Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Give me “Crimewatch” or nothing!

One thing that Mr. Clarence Mitchell never, but never, will be able to understand or admit, is the existence of something that is not British or somebody who doesn’t agree with him. Another problem, for a person who wants to give the idea that he is a spokesman, is the clear evidence that he is not able to listen to experts.

In the Portuguese legal system, re-enacting a crime is a decision that belongs to the authorities. When it’s done, how it’s done, who must be there, why is it done, it’s for the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Criminal Court and Police to decide. Listening to what Mr. Clarence Mitchell told, it seems that in UK, crime re-enacting is decided by TV producers and is done according to those producers (and program ratings…)

Mr. Clarence Mitchell told RTP that the McCann demand the status of “arguidos” to be lifted, as a condition to accept the invitation to come to Portugal, on April 15 and 16, and watch the re-enacting of the events that took place, on May 3rd 2007. Please, can somebody tell Mr. Clarence Mitchell to listen to what Mr. Rogério Alves has to tell him, about this?

It is also a surprise, for me, to know that the McCann, having said before – through their spokespeople – that:

a) They would never leave Portugal before finding what happened to Madeleine;
b) They could come back to Portugal, as “arguidos”, just to see some friends;
c) They would not come back to Portugal, unless their status of “arguidos” was lifted;

Now, they are worried with Kate: "Kate is upset. There's been no sense of concern for her feelings or the anguish it will cause her. On an emotional level she is not sure she can go through with it”, according to a “friend”, quoted by The Press Association.

Unless, it seems, if there are TV cameras available and the re-enactment can be broadcasted, according to Reuters: “Kate and Gerry McCann and their lawyers are considering the proposal and have yet to decide whether to go, spokesman Clarence Mitchell told BBC television. It is very much under discussion,’ he said.”

"What Kate and Gerry would welcome very much is something that will actually help find Madeleine. If a Crimewatch style reconstruction ... is what is being proposed, then of course they will take part. He said such a televised reconstruction was suggested by the McCanns and BBC Crimewatch last year, but was turned down by the Portuguese authorities.”


Cláudia said...

Olá, Paulo. Boa noite.
Talvez alguém os convença se lhes disserem que a reconstituição será transformada em filme e saírá em dvd 8e respectivos direitos, claro está) e se acordarem um cachet interessante para os protagonistas...

Cláudia said...

Mau-feitio? Bom, é uma forma de pôr as coisas... :-)

Anonymous said...

Bom dia P.R. e bem,um bom dia também para Cláudia que colocou um comentário genial,cheio de ironia e completamente verdadeiro em função do perfil dos tantans,que a todo o custo buscam o estrelato;buscam o trampolim para saltarem mais alto.

Ontem à tarde,na net,quando soubemos que P.Rebelo os tinha convidado a regressar a Portugal para a reconstituição dos factos....e eles aceitaram. Por aqui ficamos contentes,muito. Mas não pensamos em tudo pois,felizmente,não somos como eles.
À noite num dos noticiários de tv,CLARO,o CM " que sim,mas sem serem arguidos". E quanto à senhora, acredito piamente que tenha todo o receio em reviver as cenas.
"Apanha-se + facilmente um mentiroso do que um coxo?" É assim?
O perfil do (un)"brilhante" CM está bem descrito no Blog de Joana.
A mediocridade e as tramóias imperam.

Como sempre,que grande tristeza por existirem determinados seres.Têm um descaramento tão grande.

Num filme de Woody Allen(espero estar a escrever bem o nome) duas personagens,casal,passeiam na rua super sorridentes e um repórter pergunta-lhes quais os motivos de tanta felicidade. " Somos muito felizes porque não pensamos;não lemos;não nos interessa a cultura".

Os tantans pensam,mas são muito semelhantes na alta mediocridade e,repito descaramento desbocado.


Anonymous said...

Pessoal,toca a ir ao blog da Joana Morais. (PR já percebi que são conhecidos e ,provavelmente amigos,portanto sinto que tenho a sua aceitação para colocar estas palavras).Obrigada,PR.
The McCanns won't come back to Portugal, if they play the extradition lawyer card ...

...the same one who was played in the Pinochet extradition from the UK, by the McCanns Lawyer Michael Caplan

A notícia completa está lá.


Outono said...

Shut up your mouth!The smell is no good!
Life of crime

"............They would rather shave off their moustaches. I hear Paulo Rebelo, the detective in charge, has grown his back for his current trip to Leicestershire.

Written by Martin, April 08, 2008



Outono said...

09 Abril 2008 - 00.30h

Caso Maddie

Por baixo da foto:
"McCann não são obrigados a regressar a Portugal"


Anonymous said...

Atenção(pay attention to)SOS Madeleine:

...."SOS Madeleine:

"....Prochainement :

En Espagne, nous avons rencontré l’équipage d’un bateau qui étais sur la cote la nuit de la disparition.

Des experts européens en communication, marketing et analyse politique ont décortiqué la campagne McCann. ....."

PR,por favor coloque este excerto em inglês,pois se eu for ao google!God!


Anonymous said...

"If the reconstruction were to be broadcast, they might do it in the hope it might help the hunt for Madeleine.

"But if it was done in private, then their lawyers would question police motives."

From:By Rod Chaytor 9/04/2008


Anonymous said...

Did Mitchell really say this was a proposal? LOL

Wonder how he will word an arrest warrant - an engagement?

So that must mean a prison sentence is a honeymoon.

Clarencespeak - language from Tweedledee for the kingdom of Tweedledum, all twenty of its members.

Anonymous said...

PJ/Mc Cann


A K.,tadinha está muito mal,mas é tão boazinha que até vai a Bruxelas.
Se a chama olímpica passasse no mesmo momento,apareciam nas TVs.

irina said...

Hello Paulo,
In this case no news is good news.

PJ are working without interruption.
Suspects as they usually are and UK as it usually is.

Anonymous said...

Madeleine McCann's parents are hoping to launch an Amber alert for missing kids.

How about a Maddie alert for missing parents? Now that would have saved Maddie.

Anonymous said...

Do blog SOS Madeleine:....""il y a en qui ont menti", à confirmé une source de la police du Leicestershire soulignant que "face à ce que nous avons entendu ces derniers jours, il devient incompréhensible que les parents continuent à leur accorder une total confiance"...."

bad resume: Leicester Police said they are lying,(BUT!!!!!)how can the couple are so close to the friends?
My comment: L.Police is very "naif".(of course,not)
From Joana´s Blog,this link:

Are all they naif? NO!
They have orders to support a negligent couple.
But, it was better if they will must propose a Red Alert to negligent parents.(my language: bad portinglês).


Tudo de muito bom para Si e os Seus.

Anonymous said...

....."Greg Milam
Europe correspondent
Updated:07:39, Thursday April 10, 2008

The parents of Madeleine McCann are frustrated that only four European countries have signed up for a continent-wide missing child hotline set up months before she vanished.

The McCanns now in BelgiumOnly Belgium, Denmark, Greece and Portugal adopted the facility, whose number is 116 000, set up by the European Commission. A charity has applied to run it in Britain.

Kate and Gerry McCann are visiting Brussels as part of a campaign to bring in a dedicated alert system for abducted children .........
(Why not about negligenteds children?)

More to read.


Anonymous said...


(more to read)

....."Across the EU there are some big differences in how reports on missing children are handled.

Countries such as the UK, France and Belgium have systems for nationwide alerts, while others do not even keep national records of those reported missing.

The EU has a missing child hotline number but it has been widely publicised in only four countries.

France and Greece are the only EU countries to have so far introduced full alerts along the lines of the amber system......"


Cláudia said...

Lying? No, that's not possible. We all know that responsible, altruistic, loving and caring parents who are doctors and have friends in high places could never lie.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Paulo, please see also what Eloisa has to say

Anonymous said...

...."Kate McCann admitted they left their daughter Madeleine alone and crying in their holiday apartment on the night before she disappeared, it has been reported..."
Esta declaração,este assumir...não terá um objectivo em vista?

Por ex.:

( a leitura deve ser feita em tom de ironia)

"Alguém ouviu a pequenina a chorar imenso e foi na noite a seguir cheio de pena buscar a Pequenina para lhe dar todo o mimo e carinho".

(Um lar melhor acontece no Gone,Baby, Gone para a menina que desaparece de casa da sua mãe.
(c/ letra pequena,sim)

Será que o "abductor" domina a língua inglesa e já tinha lido o romance?
Vá lá uma pessoa saber,não é????!!!


Anonymous said...,,30200-1312386,00.html

and vídeo:McCanns Support EU Child Alert System
The parents of Madeleine McCann have thrown their support behind a Europe wide system to help find missing children. Kate and Gerry McCann said the so called 'Amber Alert' could have helped them in the first few hours of their daughter's abduction.

Watch in video player page


Anonymous said...

McCanns Call For Child Alert System
Updated:13:44, Thursday April 10, 2008,,30200-1312386,00.html



pull your finger out said...

Is this pair going to be brought to justice?

Anonymous said...

Paulo, i am puzzled. the McCann's say they checked Madeleine every 20 minutes on the 2 May, but that after she complained about being left crying they decided to watch the children more carefully. so they increased the checks to every 30 minutes ....

Anonymous said...

I believe Kate McCann was forced to confess that Madeleine had cried for over an hour the night before her disappearance because the old lady who leaves in the apartment above (Pamela Fenn) had heard her crying. They were not checking the kids very often then.

They still have the guts to leave the girl alone AGAIN the following night! Did they make sure she would not wake up and cry again???? That's the question!

Anonymous said...

Paulo: onde estão as transcrições das palavras de K. sobre a opinião da Maddie,no dia 3, acerca "das melhores férias e que o dia tinha sido maravilhoso"?

Eu sei que li isto,pois não consegui esquecer estas palavras, logo no início do drama da Maddie.



Anonymous said...

....."Kate reveals how their happy girl had told her she'd had the best day of her life before she fell asleep on the evening she disappeared.

Madeleine had spent the day at a kids' club near the family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in Portugal, swimming, face-painting and colouring-in with other children......"

da "famosa"
Lori Campbell In Praia Da Luz, Portugal Lori.Campbell@Sundaymirror.Co.Uk 5/08/2007


Anonymous said...

Two Questions.

Has anyone actually seen a copy of the alleged payment made by the newspaper group to the McCann's Fund?

Do any other private agreements exist that are related to this alleged agreement?

I ask because the latest big leak has the appearance of an in-house job. Perhaps the house has gotten too big and unruly or it has been infiltrated.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Os Nossos Homens da PJ estão de regresso.Como ouvi hoje,numa conversa telefónica para uma estação de tv,F.M.Flores pensa que devem vir sem grandes informações concrectas.
Deu uma "branca" a todos os 7quando entraram em palco.
Os Actores de Teatro,por mais experiência que tenham,passam por esta angústia.
Pull Out Your Finger:.."Is this pair going to be brought to justice?..."

I think that they have so many power, all the sides.So, probably God Justice;Heaven Justice.Whatever.

Now in my language:

Há um ditado português que diz
" cá se fazem,cá se pagam".Mas será que funciona em inglês?
A P.R. e a todos interessados na Justiça terrena para Maddie :
O fim de semana possível.
Mas que seja muito bom.


Anonymous said...

Pois,despedi-me para fim de semana mas voltei. Tudo porque vou aos outros blogs amigos e passo-me.

....."repitiendo ante Sky News que se trata de desviar la atención del éxito obtenido por los McCann ante el Parlamento Europeo, al cuestionar su idoneidad como padres..."

More to read at

Mas cuidado com as agonias;protejam os vossos "estômagos".
Cuidado com o Vosso sistema nervoso!

Anonymous said...

Imagine-se o alto descaramento.É preciso ter cá um cinismo e parvoíce a toda a prova (tb. do Explendor":"...los McCann se encuentran en pie de guerra con los investigadores que intentan descubrir qué ocurrió con su hija Madeleine la fatídica noche del 3 de mayo del 2007. La furia proviene de lo......."


AfricanMum said...

This is all too depressing. I was really hoping the McCann's had passed into history along with 2007. There'd never be a rational discussion of this case - not when media commentators think that what's significant about a toddler crying on their own at night is that an intruder might have been about or that the Portuguese Police are somehow the villains of the piece for letting people know. I think ordinary members of the public should call time on this endless mind game. Anywhere you read or hear the name 'McCann' - don't read, don't watch, don't listen, don't comment. And as for the Portuguese legal system, maybe it should enter the real world so people can't make a mockery of the entire Portugal. Personally, I'd hand the case over to the West Yorkshire Police, or best still to Gene Hunt of Ashes to Ashes/Life on Mars fame.
That's it, I've had enough, I'm off for a lie down in a darkened room.

Cláudia said...

Ui, vai um sururu por terras de sua majestade...

Anonymous said...

I have faith in the PJ and police.
Justice WILL be done.

Anonymous said...

I really don't know why I am surprised to see not one single comment (unless they are in Portuguese) about the illegality, probity and morality of releasing witness statements into the public domain. Have you commeneted on this Paulo?
Only from where I'm sitting,and from the prespective of many ordinary English people, it is totally unforgiveable, and shows the PJ in an extremely bad light.
Having devoted pages and pages of your blog to defence of the PJ, I would be interested to see your comments.
Presumably, along with many of the more cerebrally challenged forum posters, you think the people who did it 'heroes'????

Cláudia said...

For your information, arguidos have access to copies of their testemonies to the police. And I'll say no more...

Anonymous said...

I believe the McCanns themselves released these transcripts to accuse the PJ and use these as an excuse not to go to Portugal for the reconstruction. Especially since their Portuguese lawyers were advising them to go.
What a timing!

Outono said...

The good sense is signal of intelligence and a nice characteristic of very nice and good people.They work with etics situations.All of we/them who prefer a real and truth Justice to litlle Maddie.

We do not must forget all the things to discredit the Portuguese People and Maddie,her true.

Yes,we are heroes.Because we want the real truth and justice.

Anonymous said...



guerra said...

Anonymous 12 April 2008 11:32, you’re taking Mr. Mitchell’s declaration that the PJ are responsible for this leak as Gospel truth. How do we even know if that is an authentic excerpt from the case file? Didn’t Telecinco, the paper that released this article, have an exclusive interview with the McCanns? The title of the original article is “The McCanns are innocent.” Yet don’t you find it strange that the British Press, which has been stubbornly supportive of the couple, has gone with the crying headline? Here is a theory that I posted on another forum.

I believe team McCann planted the crying story. Yes it looks bad that they went out the following night even after their child told them that they cried out for them, but this statement is used to add credibility to the other statements. Upon reading this some people will think, “Well if they were honest enough to tell this to the police then their other statements must be true.” Clarence in reference to this article says, “Kate and Gerry have been utterly honest and open with the police.” Clarence is not stupid; he is very calculating.

What does this article seek to convey?

1.The McCanns have not held anything from the police they have been completely honest.

2.The abductor had been in the room before May 3, it was a planned abduction.

3.The child was alive on May 2

4.The shutters were faulty allowing easy access to the room.

5.Apart from the McCanns only the police could have known this information, and they released it when the McCanns were trying to make something good come out of their tragedy. Conclusion they want you to believe: The police are out to make them look bad and are trying to frame them for a serious crime.

The McCanns are more concerned about a serious charge than the public opinion of their parenting skills. They will try anything to rid themselves of this affair.

There is so much misinformation out there, how are we to know what is the truth?

Anonymous said...

Before the P.J arrive at UK,we knew that some private aspects from rogatory letters and others documents arrived to the knowing ...

Carlos Anjos, da Associação Sindical dos Funcionários de Investigação Criminal da PJ (ASFIC), considera que as acusações de que a PJ terá divulgado os interrogatórios são "um facto político como outros" e que "valem o que valem". "Começa a demonstrar-se o desnorte de alguém. Quando publicamente se sabe que o processo está a mexer, surgem sempre estas insinuações", afirmou ao CM. Segundo Carlos Anjos, "a PJ era acusada de não ter estratégia de comunicação e agora parece ter uma estratégia fabulosa, recorrendo ao canal espanhol que é usado pelos McCann". Recorde--se que o casal deu uma entrevista exclusiva à Telecinco.
Google translation:
Carlos Anjos, the Association of Staff of the Criminal Investigation PJ (ASFIC), believes that the accusations that have circulated PJ interrogations are "a political fact as other" and that "worth what worth." "It begins to show up the desnorte of someone. Publicly When you know that the process is moving, there always these insinuations," said the CM. According Carlos Angels, "the PJ was accused of not having communication strategy and now seems to have a fabulous strategy, using the Spanish channel that is used by McCann." Remember - if the couple gave an exclusive interview to Telecinco.



broken_ranks said...

Jane Tanner's story was a lie.

The McCanns are finished.

Anonymous said...

"Nobody, but nobody, regrets it more than they do. And if, God forbid, Madeleine is never found they will have to live with it for the rest of their lives.

"But, let us not forget, the person who is really responsible is the person who took Madeleine."

UPS S S S S !...........
By Rod Chaytor 12/04/2008


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

McCanns May Pull Out Of Reconstruction


06:32, Saturday April 12, 2008

Kate and Gerry McCann may pull out

of plans to return to Portugal to

help police reconstruct events

surrounding their daughter Madeleine's disappearance amid a furious row over leaked interviews.,,30100-1312679,00.html

Anonymous said...

Published Date: 12 April 2008

Location: Yorkshire

Kate and Gerry McCann last night threatened to pull out of plans to return to Portugal to help police reconstruct the events around their daughter Madeleine's disappearance amid a furious row over leaked interviews.....(more)


Boas,Silent Man.


Cláudia said...

Hello, Guerra.
Well, I agree with almost everything you said. Except for the part where you say that CM is not stupid.
If you don't mind, I'm going to hide under my bed now as I'll probably get sued! :-)

Anonymous said...

She says: "As I put her to bed, she smiled at me and said, 'Mummy I've had the best day ever. I'm having lots and lots of fun'."
Anonymous said...
I have faith in the PJ and police.
Justice WILL be done.

11 April 2008 21:54

We,too.Faith in the PJ and them work.
No faith on manipulations.
A miracle,
if Justice TO MADDIE will be done.


Anonymous said...

..."Nosotros presentamos la declaración a los diputados, respondimos preguntas y dimos una conferencia de prensa, que fue nuestra primera presentación pública desde que regresamos de Portugal. Para que la declaración siga su curso necesitamos 51% de (los 785) firmas de los diputados en los próximos 3 meses. Instamos a todos a realizar lobby con sus diputados para que firmen la declaración......"
domingo 13 de abril de 2008

El Secreto

del blog de Gerry
Día 345: 12/04/2008


Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...








guerra said...

The Daily Mail are so far up Clarence Mitchell’s behind they can see the shit coming before it hits their own pages. In the British Press Mitchell also declared that Mr. Rebelo flew back early to knock some heads around because of the leak, but the English police made it clear that the return flight had been booked before the PJ came to England.

When you have political support, or should I say friendship, you can do many things that are out of reach for your average Joe.

You can have your country’s ambassador tell the chief of police what line of investigation to pursue; you can avoid child negligence charges and secure your safe return to your country.

You can secure an audience with the Pope, ministers of foreign governments, and an audience with members from the European parliament.

When a media magnate such as Rupert Murdoch supports your government, well you are going to get wonderful reviews all over the world in the English Media.

When wealthy entrepreneurs support your government you have access to the best lawyers, PR firms, you are even able to leave and enter a country on a private jet without going through customs.

In other words, you can secure a truckload of sand to throw in people’s eyes.

People still don’t get it, they’ve already told you they’re bad parents that is the least of their worries. They are fighting for their lives to stay out of prison.

What happened here is that the line of questioning that the police used on their friends indicated to them that the police know a lot. As a result they have resorted to desperate measures i.e. when there is evidence then paint the police as corrupt and try to at least to convince the public that the only thing you're guilty of is bad parenting.


Cláudia said...

Guerra, people get it. And that is what gets to them! :-)

guerra said...

Claudia they released this info, knowing sooner or later that the case file would probably be made public anyway. They gave this information to Telecinco to infer that they had been totally honest with the police and that the Portuguese police are corrupt. They will now use this as an excuse not to show up in Portugal even though they had no intention of ever setting foot in Portugal anyway. You will now see the British Media once again play down their bad parenting and emphasize how the Portuguese police can’t be trusted. Yes it is true that they value a favourable public opinion in all aspects but this is a minor concession when you consider that they are battling to stay out of prison. I doubt very much that Portugal will now bring child negligence charges against them even though they are guilty of this. I know there is a great disdain for this couple and that people somehow feel that if they did something worse than abandon their children and are not brought to justice, that their conscious will haunt them forever. If indeed they did this, I doubt their conscious will be bothered at all since I suspect they are malignant narcissists.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe the Mccanns fear going to jail, because they are so well protected!

However, they are desperate to convince the public that they are innocent, because the shadow of a doubt will always follow them, wherever they go.

They should have made up a better story since it is impossible to believe in the one they are telling us. The public is not convinced!

Outono said...

Nas reviravoltas das entradas e saídas ouvi apenas a parte final de um programa,ao início da tarde,com D.L. ao telefone;H.Carvalho;Cristovão * de Joana e o psicólogo dos estudos académicos.Falaram de SI,Silent Man.

Cláudia said...

Guerra, I totaly agree with you. I do, however, believe that justice will be done. One way or another.

Anonymous said...

14 Abril, 2008

Polícia Judiciária issues statement about Madeleine case

From the Policia Judiciaria website:
(with the help of Joana M.

"Madeleine McCann case":

Clarification on false contents of a news piece

At the end of last week, the Spanish television station Telecinco broadcast a news piece that reported that they had enjoyed exclusive access to alleged statements from the McCann couple to the "investigators" into the disappearance of the underage child, Madeleine.

Based on this news piece, the spokesman of this couple, Clarence Mitchell, expressed publicly, to several media, the certainty that the Policia Judiciaria had been responsible for its publication.

The Policia Judiciaria clarifies that it is entirely false that the contents of the news piece reproduces matter that is part of the inquiry, which is under judicial secrecy.

On the other hand, the Policia Judiciaria cannot fail to lament the baseless intervention of the spokesman, especially at a moment when significant diligences to the investigation were being carried out.

April 14, 2008

The National Directory

by Joana Morais

Obrigada e desculpe o abuso(?)
(copiada a notícia por SHU)

Anonymous said...

15 Abril, 2008

The repercussions of Maddie’s case in the PJ
An Editorial Comment
(to read at

Anonymous said...

From D.L,

with google translation(SHU):

..."Where do we stand?
April 14, 2008

Let's point.

In recent days, the press becomes remuante. Articles burst. Les McCann recreates the "A" newspapers. Sometimes unexpectedly. Between visits to the parents of Madeleine in Brussels and the hearings conducted by the British police at the request of the Portuguese GP, there's plenty to do:

Maddie was crying and complaining of being alone in his room.

This information, which has greatly angered the McCann, comes from a Spanish television station, which argues that Madeleine was already complaining of being left alone in his room and cry and nobody comes to see what's happening. This information would have been provided on the basis of a police report and are the subject of harsh criticism from the couple, which was outraged by the disclosure of such confidential data but not denied. The journalist responsible for this revelation, Nacho Abad, said that Kate, itself, which refers to PJ: "At our breakfast, Madeleine told me, 'Mother, why n' Are you not come when we were in the process of crying last night? " I spoke with Gerry for a few minutes and we decided to be more careful in the future. " The same TV shows doubt on an event that happened two days before the death of Madeline. As revealed that two days before his disappearance, the shutters of the room where the children were sleeping McCann had been repaired by two workers! The day of his disappearance, Gerry has returned to the room by the usual route after his wife have sounded the alarm, saying: "I looked on all sides, I returned to the Chamber of Small and j 'I started thinking about what it (Editor's Note: Madeleine) could have done. With surprise, I noticed that she could have raised the blinds without effort and almost no noise "said Gerry testimony in the same police station. In the view of Clarence Mitchell, the spokesman for McCann, confidential information revealed by the Spanish TV may not have been provided by the Portuguese police: "The government has to find the source of this leak and end" recognizing, implicitly, the accuracy of the information disclosed by the Spanish TV.

Click here ...

Other disturbing elements

At the hearing of Jane Tanner, the latter was unable to tell investigators when, how and where they had seen the suspect with a child, opposing everything she had said earlier. The hearing of Dr. O'Brien would have to prove that he was absent for longer than table during these initial statements to the police. Justifying the fact that his daughter was sick and he had to change bed sheets soiled by the vomis of the child. Version contradicted by the staff of the Ocean Club. According to the inspectors of police in Leicestershire present at the hearings, the case of the abduction does not hold up and cohesion of the group began to crumble. "If there was a pact of silence there was broken and I am confident that our colleagues are going to get there Portuguese," said an official of the British police in Enderby, where some "fed" starts to to point out vis-à-vis the pressures of the police Leicestershire was the target. According to the same source, the testimony of Jane Tanner and Russell O'Brien, putting directly involved Kate and Gerry McCann, allowed investigators to understand why the mother of Madeleine had refused to answer many questions. Indeed, in September, the day it was formed arguida before leaving the couple in the United Kingdom, Kate had refused to cooperate with the Judicial Police, including refusing to explain why it had changed clothing or why Madeleine, since their arrival at the Ocean Club, often cried when she left alone or in the company of his mother, but not when she was with Gerry.

Robert wants Murat 12 attack British media!

Robert Murat suspected in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann will launch legal proceedings against no fewer than 12 British media have announced their lawyers. It could be the largest such procedure in the history of this country. A communiqué from the office of Simons Muirhead and Burton, which is headquartered in London, confirms that they are mandated to this action, and he represents Robert Murat. The newspapers covered are: Daily Mail, Daily Express, Sunday Express, Daily Star, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, News of the World, The Sun, the Scotman, The Evening Standard and Metro. A specialist in such cases, Marie-Caroline Kean, the company Wiggin, said that if the action of Murat successfully, it could receive compensation unprecedented! Murat could claim at least £ 200,000 per share multiplied by the number of newspapers, it could collect about two million pounds or 2.5 million. The biggest trial against the British press had not exceeded until then, the sum of 1.5 million pounds.

See further than the end of his nose

But we must look beyond knowledge of this information. Not being blinded by such amount. The important thing is not there. While the procedure is launched and maybe Robert Murat obtain compensation, but for those who know the bottom of the case and who know how to read between the lines, they understood that the purpose of this approach lies elsewhere. Indeed, the idea is to update some elements, in particular, why it was chosen as an interpreter and why it found the "suspect" in these acts. To whom it could serve it well? Who had an interest in involving Murat and not another? Because, let's not forget that he, just like McCann, is entitled to a presumption of innocence and therefore, until proven otherwise ... It is innocent.

The press conference of McCann

In the United States, the Amber alert system has so far been found "80% of missing children within 72 hours after notification," said British MEP Edward McMillan-Scott. But at the European level, such a warning system does not exist: several MPs have called for it to be finally established. The parents of the little British Madeleine were at the European Parliament to support the call. It will call on its 116000 telephone from anywhere in Europe: the disappearance of children, this phone number will provide information to investigators. This issue should be part of the "European warning system" of all media, customs and border police, during a child-disappearance of her photograph, the conditions of his death and the identity of a possible suspect will be widely disseminated to accelerate research. And this, across Europe. However, the system is already well established. All parts of the system are known and defined for some time. The arrival of the parents will not change that. The brand is already peeled, analyzed and eventually leads completely and signed. Four countries are already participating in the project. The arrival of parents will therefore had no influence on the project. This evidence was very clear in the MEPs who were not easily deceived. For event, a little less than 800 MEPs, only four MEPs were present at the "conference" with their parents. The purpose of Clarence Mitchell was the press conference that followed the speech of their parents. He says clearly at the beginning of the conference. We deliver, below, the content, audio, the said conference.

Note that our goal is not to make parents of the guilty parties. Although sometimes our articles go in this direction, this is simply the news as we receive. We have no position as to guilt or non-parents. However, we agree with this many people informed, we believe that surrounded McCann are poorly, poorly led, ill-advised ... So much so that some voices are beginning to rise wondering if relentlessness of the British government would interest other than blind parents, the media and the public in order to protect another person or persons other that the parents themselves. These same voices think McCann are only there to attract public attention or rather to divert public attention. It is, then, that certain assumptions, but that are beginning to take shape.

React to this article on the forum

The press conference audio (french).

To listen to the press conference in french click on the link below, then made scroll to the end of article

Audio Conference at the end of the article....."


Anonymous said...

......"However the Council’s president of the Order of the Lawyers from the District of Faro, António Cabrita, in recent interviews to the DN, remembered that "the complexity of the process might lead the Public Ministry to determine that the same continues for more phases. António Cabrita told that when there are no imprisoned arguidos, the timings " can be extended in function of the discovery of the truth ". (more to read Joana´s Blog)

Source: Diário de Notícias
in Joana´s Blog,

Anonymous said...

..."Desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann
Destaque Expresso

Nacho Abad garante ter documentos da investigação
Jornalista espanhol contraria declarações da PJ no caso Maddie
O jornalista espanhol que publicou a notícia com passagens do inquérito do casal McCann, diz ter documentos que comprovam a sua versão.

Mário Lino

10:10 | Terça-feira, 15 de Abr de 2008

....."O jornalista Nacho Abad promete mais revelações sobre o desaparecimento de Maddie
"Se me perguntas se tenho documentos, digo sim, tenho documentos". A afirmação é de Nacho Abad, jornalista colaborador do programa de Ana Rosa Quintana (equiparado aos programas de Fátima Lopes ou Júlia Pinheiro, em Portugal), questionado pelo Expresso. Abad escusa-se a adiantar mais informação, garantindo que vai contrapor a versão ontem avançada pela Polícia de que a sua notícia era falsa.

"O que posso dizer é que se os próprios McCann confirmaram tacitamente a notícia, dizendo que havia uma fuga de informação, essa posição da polícia não faz sentido", adianta Nacho....."

Mais para ler em (caso ainda tenham paciência para tantas "brincadeiras?")


Anonymous said...


admiro muito o seu trabalho e lamento muito as notícias que ouvi ontem a seu respeito.
Tenho seguido o caso desde o início e hoje procurei informação sobre o tal jornalista que supostamente obteve informação junto da PJ. Todos sabemos que é uma farsa, mas o que encontrei no Youtube é horrível.
Se isto é do mesmo jornalista, então quem pode acreditar na moral de uma pessoa assim?


guerra said...

See, the title of the article, address below, is "Leak Was Proof of McCanns' Innocence." This is the point I have been trying to make. This is part of the purpose of the cry statement. The other purpose is to tell the public that the police are untrustworthy and that is the reason they will not go to Portugal. These people are a bunch of conniving bastards. Please don't tell me that the British government isn't aware of what they're up to. They know and they are doing everything possible to help them to succeed in their sorry plans.

Anonymous said...

......."A source close to the police said, after a meeting between the prosecutor and investigators Portuguese who moved to Britain, "Everything is fine. Homework complementary achieved in the United Kingdom have helped to significantly advance . The investigation will bear fruit "stating that the police were not" vulnerable to pressure. "

Google translation from:

16 avril 2008
L'Affaire sera résolue déclare la PJ.

"PJ said the case will be solved"




Outono said...


Outono said...

PJ of Portimão takes legal action against McCann’s spokesman
Controversy: Kate's statement to detectives
......"The problems with the international press do not end here, yesterday, it was the Telegraph turn to advance 'declarations' from Guilhermino Encarnação, where after a meeting with the Public Prosecutor, he would have said that ‘The investigation will bring its results, whoever they hurt', a source close to the responsible of the Faro's PJ guarantees to the CM that none of this is true......"
16 Abril, 2008

PJ and Prosecutors debate alleged leak of information

Pinto Monteiro awaits for report

Much more to read at Joana ´s Blog.

Outono said...

Que será isto? Para que serve?
Será para bater " no ceguinho"?
Será para bater....doa a quem doer?
Será ajuda?
Será des/ajuda?
Será para pensarmos?
15/04/2008 - 17h27
Ordem dos Advogados de Portugal critica polícia no caso Madeleine
da Efe, em Lisboa

"O presidente da Ordem dos Advogados de Portugal...." (cont)

com ajuda do Blog de Joana M.

Anonymous said...

(a reboque do Blog de Joana):

AMSTERDAM - SBS6 broadcasts on May 3 a documentary on the disappearance of British toddler Madeleine McCann. It is that day exactly one year ago that she disappeared from the Portuguese holiday home where she stayed with her parents.
The documentary contains exclusive images, filmed by a friend of the McCanns and the woman(???) with whom the McCanns dinner at the infamous evening does for the first time her story for the camera. The documentary Madeleine McCann: 1 year after her disappearance is around 23.10 hours to be seen.

Tradução possível: a do Google.


Anonymous said...

Street Address Rietlandpark 333
Quintet Office Park
City Amsterdam
Country Netherlands
Postal/Zip Code NL-1019 DW
Telephone +31(0)20 800 7000
Telefax +31(0)20 800 7001
Home Page
Satellites Astra 1G (Canal Digitaal Satelliet)

© LSC, last updated 2008-04-11



elesofia said...

hi paolo,

i hope you are well.
i miss your articles very much.

just wanted to let you know that during the last 2 days when i check on news on your website my antivirus progamm tells me that this website is infected, but doesn't say what kind if virus it is.
so maybe you could check it out?
thank you.

best wishes

xxxxx elena

Anonymous said...

Paulo: como está? Sem notícias suas aqui,talvez por não haver.Espero que seja por isso. É bom saber que vem aqui ao seu Blog todos os dias ,colocar os comentários ou pistas para outros sitíos....
Tradução feita pelo meu Filho (NL):

"Diz que a 3 de Maio a SBS (canal de televisao, um pouco ..... exibe um documentario sobre o desaparecimento da Madeleine
..Nesse dia fará precisamente um ano em que ela desapareceu de uma casa de Ferias em Portugal,onde estava com seus pais...

O documentario contem imagens exclusivas,filmadas por um amigo dos McCanns e, a mulher que jantava com os McCanns nessa noite conta pela primeira vez a sua historia em frente das cameras...

o Documentario sera exibido as 23 10...

Posso tentar gravar, mas o nosso video nao esta muito bom...

Vou checar se pode ver na net


Anonymous said...

(+sucursal Belga)


Anonymous said...

Silent Man: please give a political historical explanation to that:

.....""I do think the PJ will find the truth of this," says Thompson. "In the old days, before the revolution, when you had to have a licence for a lighter,

the PJ

was everywhere and people were always: 'don't say that'. That was Portugal. That was their regime. It's only 1974. And they are still a bit afraid and secretive."

Esther Addley in Praia da Luz The Guardian, Saturday April 19 2008 Article history


= Political Police in defense from DITADURA!(P.I.D.E.)

We haved a lot "of worms" even low social class.

P.J. is NOT= KGB or CIA

P.I.D.E. WAS LIKE:a terrifiant police;terrible repressive of freedom.And have create TERROR and

esther addley: please,if you are interesting about Portugal´s History you had a lot of information (read about freedom of Portugal)


Anonymous said...

Silent Man: I have made a resume,so resumed! But if You think is enough,well,to me I agree.


esther addley:

please,if you are interesting about Portugal´s History you had a lot of information (read about freedom of Portugal)

And before PIDE,was PVDE!
Read about others deads!Read about TARRAFAL,CAPE GREEN,for example!

Did You know about Auschwitz?

Did You know about extermination?

Did You know about DICTATORSHIP?

Read about the liberation of Democratics persons from Caxias prison!

Read about the "fight" to construct a new WORLD!
By a fortuitous and unhappy coincidence....


to :

If the unhappy children touch Your heart!

It is another story. A bad,very bad things about....poors very young boys; about poors young girls.About youngs children.
And,Esther Addley: do not make errors:

Portugal Political History is one thing!
Horrors,like Jersey "home" another,completly oposite.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

AGORA faz papel de contra-informação para com os Portugueses.

Podem ler o artigo,mas ele é completamente idiota (cheio de ideias parvas). Boa paciência!


Anonymous said...

Neste Blog,Gazeta Digital do Paulo,podem procurar as notícias sobre Rachel Charles, assassinada por um compatriota (do seu País-UK).
Rachel Charles case: A professional campaign against Portuguese Police in full swing, in the Web and with the help of British Media

(bastante informação com muitissimo bom senso do Autor deste Blog,Jornalista).


Anonymous said...


20 fotos das 1ªs páginas,,30100-1309918,00.html

Updated 10:16, Wednesday March 19, 2008

The Daily Express and the Daily Star - and their Sunday stablemates - are publishing front page apologies to the parents of missing Madeleine McCann.
Por que não tornar a ver as 1ªs páginas?