Saturday, 31 May 2008

Should the McCanns face neglect charges?


Cláudia said...

Good morning, Paulo.
Well, of course. That's the crime they commited according to our law. Unless they commited something even more serious. But that wouldn't be possible, would it?

Anonymous said...

As respostas ao inquérito do " The Shields Gazette" consolam!
Qual será o impacto na realidade?
Consolam mas obterão mais do que isto?

Seria excepcional.

Bom dia!

Bom dia,P.R./S.M.

guerra said...

The next question the paper puts to its readers is quite interesting. “Would you turn a member of your family if you knew they had committed a serious criminal offence?” I have always believed that members of their family as well as certain influential people in England are aware that a more serious crime took place. The contents of those early text messages and cell calls made by the couple would probably point this out.

The problem is that these polls are not given the same prominence as other articles. People outside the U.K. get a quite different picture as to what is the prevailing opinion or what is taking or has taken place. Though I believe this is changing or has changed due to the efforts of Bogs like Paulo’s. The Internet is still one of the few places where information is not strictly censored and opinions can be freely discussed. This is probably one of the reasons that poll is so lopsided.

Anonymous said...

Hola Paulo!
la encuesta refleja el estado de animo de la mayoria de la gente ...
pero esto va a llegar a una conclusion ?? acusacion?? juicio ??
.......eso es otro cantar !
Un abrazo Paulo ! encantado de leerte màs a menudo !

Leo said...

Good morning Paulo,

fantastic, what good news that you are back to posting!
I take it as an indication that you are feeling a bit better?
That would be good news.

Love the new front page!
Keep up the good work if you can, my friend. Greetings from the NL.

Anonymous said...

qfrcoucou paulo
un petit bonjour et je m'en vais !!
oui, j'espère que les mes mac cann devront faire face à un procès !!!
bonne journée et plein de bonnes pensées

Anonymous said...


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