerar que "trabalhamos agora melhor do que no início da investigação", com "mais contenção e serenidade", o director nacional da Polícia Judiciária tinha deixado um aviso: "Não sei se haverá prisões no caso Maddie."

Uma posição contrariada por investigadores, para os quais existirão indícios que poderão levar à prisão de Kate McCann por suspeita de envolvimento na morte e ocultação do corpo da sua filha, que teria sido enterrado ou lançado em alto mar dentro de um saco.

Apesar de Alípio Ribeiro ter feito estas sucessivas declarações públicas - primeiro, que não deveria haver prisões no processo de Mad-die, depois, que teria havido precipitação na constituição do casal Mc-Cann como arguido -, a PJ nunca acreditou na versão de rapto transmitida pelos pais e estes foram constituídos arguidos em Setembro depois de os cãos ingleses terem sinalizado vários locais por onde teria passado o cadáver de Madeleine McCann, então com três anos, desde o apartamento onde estava a passar férias com os pais e os dois irmãos gémeos até à Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Luz, em direcção à praia.| Com I.D.B.

Que me desculpem o DN e o sapo.


Anonymous said...

Interesting turn of events.

Why is the British government so terrified of the upcoming interviews?

I'm guessing there was a very serious question posed to the surgeon.

I would love to see those questions, Paulo, could you talk to that lawyer with the underworld contacts? :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Paulo, hope all is well and that your 'silence' does not mean problems.

I'm sure I speak for many when I ask you for your opinion on the news that have hit us over the last few days, especially today's article in Diario de Noticias.

Hoping to hear from you very soon, if only to let us know you are managing!

Justice for Madeleine.

Anonymous said...

Parents of Madeleine continue suspicion for the police of Portugal

LISBON, 6 Fev 2008 (AFP) - The parents of the small English one Madeleine McCann, missing person in Portugal in May, conserve until further notice the status of "suspicion" by the polices Portuguese, affirmed in this Wednesday the public prosecutor's office.

Anonymous said...

The rogatory letters with requests for interrogation of the friends of McCann have finally made it to England, police source said to the CM. The letters that were returned to the Attorney General's Office, giving rise to a controversy with the services of British justice and Eurojust, only now have followed again. The PJ has waited for the re-interviews for more than two months.

SHU said...

Ditado popular: " Enquanto o pau vem e vai, folgam as costas".

Ano do Rato; grandes comemorações; muito fogo de artifício; muita festa. Boa sorte e sucesso para os que para isso contribuirem.
Bom Ano!
Macau é longe.


Anonymous said...

McCanns slam Maddie website

Anonymous said...

del blog de Eloisa

Los beneficios de una condena

Nigel Moore autor del sitio ha recibido inesperado apoyo y publicidad al ser condenado por los McCann. La condena ha aumentado la cantidad de lectores, que han dejado en The Sun comentarios sumamente positivos sobre el sitio.

Cuando a los McCann se les levante el estatus de arguido y el caso Maddie sea archivado, todos los que, de alguna manera, tuvieron información de primera mano o fueron protagonistas y testigos se lanzarán a contar sus versiones, por medio de sites, libros, films y documentales. Asistiremos entonces a un verdadero boom de información sobre el caso, en especial proveniente de testigos que en este momento se ven impedidos de hablar, pero que tienen lo suyo para contar y lo van a capitalizar. No se tratará de los inocentes aportes voluntarios PayPal, presentes en la mayoría de los sitios web de cualquier índole, sino de sumas jugosas y abultadas, similares a las que aspiran recaudar los McCann cuando dicen tratar de mantener "vigente" el rostro de Madeleine.

La pequeña víctima Madeleine rendirá muchísimos beneficios a aquéllos que se dediquen a analizar lo ocurrido con seriedad. La versión del presunto raptor no parece interesarle a nadie, dado que huele a chamusquina y falsedad. Existe sin embargo, verdadero interés por saber quiénes son los McCann y su entorno y ese es el filón que será explotado en cuanto se presente la oportunidad. Llama por eso, cada vez más la atención, la manera tan pueril en que esta pareja ha transformado al mundo entero en una inmensa jaula de la que nunca podrán escapar, y cómo su afán de capitalizar el caso de la desaparición de su hija en beneficio propio, dará lugar a millonarios negocios que los tendrán a ellos como materia prima de estudio pero que los excluirán de las ganancias. Universidades, centros de estudios, eruditos, escritores tienen un campo fértil para la investigación criminal, sociológica, psicológica, política, geopolítica, histórica y más. Los analistan esperan con paciencia que sus trabajos vean la luz. Una vez que el caso se archive.

SHU said...

Muito Boa análise.Parabêns blog de Eloisa.

P.R. a que se deve esta falta de apreciações da sua parte?