Friday, 4 April 2008

Lottery draw

When Portuguese detectives are ready to leave to UK and Clarence Mitchell admits that Gerry and Kate may choose to mark the first anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance in Praia da Luz, I found that Portugal Public Prosecutor’s Office doesn’t exist, like the Portuguese Criminal Court. And I made this amazing discovery just by accident, when I looked at the online edition of The Times, on April 3rd. Yes, April 3rd, not April 1st.

“None of the witnesses” to be questioned by British Police in the presence of Portuguese detectives “will be made arguidos (official suspects under Portuguese law)”, according to The Times. Says who? – I asked myself. Because I thought that this kind of decisions, in a case that is classified as a crime, occurred in Portugal (a sovereign country) and has a Portuguese police investigation pending, belongs to Portuguese legal authorities.

But there is another point. How is it possible to give this kind of assurances, before the questioning? How is it possible to guarantee that a suspect will not be charged, even before he is submitted to a police interrogation? How is it possible to know the lottery numbers before the draw?


Cláudia said...

Exactly, Paulo. Well asked...


Joana Morais said...

You're absolutely right, Paulo. Why would the Portuguese Police request mutual legal assistance to the British authorities if no more arguidos/suspects are to be constituted? For all we know there could be even a request for extradition. Why did the McCanns choose this exact timing to go to Brussels? Is Clarence Mitchell, who is going to be questioned along with the 'Tapas Friends' and the former McCann's spokesperson, going to miss this visit to the European Parliament? Have the Portuguese MEP's forgotten MEP Roger Knapmann, Piers Merchant, which accused Portugal of being a corrupted State? And now MEP Edward McMillan-Scott is backing the McCanns who are formal suspects and broke the Law (Article 138º of the Portuguese Penal code) in a child alert system? The hypocrisy of this couple, the lack of morals of this wanna be celebrities/ambassadors of missing children, and the constant cover up in the Uk press makes me want to puke!

Outono said...

Muito bom dia,Paulo, e muito obrigada,mais uma vez e sempre,pelas questões colocadas e pelo poder de clareza e de sintese.

Pareceu-me ontem, mais 1x, que há um "querido/a" a melgar obcessivamente.

Anonymous said...

It has been announced that next week Gerry and Kate McCann will be visiting the European Parliament in Brussels for a meeting about childcare. (see article from SOS Madeleine).

The meeting is allegedly being organized by a number of British Members of the European Parliament, notably Glenys Kinnock, Edouard McMillan-Scott, Struan Stevenson et Diana Wallis. The participation of the McCanns is allegedly sponsored by Mr David Miliband Foreign Affairs Minister.

Many European citizens and other Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are said to be surprised by the invitation of the McCann couple to visit the European Parliament and discuss childcare-related issues.

Some have started emailing the above mentioned British MEPs and also the President of the European Parliament (Mr Hans-Gert Pöttering) to remind them that:
- The McCanns are official suspects in an ongoing criminal investigation over the disappearance of their daughter;
- The McCanns have publicly admitted to leaving their 3 children unattended in an apartment whilst they went out for dinner;

Article 24 (1) of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union “The rights of the child: Children shall have the right to such protection and care as is necessary for their well-being.”

Do these British MEPs believe that Kate and Gerry McCann have offered Madeleine McCann the level of care and protection necessary for her well being on the 3 May 2007 in the Algarve?

Emails of the British MEPs:

Email of the President of the European Parliament
Mr Hans-Gert Pöttering

Anonymous said...

Olá Paulo
Há já uns meses que sigo, atentamente, este seu blogue. Entretanto,não houve um único dia, desde que anunciou ser obrigado a afastar-se, por uns tempos, que não viesse aqui, na esperança de o encontrar...Aconteceu há dois dias atrás. Faço votos para que consiga recuperar totalmente, o mais depressa possível.
A sua Coragem e Persistência em busca da Verdade e da Justiça são-nos quase tão essenciais ( em termos de preservação da sanidade mental!), quanto o pão com que nos alimentamos.
Muito obrigada!
Que Deus o ajude, a si e a todos aqueles que tanto têm investido na
tentativa de resolução de tão complexo, se não maquiavélico, caso.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paulo,

Glad to see you back.

The Times should be formally questioned about their alleged pre-knowledge of the outcome of the investigation. Their suggestion that the outcome has already been fixed is clear, which raises the question, are the interviews a mere formality?

Madeleine McCann's parents have tried to attach themselves to various public causes, but I think their real contribution has been to raise the public knowledge of the parent's role in the disappearance of children.

In Scripture we are told "A little child will lead them." I see Maddie behind this, using her parents for a higher cause, to help make the lives of children safe and happy.

This is how history will remember her. Of that I am certain.

Anonymous said...

Paulo, I have to ask you,
How is it possible to have such a bunch of clowns as like this as PJ's.............

Outono said...

"Chapéus há muitos!" (Vasco Santana?)
Aproveitando as palavras em inglês do Anónimo 04/04/2008(o que peço desculpa):

In Scripture we are told "A little child will lead them." I see Maddie behind this, using ONLY ALL THE GOOD PEOPLE , for a higher cause, to help make the lives of children safe and happy.

Is like I see the question. The People devoted to the hard mission of take care about children must be very well intentioned and with a genuine and a very good character.

I think like that.

Penelope1 said...


Excellent article! But I have to disagree - it IS possible to know the lotto numbers before the draw - WHEN THE GAME IS RIGGED .