Monday, 9 June 2008

Clarence Mitchell invited for the “Annual General Meeting of the Churches' Media Council”

The Churches' Media Council asked the McCann spokesman to be one of main speakers on the “Annual General Meeting of the Churches' Media Council”, to take place today, June 9, at the Hayes Conference Centre, in Swanwick, Derbyshire. “The McCanns and the Media - The Inside Story” is the subject of Clarence Mitchell' speach. “Kate and Gerry McCann have used the media in their search for their daughter, Madeleine, and they have been abused by the media. What has their experience of the media been like, and what does it teach us”, is the story that will be told from Clarence Mitchell's “unique perspective”, according to the Churches' Media Council site.

Tim Gardam
, former Head of Current Affairs at BBC TV and Radio, Controller of News and Documentaries at Channel Five, Director of Television and Director of Programmes at Channel 4, and currently Principal of St Anne’s College, Oxford, will be in charge of the conference opening and keynote adresses. You can see the list of other speakers here. The fees for attending the full conference are 320 £.

The Churches' Media Council, according to their own site, “exists to build bridges between the Christian community and the media. It does this by encouraging and resourcing media bodies and producers, especially as they deal with issues of faith and values, helping churches and Christian organisations to engage constructively with the media, and keeping them informed about key developments, supporting Christians working in the production community, through theMediaNet (formerly the Association of Christians in Media) and contributing to the development of broadcasting policy.

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