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Gerry McCann: planning for the anniversary (*)

Sunday June 3, 2007

There was talk of establishing a special Madeleine Day, to be marked by a global pop concert. Sir Elton John had been playing a DVD of Madeleine at recent concerts and it was thought that a host of big-name stars could join him from around the world.

“One of the ideas is getting all of the people who have publicly supported us to come together,” said Gerry. “I don’t just mean from the UK but from different parts of the world. We want a big event to raise awareness that she is still missing.

“It will be some sort of focus around an anniversary to tell people Madeleine’s still missing. I think it would be later this year, once media attention has dropped, to bring it back up.

It wouldn’t be a one-year anniversary; it would be sooner than that.

“What we’re doing at the minute has its role but doing that down the line in a few months won’t have anything like the same impact. We might have a sporting event, something arts, something music. We’ve had backing from sporting people up to now.

“We have had backing from certain musical celebrities as well. We’ve got some other musical contacts who are happy to offer support. We’re not saying it would necessarily be one big concert, it might be that on a certain day they are playing her DVD.

“What we want is maximum message out there now, about her disappearance, but then events occasionally to remind people if she’s not found.”

It was a measure of how professional the campaign to keep Madeleine in the spotlight had become. There was a short-term strategy, along with a longer-term strategy – and also, perhaps for the first time on the part of the parents, an acceptance that Madeleine might never be found.

Difficult as it must have been to discuss, Gerry acknowledged what was on so many minds. “Of course we believe Madeleine is still alive but you would be incredible if you hadn’t considered the worst scenario, that she’s dead,” he said.

Worldwide support continued at the Epsom Derby where all the jockeys wore yellow ribbons to highlight the fact that Madeleine was still missing. Jockey and father of two Martin Dwyer came up with the initiative and said:

“People all over the globe are watching the Derby and we owe it to this little girl to do what we can to help.”

By now, Find Madeleine had broadened into a campaign to highlight the plight of other missing children as well. To mark the 50 days since Madeleine’s disappearance, plans were made to release 50 balloons in 50 countries, including Germany, France, Australia, Dubai, Canada, America and El Salvador.

“We will probably have 10 centres in the UK, like Glasgow, Liverpool, Leicester, as well as Ireland and Guernsey, where we have friends,” Gerry said.

“We are going to tie it in with other missing kids. We were anxious about going to their countries and asking for help in finding Madeleine. But they have said to us: ‘What you are doing is amazing and it is helping us.’”

(*) This story is no more available online. The tittle is from Gazeta Digital.


guerra said...

I came across a news report about Madeleine on the CBC, a major television channel in Canada. The CBC has not done much reporting on this case so I was curious as to what they would say. Like other English media sources they took a one sided view and portrayed this case as a great injustice to the parents. They interviewed an expatriate and the priest Hubbard both supporters of the McCanns. The person doing the piece didn’t investigate why the parent’s are suspects; she simply stated that the police couldn’t find the girl so they named the parents as suspects. I was disappointed in the CBC; I thought they would do a more balanced report. I never realized that so many people equate high social status to innocence.

The newspaper Expresso has written that the PJ will soon clear the McCanns due to lack of evidence. It’s not the first time such claims have been made so I don’t know what to think. The McCanns sure think there is evidence otherwise they wouldn’t have resorted to such a shameful tactic as asking the people who were interviewed by the police to confide to them what they said. Then you wonder why would Amaral announce the release of a book that will tell the world about the facts, possibly he already knew that there would be no charges. If this story is true they either do not have a strong enough case or, excuse my cynicism, they were bought out. I think if the PJ pursue negligence charges against the parents now, they could be ridiculed as being vindictive even though the parents are clearly guilty of this.

You will be sadly mistaken if you think the circus will end if they are cleared. The next phase will be to make sure that whatever evidence there is does not become public knowledge. Once this is accomplished they can freely continue to cash in on their daughter’s disappearance. Unfortunately they will never be far from the cameras or headlines; I’m no psychologist but I get the impression that they thrive on media attention.

The Labour Party suffered major loses in local elections; Gordon Brown could be on his way out in the near future.

Outono said...

De 1 incombustível T3.

May 01, 2008
From Sky's crime correspondent Martin Brunt

"I don't suppose it will distract them from their endeavours this weekend, but two of Kate and Gerry McCanns' closest friends in Praia da Luz have been burgled ahead of the Madeleine anniversary.

Anglican priest Haynes Hubbard and his wife Susan lost a computer that contains personal and confidential email exchanges between the two couples.

The laptop also held notes on which Father Hubbard was basing his sermon about Madeleine at the weekend.

Mrs Hubbard is concerned, too, about private telephone numbers stored on a mobile that was also stolen.

The Hubbards became great friends and comforters of the McCanns in the days after Madeleine's disappearance and have kept in touch since Gerry and Kate returned to the UK.

I interviewed Father Hubbard several times and he was always a rather serious guy.
(A ROMARIA À SENHORA DA ASNEIRA,a partir daqui)......

"His wife was quite different.

One afternoon I spotted her emptying an impressive bag of bottles beside the recycling point at the end of the promenade.

"Oh no," she gasped in mock horror. "Vicar's wife in secret booze scandal."

She didn't strike me as the Amy Winehouse type.

But, then, I've never heard her sing. "

Outono said...

...."The McCanns are realistic about the fact that media interest in their daughter will die down.

But they are planning to hold a Madeleine Day in the next couple of months to remind people if she still has not been found.

Mr McCann said: "I think it would be later this year, once the media attention has dropped down to bring it back up hopefully for a short period to remind people."

He said the day might focus around sport or music, with possible backing from one of the celebrities who has already backed the campaign...."
...."What we want is to get the maximum message out there now about her disappearance. Then we will do things to bring it back up occasionally just to remind people if she is not found."

Copyright Press Association 2007.

Anonymous said...

rtp1-jornal da hora do almoço


Anonymous said...

I do hope this is their grand finale. How about calling it the Last Act of the Not Innocent Desperate Dust Devils?

mariana faithful said...

Hi Paulo,
They have tried to "tie it" with the Ben Needham abduction, quite unsuccessfully, I might add.

The McCann's, will never be allowed to tie Madeleine's plight with the Ben Needham abduction, which was a real abduction.

Anonymous said...

For goodness sake Paulo get yourself a new photo. Surely you have made enough mileage out of this one. How about actually doing some decent journalism instead of just regurgitating tripe? You are starting to sound desperate and will be fitting in with the scum or scoundrel tag soon. Or perhaps even the one with additional support needs. How about redoing some of your earlier stuff, you know, where you spotted innocence in Kate McCann's eyes. Or did all that belief disappear when a certain journalist talked about fish? Get over it man. One man doesn't speak for a nation. It's time you grew up.

Please outono don't reply to this post. Hopefully, Mr. Reis can speak for himself.

Find Madeleine McCann

Anonymous said...

Cá está,passou 1 ano.

..."McCanns hope spotlight will fade

Kate and Gerry McCann are hoping to slip out of the public spotlight

after marking the first anniversary of their daughter Madeleine's disappearance.
E de aqui mesmo:

"Gerry McCann:
- “We want a big event to raise awareness that she is still missing (...)

It wouldn’t be a one-year anniversary,

it will be sooner than that”

(June 3, 2007)

- "I have no doubt we will be able to sustain a high profile for Madeleines disappearance in the long term." (June 28, 2007)

Será que já começou o "to slip out of the public spotlight".

Falou-se ontem,na minha opinião,até já? se falou bem menos dos Mc .Poucas (ou nenhumas imagens do público nas orações.Pelo menos não vi e fiz zapping rápido e constante.Pode ser só impressão minha).


Outono said...

Pois é anonymous,

Paulo know to talk about him and answer to you if He think necessary and important.

But I talk by me! I do not like what you put.

It is very unfair.

He saw in K. eyes a lot of pain,yes.And so?( I read the Blog,also).

In that time,so early,it was the moment of that true,of course.

Now? Or even a few days after Maddie go....?????

Always the same!

And you do not must say to me to not answer or comment the others comments,please.

( I am a portuguese woman and my english is bad,almost 60).

Give your face or the nickname.Anonymous?No!It's time to you grew up,anonymous-04 May 2008 01:00 And if someone said bad things about a friend of you? Did you stay quiet?No,I hope.

Vi noutro Blog que os roubos de portáties já são pelo menos 2;papéis os do Pastor, de 1 Jornalista de um vizinho...

Mas que lindo!Sim,senhor!



Outono said...

E já agora aquela notícia do casal irlandês que entrou em coma alcoólico,tendo 3 crianças pequenas.Estas estiveram no Abrigo Aboim Ascensão e embora judicialmente considerassem negligência grave,foram,por ordem superior, entregues novamente aos seres que os fizeram.
Não passo daqui.Mas a liberdade dos meus pensamentos não a podem tirar.Só a notícia já diz tudo.Espantoso!

Outono said...

04 Maio 2008 - 11h00

Vilamoura: Tinham chegado ao Algarve no próprio dia

Filhos retirados a turistas alcoolizados

Três crianças foram anteontem retirados a um casal de turistas irlandeses, de férias em Vilamoura, após terem sido transportados para o Centro de Saúde em coma alcoólico.

Os menores, de um, dois e seis anos, foram enviados pela Segurança Social para o Refúgio Aboim Ascensão, onde foram cuidados e ficaram a passar a noite. Sete horas depois, o Tribunal de Loulé deu ordem para que fossem novamente entregues aos pais, depois de estes terem tido alta da unidade de saúde.

Ao que o CM apurou, o casal está instalado no Aparthotel Mourabel, em Vilamoura, e tinha chegado de férias no próprio dia, anteontem. O casal foi jantar a um restaurante nas proximidades, junto com os três filhos. Quando regressaram à recepção da unidade hoteleira, por volta das 22h00, 'não se aguentavam em pé com a bebedeira', contou ao CM uma fonte da unidade hoteleira.

'O pai entrou e caiu no sofá. Não se levantou mais. A mãe vinha a cambalear com uma criança ao colo e o bebé de um ano vinha dentro do carro empurrado pela criança de seis anos', recorda um funcionário, que por precaução, chamou uma ambulância do 112.

'Quando a mãe ia a entrar no elevador só não caiu porque uma cliente espanhola pediu ajuda. Tirámos-lhe o filho do colo e deixou-se dormir quando se sentou numa cadeira. Depois vomitou', referiu a mesma fonte, que entende que 'foi uma sorte eles terem conseguido chegado ao hotel sem ter acontecido uma tragédia'.

A equipa de assistência médica, depois de avaliar o estado dos turistas, entendeu que deviam ser transportados para o Centro de Saúde de Loulé. Como as crianças são todas menores foi comunicada a situação à GNR, que foi chamada ao local para encontrar uma solução.

Segundo referiu ao CM o capitão da GNR Manuel Jorge, 'devido ao estado de embriagues do casal foi decidido chamar uma técnica da linha de emergência da protecção e prevenção de jovens em risco para que fossem encaminhados para uma instituição'.


Entre cerca das 22h00 até às 04h00, a equipa da GNR de Vilamoura que se deslocou ao local teve que tomar conta das três crianças, com a ajuda dos funcionários da unidade hoteleira. Ao que o CM apurou, até que fosse encontrada uma solução os militares tiveram que servir de babysiters, especialmente à criança de um ano que chorou bastante após a ausência dos pais.

Após várias diligências, foi decido encaminhar as crianças para o Refúgio Aboim Ascensão, em Faro. Foi comunicada a situação ao Tribunal de Menores de Faro, que deverá pronunciar-se sobre o caso amanhã. Os pais receberam os filhos por ordem do Tribunal de Loulé, depois de terem saído do Centro de Saúde.

'Chegaram aqui a chorar porque não sabiam o que tinha acontecido aos filhos', recorda uma fonte da unidade hoteleira. Cerca das 12h00, voltaram a encontrar os filhos no Refúgio Aboim Ascensão, em Faro.


O acto do casal de turistas podia ter originado 'uma situação trágica', no entender de Luís Villas-Boas, director do Refúgio Aboim Ascensão, onde as crianças foram acompanhadas. 'Tem de existir responsabilidade parental quando se consomem bebidas alcoólicas', entende Villas-Boas, que considera a situação 'um acto de negligência muito grave'. Por esta razão, achou 'estranha' a decisão do tribunal.

Rui Pando Gomes

guerra said...

Paulo continue to show this picture because it says it all. I myself didn't suspect the parents in the beginning; I took them at their word. We don't have access to the case file so we can only base our opinions on their behaviour and the behaviour of the people that surround them, and it certainly isn’t the behaviour of people that want to find the child. From the countless contradictions and lies, to being openly antagonistic to the Police, to ill spending their money on collection agencies and media campaigns to convince the public of their innocence, to assembling a team of high priced lawyers and don't forget the PR firms, honestly, I can’t see how anyone wouldn't be dubious.

Anonymous said...


Your blog is fantastic - a breath of fresh air compared to most unprofessional media besieging us nowadays!

I really apreciate the fact that you change your mind when you realize you've made a mistake.
Me too, in the beginning, didn't even think there were any other alternatives to abduction in the case. Well, I just knew a child had disappeared from a hotel room.

Only when the parents were named arguidos and the British press declared war on Portugal, its people and institutions, I started to pay attention to the detailes. I'm not Portuguese, but I've lived in Portugal for four years and have many beloved friends in the country.

Reading the Tapas9 statements and their media spin I had my first shock: the parents had left their very young children unattended! I tried to put the pieces of the puzzle together and realized that they just don't fit. Only lies and contradictions - statements that would never pass a coherence test of the truth:
a)30-min checks without watches or telephones
b)far-away restaurants x restaurants in their 'garden'
c)cuddle cat on the bed and on a high shelf at the same time
d)a broken/intact window
e)a locked/unlocked door
f)a bundle turned into a girl
g)a blanket turned into pink pyjamas
h)an egg face turned into a faceless man and later into George Harrison or Kate McCann with a moustache
i)vomitted sheets never delivered/clean sheets never requested
j)children that never wake up at night

OMG I could go on forever...
It's likely that we'll never find out what relly hapenned to that sweet little girl - but one thing is sure - if the mystery continues, the parents will remain suspects in many an eye!

One piece if news drew my atention today: 6 Tapas 'celebrated' the first anniversary of the girl's disappearance together - 3 Tapas were missing:1 is just the mother of one of the Tapas6; and the other 2 are the main witnesses, one of which said in a TV program that she saw the alleged abductor. Did she make the same statement to the police? Why were 2 Tapas absent?

Outono said...

Thank You,Silent Man=PR!

The best and a nice day.

Outono said...

A ASFIC já se pronunciou,na TSF,às 17:00, quanto ao artigo no Diário Económico onde consta uma entrevista e manifestas opiniões de Alípio Ribeiro.

Boa tarde!

Anonymous said...

Is your blog used by the PJ?
Do they tell you what to post?
I believe you backed the McCann at the start.
What changed?
Were you warned off of Murat?

Outono said...

Bom dia!
- a foto e o pedido de identificação de mais um dos pedófilos.

e, em :

"La thèse de l'homicide:........"

(só para quem conhece B. da C. saberá se deve dar crédito)

Outono said...

está lá a foto do pedófilo para identificação e denúncia.

Outono said...

Magistrado e Governo concertam saída "a bem"
Alípio Ribeiro está de saída do cargo de director nacional da Polícia Judiciária, quase um ano antes de o mandato terminar (Abril de 2009). O magistrado do.....

Outono said...
"The incident has caused outrage in Portugal, where the year-long investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann has already raised questions over standards of British parenting. "

More to read.

Outono said...

Is your blog used by the PJ?

De certeza que não!

Do they tell you what to post?

Evidentemente que não.

O Autor é culto e informado.

I believe you backed the McCann at the start.

Quem não fez isso?Todos nós!

What changed?

Muita coisa,bem sabe.

Were you warned off of Murat?

Por que não?
O escondidinho de 06 May 2008 01:46
Que tem capa,sempre escapa?Será?
Não consegue passar da mesma tecla.

Está bloqueado no tempo.E com enorme fixação.

Outono said...

P.R : estes artigos estão no Blog de Joana.Parto do princípio que quem aqui vem,também lá vai.Mas pelo sim,pelo não:

UK is accused of failing children

British children: poorer, at greater risk and more insecure
1 million children face mental health problems
Boy given 13 years for bonfire murder
Bone fragment dates back to Jersey children's home
Tranquillisers putting children's lives at risk

Herald Tribune
UNICEF report ranks well-being of British, U.S. children as last in industrialized world

British and American Children most Disadvantaged

Britain’s children are unhappiest in the Western world
20 children a day treated for alcoholism
e,no mesmo blog vale a pena ver o documentário,de 05/05/2008:
"A special programme examining why the disappearance of three-year-old Madeleine McCann turned into one of the biggest media events in the world...."

Lá,entre outras coisas vemos o jogging.

Anonymous said...
Pink Floyd

We don't need ...................
We dont need no thought control...
No dark sarcasm in the ...
Mal escondidos leave ........alone


Anonymous said...

...."The Foreign Office said: "We understand that they have left Portugal and are en route to the UK. They are either en route or have already returned....."


Anonymous said...


Convicted Wife Killer Loses His Appeal
Updated:15:09, Tuesday May 06, 2008

A man who is believed to have hired a hitman to kill his wife before grinding up her remains in farm machinery has failed in his bid to have his conviction quashed for the "evil, cold-blooded" murder.

Nat Fraser was jailed for life

Nat Fraser, 49, was jailed for life in 2003 after a jury found him guilty of killing his wife Arlene in April 1998.

The 33-year-old mother-of-two went missing in Elgin, Moray,

but her body has never been found.

After the court ruling, Mrs Fraser's mother Isabelle Thompson and sister Carol Gillies smiled as her father Hector McInnes gave a thumbs-up.

Visibly emotional, he said: "We are pleased with the outcome. It has taken 10 years of our life. Unfortunately we have not found out about Arlene but he is where he deserves to be."

Lawyers for Fraser said he was the victim of a miscarriage of justice and argued that vital evidence from two police officers casting doubt on his guilt was withheld from his defence team.

But three senior judges at the Court of Criminal Appeal in Edinburgh ruled that his appeal against conviction should be refused.

Mrs Fraser's disappearance

led to one of the largest and most

complex investigations ever

mounted by Grampian Police, and

resulted in a high-profile trial.

In a televised appeal,

Mrs Fraser's estranged husband Nat pleaded with his wife to come home for the sake of their two children.

He also matched a £10,000 reward for information put up by Mrs Fraser's family but despite his outward concerns,

police suspected he may have been involved in his wife's disappearance.

Arlene Fraser's body has never been found

The businessman, well-known in his local area, was facing a £250,000 divorce suit and had already made a court appearance for trying to kill Mrs Fraser - but on that occasion he had an alibi.

In April 2000, Fraser was jailed for 18 months for assaulting his wife in the bathroom of their home five weeks before she disappeared.

CCTV footage of Fraser's conversations with his visitors during his imprisonment

were obtained by police and by January 2001, detectives finally had the evidence they needed.

After enlisting the help of

a forensic lip-reader to decode what Fraser was saying,

they had a tape showing Fraser discussing how his wife had been killed.

During the murder trial, his friend Hector Dick turned Queen's evidence and appeared as a prosecution witness, testifying that Fraser had told him how he hired a hitman

to kill his wife before disposing of her body by burning it, grinding up the remains and scattering them.


Anonymous said...

Domestic violence killed 17 women in three months

Umar encourages use of black armband 'against' the cases of violence
No primeiro trimestre deste ano, morreram 17 mulheres em Portugal vítimas de violência doméstica ou conjugal. In the first quarter of this year, 17 women died in Portugal victims of domestic violence or marriage. O número foi divulgado ontem, no Porto, pela União de Mulheres Alternativa e Resposta (UMAR), durante a cerimónia de apresentação da campanha "Nem mais uma mulher assassinada". The number was disclosed yesterday in Porto, the Union of Women and Alternative Response (UMAR), during the presentation ceremony of the campaign "No more a woman murdered."

Segundo os dados da UMAR - relativos não só a casos de violência doméstica mas também a crimes de índole passional -, além das 17 mortes, deram-se ainda mais onze "tentativas de homicídio" ao longo dos três primeiros meses de 2008. According to Umar - relating not only to cases of domestic violence but also the crimes of passionate nature - as well of the 17 deaths, have to further eleven "attempts to murder" over the first three months of 2008. Em declarações ao DN, Maria José Magalhães, da direcção da UMAR, lamentou os números negros da violência, explicando que, em relação aos anos anteriores, se deu um aumento dos casos de que a UMAR teve conhecimento. In statements to DN, Maria Jose Magalhaes, the direction of Umar, said the numbers of black violence, explaining that in relation to previous years, saw an increase in cases that Umar had knowledge. A dirigente revelou ainda que a situação é mais grave nas zonas norte e centro do País e incide particularmente sobre as faixas etárias dos 55/65 e, depois, dos 20/30 anos. The leader also revealed that the situation is worse in areas north and centre of the country and focuses particularly on the age of 55/65 and then 20/30 of years.

Foi com os objectivos de "mudar mentalidades" e "lançar o alerta" sobre a situação que a UMAR apresentou ontem a campanha "Nem mais uma". It was with the objectives of "change mentalities" and "launch the alert" about the situation that Umar presented yesterday the campaign "Not one more." A iniciativa, promovida pela Marcha Mundial das Mulheres, convida os portugueses a comprarem, no site da UMAR (, uma braçadeira negra, que deve ser usada sempre que se tomar conhecimento de um caso de violência sobre uma mulher. The initiative, promoted by the World March of Women, invites the Portuguese to buy, the site of Umar (, a black armband, which should be used where it is made aware of a case of violence on a woman. "É um sinal de luto e revolta", esclarece a dirigente. "It's a sign of mourning and anger," explains the leader.

A conferência de imprensa serviu para apresentar o ciclo de cinema "UMAR-te assim perdidamente", que também é da responsabilidade da associação de defesa dos direitos das mulheres e decorre de 12 a 18 de Maio, no Porto. In the press conference served to make the cycle of film "Umar you perdidamente well", which is also the responsibility of the association for the defence of women's rights and runs from 12 to May 18 in Oporto. A iniciativa inclui filmes como Frida Kahlo (de Julie Taymor) e Transe (de Teresa Villaverde) e, de acordo com Maria José Magalhães, pretende "reflectir sobre a importância de a mulher se assumir como cidadã de corpo inteiro". The initiative includes films such as Frida Kahlo (Julie Taymor) and Trance (by Teresa Villaverde) and, according to Maria Jose Magalhaes, aims to "reflect on the importance of the woman is taken as a citizen of the entire body." Após o visionamento das 'fitas', segue-se sempre um debate. After viewing the 'tapes', it follows always a debate.

Outono said...

Why is Madeleine an Obsession? - Open Letter to a Reader

Outono said...

05 Maio, 2008

The McCanns Versus the Media - Aljazzera Documentary

A special programme examining why the disappearance of three-year-old Madeleine McCann turned into one of the biggest media events in the world.

Outono said...

"Shocking research by the NSPCC shows that every ten days a child is killed in England and Wales by a parent. "

...."There have been so many cases of paternal filicide recently it's starting to feel as though we are in the middle of a Mad Dads epidemic.

We can't be sure what drove Ashok Kalyanjee, the father of six-year-old Paul Ross and his brother Jay, two, to take his sons to the hills above Glasgow last Saturday afternoon. ....."

Anonymous said...

Hoje,dia 12 de Maio,ser(i)a o dia dos teus 5 anos.Muitos beijos com a esperança de que estejas em Paz.

Anonymous said...

É assim que hoje,dia 12 de Maio,sai uma notícia acerca de ti,Maddie:

Alex Watts
Sky News Online
Updated:07:25, Monday May 12, 2008

The family of a girl who vanished just seven miles from the Portuguese resort where Madeleine McCann disappeared are convinced the cases are connected.

..... made Portuguese legal history - it was the first murder trial where a body was never found.

Joana's relatives told Sky News Online the pair are .....

The family, ........doesn't happen in Portugal - child abductions are very rare.........,,30200-1315666,00.html

Assim comemoram o dia do teu aniversário?
Falando da desgraçada e infeliz Joana.

Falando do testemunho de uma "família" "exemplar",para acabarem por denegrir mais 1x Gonçalo Amaral.
Não fiques triste,Pequenina(s).O Mundo é muito mau para muitos.

astro said...

Paulo, I hope that you are feeling better and returning very soon!

Meanwhile, take a closer look at this case:

Do you believe in coincidences...?

Take care, Paulo!

Anonymous said...

Bom dia!

Gostaria apenas de deixar esta informação sobre o caso do Brazil com contornos semelhantes, mas desfecho bem diferente.

Obrigada e tudo de bom.

Anonymous said...

Para Si,Silent Man:

de Alexandre O'Neill

Mal nos conhecemos
Inauguramos a palavra amigo!
Amigo é um sorriso
De boca em boca,
Um olhar bem limpo
Uma casa, mesmo modesta, que se oferece.
Um coração pronto a pulsar
Na nossa mão!
Amigo (recordam-se, vocês aí,
Escrupulosos detritos?)
Amigo é o contrário de inimigo!
Amigo é o erro corrigido,
Não o erro perseguido, explorado.
É a verdade partilhada, praticada.
Amigo é a solidão derrotada!
Amigo é uma grande tarefa,
Um trabalho sem fim,
Um espaço útil, um tempo fértil,
Amigo vai ser, é já uma grande festa!

O silêncio é bom,não há dúvida.Mas,se for muito prolongado,assusta.Projectos?Diga-nos.Gostamos de o ler.
All the best,P.R.



Anonymous said...

Olá! Um bom fim de semana,PR.

Outono said...

Como vai,my dear Silent Man?
Cansado de todas as fantochadas?
Realmente somos desgastados até mais não!

Texto ● Carlos Tomás*

Kate e Gerry e os
sete amigos ainda
não aceitaram vir
a Portugal no
dia 29. O Ministério
Público vai acusar o
casal de negligência

Outono said...

Gostavamos muito de saber de SI!

Outono said...

Boa tarde e vai tudo correr bem para o SEU LADO!TEM DE SER,PARA O SEU LADO,SILENT MAN!

Abraços imensos......até ao infinito,sempre.