Saturday, 5 April 2008

European irresponsibility

Two suspects of the disappearance of their own daughter will be guests at the European Parliament, following a campaign to create a European alert system when a child disappears. Several members of parliament had the idea to invite a couple that left three children under 4 years old all alone, in an apartment with unlocked doors, 100 meters from the bar where they were having diner with a few friends – something they have done several times, before.

I presume that those same members of European Parliament could invite Ian Huntley as a speaker, for an initiative like a campaign against child murders. Of course, the situation is different. Gerry and Kate McCann are only formal suspects in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and Ian Huntley has confessed he killed two children. But it’s ironic that someone who showed a so shocking lack of basic responsibility, leaving three small children alone, became envolved in a campaign to protect children.


Anonymous said...

Resulta sorprendente que los McCann visiten el Parlamento Europeo, para discutir temas que hacen a la seguridad infantil, dado que son sospechosos oficiales en una investigación criminal en curso por la desaparición de su hija y además han admitido ante todo público haber dejado de noche y sin supervisión de un adulto a sus tres hijos menores de cuatro años, para ir de tapas y copas. En ese sentido se ha violado el derecho fundamental de todo niño a la seguridad y a la protección y no se entiende cómo violadores de derechos humanos infantiles puedan opinar sobre cuestiones de seguridad de la infancia.

Recordemos también que el sistema de Alerta Amber es útil si se ha comprobado fehacientemente que se trata de un secuestro, y que una de las recomendaciones del gobierno americano es "no utilizarlo a menos que las autoridades hayan establecido que realmente se trata de un secuestro". Por las medidas que las autoridades portuguesas han tomado, el caso Madeleine dista de serlo. La PJ no ha establecido fehacientemente que se trate de un secuestro, sino que ha nombrado arguido a los padres de la desaparecida.

En el caso de padres que tan notoriamente descuidan a sus hijos, no garantizándoles sus derechos fundamentales, ¿es pertinente utilizar sistemas que han sido concebidos para padres responsables? En otras palabas, el uso de sistemas de seguridad por padres que no se preocupan por la seguridad de sus hijos y que "a posteriori" reclaman al Estado la devolución de hijos que no protegieron adecuadamente, ¿no va en detrimento de los beneficios que el sistema de alerta pueda prestar a padres que sí protegen a sus hijos y que han sido víctimas de secuestros debidamente verificados por las autoridades?


Anonymous said...

This is politics. Bad politics. Like nominating Hitler as spokesman for England. Very dumb.

Anonymous said...

Once again these two never cease to amaze! Truly-an excellent example of upside down morality .Alas, the world has gone mad !

Anonymous said...

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Isa said...


The reason they are doing that is to try to detract from the fact that the McCanns are bad parents that left little children alone to go out to eat and drink with their equally irresponsible friends.

However, to those who read these sites to find out what the general feeling is towards the not-so-wonder-couple, rest assured some of us have long memories and will NEVER forget that the McCanns are downright irresponsible people - no matter how many campaigns and European Parliament invitations they receive.

Anonymous said...

Cá para mim, estes Eurodeputados que os convidaram, são outros amiguinhos das festanças....

Guerra said...

Paulo I hope you’re doing well and that your health continues to improve. This visit to Brussels is their countermeasure to the PJ going to England and of course there is another sighting. The English press once reported that they could go to Portugal on April 11, while the police went to England, to request that the arguido status be lifted and to embarrass the PJ. Going to Brussels is the safer alternative and who knows they might still have the audacity to show up in Portugal. Giving audience to these people is an affront to Portugal; I’m surprised that a Portuguese MEP hasn’t made a formal complaint.

Paulo I’m starting to think that the PJ are wasting their time and money with this case. These people have the unconditional support of their government, complete control of the English media, the best lawyers, the best PR firms, large funds and have probably received and continue to receive support from the English police. Sadly, it appears that these two will go on establish careers in international child welfare and earn large amounts of money with their films and documentaries.

Anonymous said...

welcome back Paulo Reis .. we missed u..

Anonymous said...

Very,very good your post,Guerra.

And I am very glad by so many support to our Blogger,Paulo Reis.

The best!


Anonymous said...

Worse than the fact that these two are going to Brussels, pretending to be role models for parents everywhere, is that they are doing so, sponsored by the British government! And while they mock the PJ, the Portuguese judicial system and the Portuguese state, nobody in Portugal is able to raise a voice to ask what the hell is going on?! Poor Portugal, poor Madeleine. Those who should stand up for you, are mere cowards.

Anonymous said...

And where are the Portuguese authorities? Why don't they denounced the MEPs inviting the McCanns? How can the European Commission agree with such a farce and allow "official suspects" in the investigation of a child's disappearance to speak in the name of missing children, especially since these parents have already confessed leaving their three children under the age of four unattended while they were having fun with equally irresponsible friends!

Outono said...



......were dining with the McCanns at a tapas bar when Madeleine - who had been left in the family's nearby holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal - disappeared on May 3 last year.

The McCann's spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, said:

"On that night these seven people didn't have mobiles or watches. ..."

O quê????????Naquela noite não tinham nem telemóveis nem relógios?
Era mais prático irem já sem isso?
É para as respostas aos Inspectores!

"Não sei.Não tinha nem relógio,nem telemóvel para ver as horas."

"Não lhe posso responder a isso"."

Não sei mesmo responder-lhe e os Senhores ficarem esclarecidos das inconsistências dos nossos depoimentos!"

AfricanMum said...

No wonder many of us don't bother voting in Euro elections. Joke politicians here are usually sent to the Euro Parliament. But perhaps that's a mistake on our part, we should vote for normal people who speak for us. I wonder when the McC's would finally do us all a favour and keep out of the news permanently. I saw a picture of Mrs McC on Al-Jazeera clutching an African looking doll, wonder what she's trying to prove? That maybe their campaign against the Portuguese and Moroccans hasn't been xenophobic? I wonder.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

McCanns Are Called Back To Portugal
Updated:16:22, Tuesday April 08, 2008
But he made it clear the couple were still undecided on whether to return to the resort.

The news comes as British officers began questioning members of the Tapas Seven. .......",,30100-1312154,00.html


Está com todo o seu bom senso à espera de consistências ?
Espero que não esteja com algum "handicap",sinceramente.Tudo de muitissimo bom.

Anonymous said...

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