Friday, 30 May 2008

Big event

Clarence Mitchell will speak at a seminar during Leeds Business Week, being held at Leeds Town Hall at 10.30am on Monday, June 2. Admission free. The organisers will make a contribution to the Madeleine McCann Fund.


Cláudia said...

Hi, Paulo!
I'm glad you mentioned it. I can't wait to listen to him and his usual true and wise words. When I grow up I just want to be like him, a PL. No, I did not make a mistake. It really is a PL, Professional Liar. :-) I bet millions of children around the world have been impressed and inspired by such a beautiful job and are now working hard to be just like him and make this world a better place to live in. Bless him.

Anonymous said...

Ainda bem que a entrada é livre e que a organização vai contribuir para o fundo, mas deve ser para abonar as viagens e os alojamentos dos mc e dos outros 4.

Eles devem mesmo ter então requerido pela 1ª vez a reconstrução daquele dia e noite.

Semana do negócio ou feira do negócio.

O orador é de *alto gabarito*.

jornal rural (inventado,bem como a notícia).


guerra said...

After all that has transpired there are still people who are gullible enough to hand over their money to these buffoons. Mr. Mitchell like his clients continually contradicts himself and yet there are still people who will give him an audience, unreal. Just what is being done with all this money does no one in Great Britain have the courage to find out? I’m sure there is enough money in that fund to compensate their friends for attending the reconstruction in Portugal, isn’t there? Unbelievable, I guess some of us are more privileged than others.

Anonymous said...

Are these organizers Leeds Town Hall officers Paulo?

marga said...

Esta gente tem cá uma lata...
Autênticos parasitas.
Até o RP pernoita de borla ...

Realmente há gente para tudo.


Anonymous said...

I certainly won't be attending.

Anonymous said...

hello paulo,

mitchell va encore récolter de l'argent pour les mac cann ???
mais c'est une véritable mafia !!!!je suis rassurée de voir que les accusations vont tomber !!!
bonne continuation paulo et chaque jour est un nouveau jour !!! il faut en profiter !!!

Laffin Assasin said...

Hi, I live relativly close to LEEDS, on a global scale, unfortunatly, because of work commitmitments, I doubt I'll be able to make it.

But I tell you all, I would love to rip that liar's tounge out of his filthy mouth.

I have today e-mailed my MP about this case, I'm angry.

Hi astro.

We'll meet again, hopefully at Court.