Wednesday, 18 June 2008

EU Vice-President Jacques Barrot rejects McCann's project of a European Amber alert

The strategy approved by the European Parliament, concerning an alert system for missing children, will go forward, the European Commission Vice-president Jacques Barrot said, Monday, in Strasbourg. The appointment of Mr. Barrot to be the Commissioner for Justice, Freedom and Security, will be voted by the European Parliament next Wednesday.

Mr. Barrot mentioned the European Parliament project intended to set up a EU hotline in all 27 state member and a coordinated alarm system, in cooperation with NGO's and child protection associations and said that child protection was “among his priorities”, during a formal hearing on Monday. This hearing is one of the steps for the appointment of a new Commissioner or a change of portfolio. Mr. Barrot was the Commissioner in charge of Transports.

The remarks were considered by several Members of European Parliament a “diplomatic answer” to the McCann strong critics about the European Parliament project, published in Gerry's blog on 13 June. The parents of Madeleine McCann went to Strasbourg today, trying to get the support of more 182 MEPs, for a “written declaration” that appeals for a system similar to the American Amber alert to be set up in EU, but they only managed to get 15 more signatures and are far from the 393 needed.

During a Press Conference, Kate and Gerry McCann reacted with exasperation, when journalists questioned them about the fact that they left three children alone in an apartment, the night when Madeleine disappeared. “We didn't abandoned or neglected Madeleine. Somebody came in the apartment and took a child. Repeating that question is really annoying”, was the answer of Gerry McCann.

“The fundamental question is the fact that a child was kidnapped and there is a criminal on the run”, said Kate McCann. “We must concentrate in the fundamental question. It's not helpful to insist in raising the same subject. Nothing changed, in the last 14 months and I don't understand why we are talking about that, again.”

Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis

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guerra said...

These people are Malignant Narcissists plain and simple. Narcissists are only concerned about themselves they cannot express true emotions; they have learned to mimic emotions. The reason this global charade was started in the first place was because they value what people think of them above everything else. This is why they have undertaken extreme measures to control the media. Narcissists attribute their own negative characteristics to those whom they see as a threat to revealing their true self, and they will stop at nothing to ruin the reputations of the people whom they see as a threat. This is all about their ego and nothing else. They get a high out being the centre of attention and unfortunately there are people in public office who are more than willing to fulfill their narcissistic needs. I hope that the PJ will be successful in putting an end to these shameless people. In the eyes of these two the greatest punishment they could receive is public humiliation, and I hope that transpires. In my personal experience you cannot reason with these types of people.

Anonymous said...

Yes,they are very unpolite and plenty stubborness.

Thanks to You,S.M.
Good day.


Anonymous said...

And from sky news(07:46):
At the press conference, the couple faced more questions from the Portuguese media about their actions on the night Madeleine vanished.

Responding to a television reporter's suggestion that they could face child neglect charges, Mr McCann said: "You have gone over old ground. It's really quite boring. We want to focus on issues that can make a difference."
How can the McCann's campaign for greater cross border cooperation when they and their friends refused to return to Portugal to help the police with a reconstruction?

Posted by Liz from Glasgow
Report this commentIt would be more useful if they'd advise us NOT to do what they did rather than spend our time and money searching for sainthood rather than their missing daughter.

Posted by Justin Garden from United Kingdom
Report this commentI think using these two makes UK a laughing stock. Madeleine is missing because she was left alone. Who are they to talk to anyone about helping children? It´s an insult to caring parents.

Posted by diddy from germany
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Anonymous said...

No new news:

Anonymous said...


Published: Today)

Only a picture photo from yesterday at P.E., but nothing about.

Anonymous said...

Hola Paulo!

""Somebody came in the apartment and took a child"""

Los McCann parece que finalment no son del planeta tierra .Como pueden decir una frase parecida si estamos hablando de su hija.
No seria mas logico decir se llevaron a nuestra Madelaine o rapto a nuestra hija .NO ,ellos dicen "se llevo un crio " .Pero vamos a ver como que se llevo un crio ???? es tu hija o no??? y si lo es , te diriges a ella llamandola "un crio" acaso no tiene nombre ?? Menudo "desapego" para hablar del secuestro de su hija ,parece que nos estuviesen vendiendo melones! ...............

Un abrazo Paulo ,cuidese!

Anonymous said...

Only thing wrong with the report fellas: Mr Barrot doesn't 'reject' the Amber Alert Scheme as you suggest - completely the opposite in fact - he says they intend to make such systems their priority. This is a quote from Mr Barrot in the link you provide:

"Mr Barrot also proposed the creation of a rapid response system for child abductions and an initiative to protect minors in divorce cases." (Jacques Barrot, 17-06-2008, Vice-president of the European Commission)

Are you hoping your readers don't follow the links you provide? Also there appears to be no source for these 'several MEPs' who allege that Barrot's words were a 'diplomatic answer' to the McCann lobby.

I get the distinct impression the European Commission plan to carry through their original intent with the sceheme - a scheme which was the braincild of Barrot's predecessor, Franco Frattini.

You seem unusually reluctant to accept the role of Portugal's former Prime Minister Barroso in all of this. By their own admission the scheme was their idea in the first place. And here they are saying they intend to pursue them as 'priorities':

"Mr Barrot also proposed the creation of a rapid response system for child abductions and an initiative to protect minors in divorce cases."

Are you guys deliberately trying to fudge the issue? Which side are you batting for chaps? Smoke and screens. Smoke and screens.

Cláudia said...

My faith is human kind hs almost been restored.
But I ask again: what were two suspects on their daughter's disappearance doing in the European Parliament campaigning for child security? If they knew what child security was, we would have never heard about them or seen those sorry faces.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't it be 'barrot backs McCann project'? your headline doesn't match your story.

Outono said...

"Are you hoping your readers don't follow the links you provide? "
The blog´s name is madeleinecase...
And I sugest to the 2 anonymous(07:38 e 14:31): Make a Blog!A own Blog.Why not?There you must have a name.
Olá, Canadá;Olá,Espanha;Olá,Cláudia(boa questão,mas infelizmente "eles podem tudo e não deixam nada"!

Anonymous said...
Fábula de Esopo(vou colocar nos meus Blogues,mas achei que cabia bem aqui,S.M.).
To the people without name and like to follow links.


Anonymous said...

From the Irish Examiner

18 June 2008

McCanns bid to get EU-wide child alert system

By Ann Cahill, Europe Correspondent

KATE and Gerry McCann reacted angrily to suggestions that they abandoned and neglected their daughter Madeleine on the day she disappeared 14 months ago.

The couple launched a campaign in April for a Europe-wide alert system for abducted children but now fear time is running out in their bid to achieve formal recognition of the scheme.

They were in Strasbourg yesterday to encourage MEPs to sign up to a declaration they hope will help establish a EU-wide alert system for missing children.

So far 226 MEPs have signed up but they need another 167 before July 24 — the close of the plenary session — to collect the signatures needed to ensure that their proposal, in the form of a written declaration, is sent to the EU president and published.

Kate McCann said child alert systems in the US and France have been very successful. But she CONCEDED it was very difficult to know if a Europe-wide system would have helped to recover their daughter when she disappeared.

(Tough day at the office for the campaigners of a European Parental Responsibility Replacement aka Amber Alert. Now Kate McCann suddenly concedes to not knowing all there is to know about the effectiveness of an Amber Alert system in helping to recover their missing daughter.)

Anonymous said...

That these two con artists are the face of child safety is ridiculous and ludicrous.

They have admitted to leaving their children alone night after night, but they are now the face of "responsible parenting" everywhere.

It is an outrage against responsible parents.