Sunday, 8 June 2008

British Foreign Office helped the McCann to go back home

Between September 7 and 10, last year, Kate McCann was fighting for her life, according to The News of the World, because Portuguese authorities were trying to frame her. "They want me to lie - I'm being framed”, Kate told the Sunday Mirror. The reason, she explained, was the fact that Polícia Judiciária was “running out of budget for this investigation and want it to end". Another reason, she said, was that Portuguese Police “don't want a murder in Portugal and all the publicity about them not having paedophile laws here, so they're blaming us."

But at the same time, Gerry McCann admitted that he was already informed by his lawyers that PJ “may have cobbled together enough to charge them.” Even being "absolutely confident' there was no evidence to link him and Kate with any suspicion of murder” of their daughter, Gerry admitted the “latest twist of events”, during the first weeks of September, “had left him with 'anxieties". According to the September 9 edition of The News of The World, “the McCann now fear the cops may be about to arrest and charge them. Gerry told us: 'Our lawyer said the weight of it is that, under the Portuguese legal system, they've got enough to move forward against us."

The father of Madeleine McCann considered also the possibility that “sooner or later, there'll be a formal process whereby we can rebut things in court. Then it will all come out. Gerry explained that the McCann were “negotiating with the police” in order “to be allowed to go home to the UK”, after being named as “arguidos”, or formal suspects in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

As those negotiations were going on, the “Foreign Office was 'firing on all cylinders' in its efforts to help the McCann”, as the Telegraph wrote on September 10. And the agreement that allowed Gerry and Kate to go back to the UK was reached through direct contacts between the British Foreign Office, the Portuguese Justice and Foreign Office ministers and PJ, with the help of John Buck, UK Ambassador in Portugal at the time. Justine McGuiness and David Hughes, members of the McCann team of advisers, played also an important role in those contacts.

A source from PJ explained that if the couple had attempted to leave Portugal before the questioning that took place between 7 and 8 of September, the Public Prosecutor's Office had instructed PJ inspectors to stop them and was ready to name them as "arguidos" and impose more severe restrictions on their movements. The Portuguese authorities accepted a “gentlemen's agreement”, after the Foreign Office guaranteed that the couple would return to Portugal, whenever the Public Prosecutor's Office requested their presence.

The sudden change of attitude from the McCann, trying to go back to UK after promising that they would never leave without Madeleine, happened two months after a special British police team came to Praia da Luz, with Eddie and Keela, dogs trained to detect the smell of blood and dead bodies. But one month before being named “arguidos”, the PJ spokesman, Olegário de Sousa, had already revealed, on a interview with BBC, on August 10, that police was following a new line of inquiry which included the possibility of Madeleine being dead.

Duarte Levy & Paulo Reis

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Anonymous said...

You seem to have recovered enough strength to keep heaping the blame at the door of the UK and Downing Street, Paulo, so naturally you are going to be well enough to elaborate on the collusion of Brussels and the Portuguse Government in all of this? You've made no shortage of use of other coincidences and enigmas - so why not those that implicate a broader range of co-conspirators?

There's plenty more questions posed here that need attention:

I don't see the Potuguese Government applying a great deal of diplomatic pressure to have this thing resolved? And just how often have they interfered in Judicial and Police matters during the course of the last few months? How many more chiefs and officers can they retire early?

This kind of report is just playing to the baying mob and does nothing to address a much broader and complex issue.

Cláudia said...

They should have fought for their daughter's life. That's what they should have done. But I guess the tapas and the wine were worth it. I hope they enjoyed it. Let's hope they've had enough Tapas and wine and that this holiday four leave and four go back...

Anonymous said...

Hola Paulo !!

""Los McCann no pudieron irse antes de los interrogatorios porque les amenazaron""".........

pero este par de "padres modelos" no querian quedarse e Portugal todo el tiempo necesario para encontrar a su hija ???...

Gracias Paulo por estar ahi , cada dia descubrimos mas detalles de como los McCann han ayudado a la policia para encontrar a su hija ......que verguenza !!!

Un abrazo Paulo ,a cuidarse !

Anonymous said...

Paulo, la PJ tiene un AS en la mano.No dejarles viajar ni ausentarse de Rothley mientras sean arguidos. No han querido hacer la reconstrucción pues ahora: EN CASITA OS QUEDAIS. Mucha gente está años sin vacaciones,mayores y niños y por eso no les pasa nada, al menos éllos tienen jardin para tomar el aire. Que se queden...que se queden.. Animo Paulo le deseo lo mejor.

Anonymous said...

Kate, la doctora, no puede imaginar que alguna vez puedan regresar a Rothley, Leics, sin Madeleine … “No puedo siquiera imaginar regresar sin ella” dice Kate a Sunday Mirror

Anonymous said...

Pasaron de turistas a arguidos
por eso se fueron

y la maquinaria ayudó

Saludos y que se recupere muy rápido

Anonymous said...

Sim,realmente passaram de turista a arguidos,muito rapidamente;todo o sistema terá ajudado as foi o lobby poderosissímo que,cheio de força,ajudou e continuará a ajudar.
Mutas vezes se questionou:"quem são eles,os mc?o que há de tão especial neles que o seu governo os encobre e os ajudou a "fugir para a frente?Quem não deve,não teme.E,por duas vezes(contas muito curtas)abandonaram a Filha!
Vale-nos todo o trabalho persistente e professional dos Bons Jornalistas e Bloggers para nada esquecermos da vilanagem.Pois é um fartar!
É uma chatice completa.Desde o 1º momento com presença in loco Embaixada.Já dava de algum modo para perceber o caminho que se seguria;com as "demissõs ou reformas".
Bem sei que o outro casal,há pouco tempo,foi metido rapidamente no avião.
2 casais a usufuir dos mesmos direitos,nem pensar.
Estes pouco eram.Apoio do governo ficou-se por aí.



Anonymous said...

"With all due respect, I think Reis and Levy are holding out for a gutter-press revelation that Gerry is Gordon's secret gay lover or something equally tittylicious rather than looking at the evidence right in front of them (as complex as it is)".

Words from Black,black mind,dark mind;Blackwatch.
(God,so bad;so ...blackwatch!)



Anonymous said...

Go back,please BW.Stay quiet and calm.Do your work alone.Investigate all the governements,alone.Or with the secret power.


S.M. por favor.Tem algum cabimento,numa resposta que deu,estar a justificar-se ao triste traste do BW acerca do que se passa consigo?
Ou não lhe dá atenção ou remete-o para a leitura do seu blog,desde o princípio.As circunstâncias e os factos evoluem assim como os raciocínios.O BW deve ser o tal que para no mesmo sitío:o olhar(da mãe)(e diz que é o olhar do pai).É triste traste mesmo.Não desenvolve.
Ele que vá ao médico pois essa paragem é um indício.