Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Take a look, before Sky News delete the story...

"Police have begun interviewing friends of Kate and Gerry McCann about their daughter's disappearance. Members of the so-called Tapas Seven are being quizzed by Leicestershire Police with three Portuguese detectives sitting in on the interviews at the force headquarters in Enderby (...) We understand the police have concerns about the time-line. There may be some concern that some of the time-lines don't tally but all the discrepancies are explicable (...) The seven were dining with the McCanns at a tapas bar when Madeleine - who had been left in the family's nearby holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal - disappeared. Mr Mitchell said: 'On that night these seven people didn't have mobiles or watches. During the shock, panic and chaos details may have become muddled." - Sky News, April 8 th 2008


Anonymous said...

That is true. We must "run very fast" to catch the news before they go.

Quando vi essa notícia,quiz coloca-la nos vários blogs(aqui;J.M;D.L)mas estava uma trovoada danada ou outra "trovoada" qualquer e não consegui fazer nada. As pág.s dos comentários abriam ao fim de muito tempo mas " não está ligado à internet";"verifique o endereço"...etc Mas felizmente houve quem apanhasse a notícia a tempo e assim a história infantil espalhou-se.


Anonymous said...

On that particular night they did not have watches, Mr Mitchell? .... that is very, very strange because there are photographs on other days showing some of the Tapas 9 wearing them ..... and most people 'feel undressed' without their watch on their wrist!

Perhaps being 'economical with the truth' again.... ?