Monday, 21 April 2008

A nice job and a good salary

Clarence Mitchell has a nice job with a good salary, working as a spokesman of a couple of suspects of the disappearance of a little child, almost one year ago. Finding Madeleine McCann, dead or alive, would mean the end of his job.

A friend of mine, also a journalist, thinks that Clarence Mitchell is a scum bag and a scoundrel, because he has no ethical boundaries in his attacks against Portugal and the Portuguese people. I don't agree with him.

Of course, I'm not insinuating that Mr. Clarence Mitchell has a personal interest in keeping the idea that the child was kidnapped, the McCann are innocent, the Portuguese police are a bunch of drunken incompetents and the Portuguese journalists are “stupid sardines” (as another British journalist said, recently, in Brussels). No.

Another friend of mine believes that Clarence Mitchell is mentally retarded, because he asked for a foreign police force – FBI, Scotland Yard or Europol - to take action at the territory of a sovereign country, Portugal, when he called for a “a wide-ranging inquiry into the Portuguese handling” of the case “by officers from outside the country”.

Well, I have to agree. Only a mentally retarded could propose something like that. Scum bags, scoundrels and mentally retarded people are quite common, among journalists from British tabloids. But you can, also, find some of those specimen among ex-BBC journalists.

Just read what an idiot, David Rose, wrote - “The damning case against the Portuguese police” - a story that I consider as the third most shameless manipulation of information I read, since May 3rd 2007 and I believe you will agree with me. Talking about the ranking of worst British journalists in Madeleine's case, first place belongs to Grant Hodgson, a real scum bag who wrote false news, and second place to that imbecile from Sky News, Martin Brunt.

This is not the starting of the “silly season”, that period of time when newspapers have no news, politicians are all on holidays and editors must be “creative” to have a good headline. This is the beginning of another season of insults against all Portuguese people, marking one year of Madeleine's disappearance.

Does the British Media knows that there are limits for these kind of campaigns? That they can produce nasty results?


Anonymous said...

Oh COME ON Paulo!! Mentally Retarded? You are sounding like a Clarrie sympathiser. I agree with your first friend, "scum bag and scoundrel", and would add that Clarrie is perhaps idiotic. But I DO think this whole CASE has been retarded.

Even if Maddie walked out of her hotel room on her own, it's CHILD NEGLECT at best, and someone needs be charged.

Cláudia said...

Brilliant, Paulo. Thank you.

irina said...

Hear, Hear!!!

Ana said...

Well said!
Thank you Paulo for all the hard work you have been doing since the beginning of this sad case.

Anonymous said...

What kind of journalist are you Mr. Reis? A scumbag, a scoundrel or a journalist with additional support needs? I know what I would call you but I can't write it here!

Anonymous said...

O Martin Brunt ao lado do Tony Parsons até nem foi muito mau...

Anonymous said...

Caro Paulo!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

anonymous 22:33 20/04/2008

Are you a (un) polite person?

Because:"...C. sympathiser..."; "first friend=Grant Hodgson""/" whole case has been retarded".

Apoiado,Paulo, a tudo o que escreve. É uma PESSOA CORRECTA e INTELIGENTE: BOM PROFISSIONAL!

Para um jornal qq.,daily qq. coisa enviei-lhes um artigo do "portugalresident" acerca da R. Charles,como comentário a um artigo deveras semelhante a este.

O triste que dá pelo nome de david rose(sim,minúsculas)e se é que entendo como deve ser, pertence aos quadros(staff) de um clube de bowling.....
SNOBEIRA.O medo faz trepar cada vez mais.
E os tolos que repetem a um jornalista português, no P.E.!!!! o que o outro tonto lançou boca fora (lançou é mais delicado do que v........)
Sim,concordo consigo que é uma outra etapa de insultos aos Portugueses em geral na tentativa de nos "derrubar".
Mas geralmente,quem usa este tipo de violência são as pessoas extremamente inseguras e cheiissimas de medo,para conseguirem respirar à tona da água.Alto complexo de inferioridade,mascarado de "superioridade" e super subversivo.Tipo contra-informação=guerra psicológica.

Mais uma vez,excelente dia ou semana para Si e Seus. Continuação do seu EXCELENTE trabalho.
(há obras aqui,em frente à casa e acabei de ouvir um trabalhador dizer ao outro: " Não é necessário estar (mos) a enervar ( com bacoradas ruidosas).

Jojam said...

Well, I have to agree. Only a mentally retarded could propose something like that. Scum bags, scoundrels and mentally retarded people are quite common, among journalists from British tabloids. But you can, also, find some of those specimen among ex-BBC journalists...........Also applies to Portugease Journalists......In Fact the whole world over........Most Journalists are irresponsible in their reporting, If they haven't got the facts, They fabricate, speculate, insinuate...........'from unnamed source' Paulo, You are just the same, with wild speculation & insinuations...........You know no more than anyone else.

Anonymous said...

The boundaries must be set by the Portuguese. URGENTLY!!!!

Anonymous said...

Paulo, I have followed with great interest your blogg since the beginning of this case. In the main, it has proven to be informative and reasonably well balanced.
Despite that fact that I do agree with most of what you say in your latest comment, I am also disheartened that you appear have fallen into the so-called 'war of words' between Portuguese and British journalists. This is below you and whilst I understand your desire to defend your country, it does ultimately place you in amongst the 'scum' you refer to.
Please keep up the professional work I have become used to reading from you.

Kindest regards


Anonymous said...

Imaginem!Ou,vejam só como são as coisas!

Desta Gazeta Digital do Paulo Reis,do qual sou fan,temos:

Portuguese Embassy complained to PCC
The Portuguese Embassy in London sent a protest to the Press Complaints Commission, following an offensive opinion column from

Tony Parsons in the Mirror,

according to Sol, a Portuguese weekly. Quoting “diplomatic sources”, the newspaper refers that the Embassy sent a “formal diplomatic note” complaining of what it considers an “abuse of Press Freedom”. Tony Parsons called the Ambassador remarks on a interview with The Times, “stupid” and advised him to “keep your stupid, sardine-munching mouth shut.” The column tittle was “Oh, up yours, senor.”


Lembram-se,não é verdade?


Do Mirror e do mesmo tantan,temos(ah,e eu que sei pouco inglês, aprendi uma nova palavra-slob).

..."Most of us live lives that are mercifully free from the serious crimes that hit the headlines, but not one of us is immune from the grubby assaults of slob nation...."

Artigo em


"Slob culture leads to yob thuggery "

Tony Parsons 21/04/2008

"Sometimes it feels like we live in a nation of slobs."


Se têm sentido de humor até dá para ler e comparar as notícias:
*a cópia colocada no início do comentário,
*e o que esta pessoa escreve sobre os outros, mais uma vez.(aqui sobre os habitantes de uk,genuínos ou não.


Anonymous said...

Pessoas com interesse,Doris Lessing
(tenho a impressão que,além da maneira engraçada como soube do Prémio Nobel, deve ter comentado qq. coisa acerca de 1 casal ou drama ou,sei lá! )

Deve ser bastante interessante ler as 3 pág. do artigo/entrevista/sua Vida.
Doris Lessing: prize fighter
Last Updated: 12:01am BST 21/04/2008Page 1 of 3

Anonymous said...

Paulo, a Joana Morais que me desculpe!
Vim novamente aqui pois até deu para um bom suspiro.

Que os pinochets sejam decentes!

McCanns Risk Ten Years in Jail

Public Ministry prepares an accusation for Exposition/Abandonment and Negligence against Maddie's parents

(a pista está aqui ,bem clara, vão até ao Blog da Joana M.).

Anonymous said...

P.R. : e isto o que é? Sabe?


"First I should advise you to be very cautious about circulating potentially high libellous statements about Kate and Gerry McCann.

The law of defamation applies to email and the internet. Secondly, any suggestions or inferences that the Prime Minister is involved in some sort of conspiracy involving a clandestine cover-up are absurd. It is a wild allegation with***********************************************************continua.


guerra said...

Nowadays, the media is controlled by moguls who give more importance to entertainment than journalistic integrity. These people establish an editorial line for their journalists that either is of a personal interest or is what they believe the public wants to see and hear. I don’t pay to much heed to the British Press anymore and I am wary of any media outlet owned by Rupert Murdoch. It makes me sick when I turn on the TV and have some character declare with a wink that the PJ have to solve this mystery to save the tourism industry, even if they have to frame someone. Of course on a Rupert Murdoch channel. What I think is outrageous is the involvement of British politicians in a police matter. It makes you wonder how important this couple is for so many people to make fools of themselves to protect them.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that moguls and play- hide and seek deserve the day ,choosed by God.


Congratulations,Paulo Reis, by Your professionalism in Your brillant Job- Professional and Correct Journalist.You are always the BEST!Always a very honest Person.

SHU( umas vezes sou assim;outras,com mais tempo sou a outra)

Anonymous said...

Portugal is a beautiful Country;
The euro (€) is strong, more than dollar;
more strong than pound;
Greece is far way from UK;
Spain is very beautiful,also,and had euros;
Portugal is near.
So......the end.Or You choose your end to the story.

Cláudia said...

Olá, Paulo. Bom dia. Parece que fez alguns treparem paredes. Já não era sem tempo. E olhe que algo me diz que a aventura do jornaleco de trazer por casa é capaz de ficar carita...
Good! :-)

Anonymous said...


mas há vários jornalecos de trazer por casa...qual deles será?

E os vídeos até têm laracha (se não tivesse acontecido nada à Maddie.O da conferência de imprensa com a criança ao lado.Ao acabarem,entram em casa e deixam-na só..."na rua".



Já agora: ter capa,sempre escapa.
Aparecer como anónimo, ou é:

muita cautela;bom senso.
pressa de colocar um comentário inteligente e sério.

(os que provocam pelo estúpido prazer de o fazer=alguma cobardia,tb.Não é "fun tastic?"

Anonymous said...


theAuthor: The SUN - 22 April 2008
"Reconstructing the Last Photo

Astronomically, today (22 April) is a significant date. For the first time since last summer, at Praia da Luz the sun reaches (and exceeds) the height in the sky it attained at 14.29 hrs, Thursday, 3 May 2007. The significance of that time and date will not elude the reader - it was then, we are informed, that the last photo was taken........cont/more to read

Anonymous said...

Espero que vão ver e ler.
A foto é espectacular.

Um tipo com tanga verde luminoso e alças. Foi a resposta a 1 ou 1ma que lhe pergunta obcessivamente "onde está?"

Cláudia said...

Olá, Outono.
De facto, é verdade. Há vários. Mas eu referia-me ao Daily Mail (ou como eu lhe chamo o Daily Crap) e à sua última colecção de mentiras fruto de um escritor de ficção científica submetido a uma lobotomia que correu tremendamente mal. Cheira-me que lhes vai sair caro...

Anonymous said...
........................................"Two cops among six men arrested over 1987 axe-in-head pub murder

EXCLUSIVE: 6 arrested in new quiz Fresh evidence is found
By Jeff Edwards Chief Crime Correspondent 22/04/2008
........................................Two cops were among six men arrested yesterday by police probing the axe murder of a private eye.

Victim Daniel Morgan, a 38-year-old father of two, was found with the razor sharp weapon embedded in his skull in a pub car park in March 1987.

Investigators believe he was murdered by a policeman or hired hitman as he was about to expose a network of corrupt police stretching to the highest levels.

One of the six arrested is a serving Met detective suspected of leaking information about the inquiry into the killing.

Another is former Detective Sergeant Sid Fillery, 61, who now runs a pub in Norfolk................."

Anonymous said...

To the:Anonymous (WHO)said...

What kind of journalist are you Mr. Reis? A scumbag, a scoundrel or a journalist with additional support needs? I know what I would call you but I can't write it here!

20 April 2008 23:59

So,I ask to you,anonymous 23:59:

Have you a mirror to face him and see what you are?

Are you afraid and with bad conscience? What is your problem?
Do not be a grumpy person(?)

60 years old.

Anonymous said...

Tinha acabado de escrever uma resposta mais comprida,mas a net...voltou atrás e "não podia mostrar a página".

O crap (min. de propósito)está muitissimo bem definido por Si.
Num dos últimos artigos deles,enviei-lhes a cópia de "portugalresident" onde tb.falava de Rachel Charles(era outra das mentiras).Não sei se foi por isso que retiraram o artigo.Mas está outro,nesta notícia do Paulo,de um que escreveu no jornal do clube de bowling.(=).

Muito obrigada,

Doughnut said...

Come on Paulo. I support your sentiments completely but was this blog really worth publishing? It plays right into their hands. You sound like you are on the defensive and emotional. The more emotionally we respond to their tricks the less objective we become. And the less objective we become the less real insight we have. Part of their strategy is to wear people down. They are in this for the duration. They are in no rush. Having well balanced journalists like yourself resort to heckling and griping will only serve to discredit your work. They want people like you to blow a fuse. They've been baiting eveyone for months. The more vitriol they have coming at them, the more they can say it's a hate-campaign against the McCanns.

guerra said...

Doughnut, Paulo’s comments in this piece are directed at the British Media and the couple’s spokesperson not the McCanns. I do see your point. Perhaps Paulo’s language was a bit strong and perhaps he should have used euphemisms such as “not in his right mind” instead of “mentally retarded” but I certainly won’t judge him because I myself have been guilty of using words that in retrospect I shouldn’t have. Paulo’s reaction as well as the reaction of many others is understandable when you consider the persistent misinformation, xenophobia and racism that is being dispersed by English media throughout the world. I think Paulo’s point is that the British media is not only alienating the Portuguese people it is seriously damaging whatever reputation of journalistic integrity it had. Personally before this Madeleine case, I would have never imagined that the British media could be so biased and offensive.

Anonymous said...

"Madeleine's tearful mother: Why we didn't use a baby listening service

Last updated at 17:24pm on 23rd April 2008

Kate McCann breaks down in tears

in a dramatic television documentary as she speaks of her regret over the disappearance of daughter Madeleine.

Mrs McCann reveals how she and her husband Gerry instigated a regime to check on their children - three-year-old Madeleine and two-year-old twins Sean and Amelie - every half hour.

However Madeleine vanished while her parents were dining at a nearby tapas bar.

Emotional: Kate McCann breaks down

in tears in a two-hour fly-on-the wall documentary to be screened next Wednesday

According to a television insider, Mrs McCann, 40, is understood to say: "We wanted to use a baby-listening service
*****************but there wasn't one at the Ocean Club."

The source close to the documentary makers added:

"She is very emotional. She breaks down on camera at different points during the filming.

"It clearly shows her as a caring mother who misses her daughter very much. This is a woman grieving and is clearly more emotional than she has ever been."
The source added : "The McCanns said they would have used a listening service but they also felt their checks every 30 minutes were as effective."

A spokesman for Mark Warner said today that the McCanns had known there was no baby-listening service at the resort when they booked their holiday.

They were informed that the Ocean Club - unlike its other resorts - did not offer the service because accommodation is too spread out across the village of Praia da Luz. But the spokesman pointed out that there was a dropin creche available for parents in the evening.

The McCanns chose not to use the service but to make checks themselves on their children in their apartment.

The Mark Warner spokesman suggested that any criticism of the company over the lack of a listening service was incorrect.

The spokesman said it had been contacted by the film-makers over the claim there was no listening service.

The McCanns are convinced their daughter was abducted
Today, the couple's spokesman Clarence Mitchell denied Mrs McCann had criticised the holiday company.

He said: "I wish to make it clear that Kate McCann does not attack Mark Warner for the absence of a baby listening service at the Ocean Club in the forthcoming ITV documentary.

"For the record, she makes a brief factual reference to the absence of such a service in passing.

"In no way does she criticise Mark Warner or any of the company's services."

Mr and Mrs McCann, both doctors from Rothley in Leicestershire, are convinced their daughter was abducted, although Portuguese detectives have made them official suspects in the investigation.

The two-hour fly-on-the-wall documentary is to be screened on ITV next Wednesday at 8pm, days before the first anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance on 3 May last year.

An ITV film crew followed the McCanns for almost two months as they campaigned for a Europewide alert system which would be put into practice when a child goes missing.

It also shows them travelling to the US, where they meet Ed Smart, whose daughter Elizabeth, 14, was kidnapped in 2002 from her bedroom in Salt Lake City and found nine months later.

Mr Smart tells the couple not to give up the search. The source said: "The film shows a family going through an awful ordeal, trying to find their daughter and doing their best to get her back."

Emma Loach, director of the documentary and daughter of film-maker Ken Loach, is understood to be convinced of the couple's innocence.

• We would like to make it clear that Mrs McCann has not criticised Mark Warner in the forthcoming documentary to be broadcast on the disappearance of her daughter Madeleine.

We would like to apologise to Mark Warner for any confusion caused

• The former chief investigator Goncalo Amaral is to quit the Portuguese police. Mr Amaral, 48, will retire less than a year after being removed from the McCann case. Amaral was moved off the Madeleine inquiry after criticising British police officers for being too close to the McCanns.

So? I think:

D.M. and K. they are very, very emotional and they are people with a lot of experience to blow a fuse.

Anonymous said...

iAbout unhappy children:

"Forensic scientists examining a former children's home in Jersey at the centre of a child abuse

inquiry have found two milk teeth

and bone fragments believed to be from a child......."
Amanda Walker
on Jersey
Updated:16:11, Wednesday April 23, 2008

Case files which could lead to arrests are now in the hands of police lawyers in Jersey,

where decades of alleged child abuse are being investigated at a former care home.

Part of the detailed ..............................
Slowly, the building has been giving up its secrets - as have

more than 100 alleged victims who claim they suffered systematic

sexual abuse at the home during the 1960s, 70s and 80s.

On February 23, police uncovered what they called the "potential remains of a child".

With the aid of sniffer dogs

their attention then turned to a bricked up cellar area that revealed a set of shackles and a shallow concrete bath, both of which corroborated witness statements telling of horrific abuse.

On the wall next to the bath read the haunting words: 'I've been bad for years and years'.

Last week bloodstained items were also uncovered from one of the underground 'punishment rooms'.

Police teams had hoped to finish their work at the former children's home by the end of the month.

Their latest find of two children's milk teeth and more,

potentially human, bone fragments means they are likely to be there until the middle of next month by which time they hope to have made arrests.

Chief Investigating Officer Lenny Harper

has always made it clear

that the search will be a meticulous one, garnering every scrap of evidence that can support witness statements...."

Forensic teams are still scouring the final two chambers as well as two suspicious pits in the grounds of the former children's home that had been filled with lime.

So,so sad!

Anonymous said...

23/04/2008 - 12:45:46
Kate McCann today denied criticising the owners of the holiday resort where her daughter Madeleine went missing.

It was reported today that Mrs McCann used a forthcoming ITV documentary to attack Mark Warner Holidays, which runs the Ocean Club complex in Praia da Luz, Portugal, for not having a baby listening service.

Mrs McCann and her husband Gerry were dining in a tapas restaurant at the resort with friends when three-year-old Madeleine went missing on May 3 last year.

They left Madeleine and her siblings Sean and Amelie sleeping while they had dinner there each night.

The couple did not book babysitters

as they had an arrangement with friends to make regular checks on the children.

They have said in the past that they believe their routine provided for more regular checks than most baby listening services.

In the documentary Mrs McCann refers to the fact that there was no baby listening service.

But the McCanns’ spokesman Clarence Mitchell said today: “I wish to make it clear that Kate McCann does not attack Mark Warner for the absence of a baby listening service at the Ocean Club in the forthcoming ITV documentary.

“For the record, she makes a brief factual reference to the absence of such a service in passing.

“In no way does she criticise Mark Warner or any of the company’s services.”

From Joana´s Blog to the:

Cláudia said...

Olá, Outono.
Deixe lá as mentiras. Serão elas que os vão lixar. E bem mais depressa do que alguns julgam.

Anonymous said...

Olá,Cláudia,muito bom dia e muito obrigada pelo consolo e suas esperanças.Pela força que me tenta dar ao acreditar,o que todos desejamos,que existirá a verdadeira Justiça para a Maddie.

Mas,infelizmente,sou tão pessimista.Irei tentar pensar de outro modo.

Muito obrigada,Cláudia.

E para Guerra: super-resposta ao donut.(Doughnut).

Há sempre gente a acalmar-nos com o seu bom senso e perspicácia.
Obrigada a(o) ambas.

Doughnut said...

Yes guerra, I totally understand why Paulo said it and I dare say he is right in many respects, but reacting privately and angrily to a friend about this issue in a bar is one thing but to publish this kind of thing in a respected news blog threatens to undermine all the good work Paulo has put in to making it a useful, informative and objective commentary on the case. If Paulo's audience (and critics) feel Paulo has lost his objectivity he may lose any credibility he had previously. I just think he owes to himself to show more restraint. You be hardpressed to even call this an 'opinion' or column piece. It has a place in Mirror Forums but not in professional blogs. My guess is that it's a knee-jerk reaction to Mitchell's already provocative and deliberate attempts to engage the police and critics of the couple in a public relations war. It's just important not to lose objectivity in a case like this. Who knows, perhaps they are intentionally inviting libel? There's a lot of money to be made in it, afterall.

Cláudia said...

Olá, Outono. Boa tarde.
Na realidade, eu não estou assim tão óptimista. Acredito que de uma forma ou de outra a justiça se fará. Pode é não ser da maneira que todos esperamos. De qualquer dos modos acredito que o universo nos devolve aquilo que lhe lançamos. E também acredito que quando se esconde algo importante, nunca se é verdadeiramente livre. Há coisas que corroem por dentro e vão desgastando. De dentro para fora.
Um óptimo dia!

guerra said...

Doughnut, the saying that comes to mind is: “You’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t.” Just out of curiosity could you name a media source in Great Britain that has remained objective and not lost its credibility with regard to this case?

Doughnut said...

Indeed. Damned if you do and damned if you don't. Could I name a media source in Great Britain that has remained objective and not lost its credibility with regard to this case? No. Absolutely not. Credibility of anykind has been notably lacking in British coverage of the case but then the British Press must now rate as one of the most impotent media forces in the world. Nick Davies proved this. But there's another saying that comes to mind: 'just because everybody else is doing it, it doesn't mean you have to'. You should always aim high even if you sometimes fall short. Paulo appears to be exchanging his investigative nose for a wagging tongue. He has proved he is capable of more. The answers have been staring in him in the face for months but he seems to have lost his enthusiasm to see it solved. Whilst he's busy barking at Mitchell he's not doing what he is good at.