Friday, 2 May 2008

Suspects want to know what witnesses told police

A year after Madeleine McCann, a three year old child, disappeared, Kate and Gerry, both formal suspects in her disappearance, made a public appeal to everybody that gave statements to police to contact them: “You may have told the Portuguese police, but tell us. We need to know and we want to know (...) We have not had access to that information and we want it. We want to know what has been done and what hasn't been done.” That's normal. It doesn't surprise me that a couple of formal suspects of a crime want to know what kind of information police has, about that crime...


Anonymous said...

These 'suspects' have a nerve (probably activated by their faith in their omnipotent benefactors and protectors)! From day one, they've tried to direct and control the whole investigation and are very upset because the Portuguese police refuse to obey their orders!

I'm beginning to 'suspect' that they are a little desperate for not knowing how much evidence the PJ has!

Considering that they have the best Portuguese and extradition lawyers available, financial backing from multimilionaires, and the support from highly placed politicians - why do they fear the police so much? It really puzzles me!

Outono said...

Oh,anonymous 02 May 2008 15:23:

A very inteligent comment!
A very inteligent post,P.R.

Os incombustíveis são o "máximo!";"Uns queridos!".

(Cláudia,calma.Coloquei aspas!)

E o psi de ontem a desdenhar quem lê os sinais,(profilers)

quer dos comportamentos,
quer de toda a leitura possível que se faz e pode fazer acerca dos gestos,expressões faciais.

Ontem,por ex.:

do "enlace corporal"- a mão dela apoiada na perna do Mc; a dele apoiada na dela= "união do casal";
o susto que ele apanha quando a K. interrompe;

"o medo" dele quando ela fala,mas logo a seguir uma expressão de alívio por ela afinal se estar a "portar" bem.
O comentário do anónimo está uma maravilha,repito.