Tuesday, 17 June 2008

European missing children alert system being developed since 2006

Gerry McCann “has grown frustrated” by the refusal of many Members of European Parliament to sign up a “written declaration” proposing the creation of an EU alert system similar to the Amber alert, in the USA. The father of Madeleine McCann accused those MEPs of a "complete lack of understanding in what we hope to achieve.”

The McCann have been campaigning for an EU alert system, to deal with cases of missing children. But since 2006, the European Commission has approved a project to set up a single EU hotline number (116 000) and a coordinated alert system, between the 27 Member States.

On December 2006, a special meeting of Member States endorsed the European Commission's initiative to reserve a set of common free phone numbers “for services of social value”, including the number 116 000, to be made “available for hotlines for missing children.” On February 2007, the EU Commission formally adopted the decision “reserving the 116000 telephone number in all Member States as a hotline for reporting missing children.” Viviane Reding, the EU Telecom Commissioner at the time, said that she was “delighted that today the first major step towards a single EU hotline number for missing children has been taken”, according to BBC.

Until now, four European countries have set up the 116 000 hotline to report missing childrenBelgium, Greece, Portugal and Denmark – and France will do it this summer. The European Federation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children (“Missing Children Europe”) was invited by the European Commission to help in this project and, following a meeting on 17 August 2007, Missing Children Europe convened an Interdisciplinary Core Group of NGOs and law enforcement agencies, which met on 31 August 2007 and drafted some initial recommendations, which were the basis for a Commission Guidelines about missing children, discussed at the Informal Meeting of Justice and Home Affairs Ministers in Lisbon of 2 October 2007.

The EU hotline and alert system for missing children is high in the agenda of the French EU presidency, to start in July 2008 and new and important steps are expected, for 2009, as “Missing Children Europe” refers, on a report about it's cooperation with this EU project.

In his blog, on 13 June, Gerry McCann strongly criticized the EU project, claiming that the 116 000 number “is only operational in one out of 27 European countries (Greece) so far.” Also, he considers that the system the EU is setting up, since 2006, does not mean “an Amber alert will be issued for an abducted child as no such system exists." The McCann, who will be in Strasbourg today, 17 June, still need 182 Euro MPs to sign up the “written declaration” but this document carries no legal weight in the European Union.

Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis

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marga said...

"But the McCanns believe it would help them win the moral argument over whether such a cross-border system is needed".

Será que estes dois não se "tocam"? O que sabem eles de argumentos morais?

E Força!

Anonymous said...

Also,just ignorance?

NO!A "super ego" without limits and a run way with "clean" profile.

So,so many people,really do not understand at all the mc.s and I hope never forget what they do all the time and why.

(thank to You)

Anonymous said...

With all due respect this 'written declaration' is still very much a part of democratic and parlimentary process - a process that must run its course. In his efforts to dismiss it as pure 'spin' to distract from developments in the investigation (which don't seem to have materialised yet, strangely), Paulo is ignoring the usual routines and hurdle-jumpings of bureaucracy. Whether it was being backed by President Barroso, Frattini or Macmillan-Scott - it would still have more impact if it came from a grassroots campaign. When Barroso and Frattini tried to have it agreed in 2006 it proved very unpopular - but at that time they did not have the grassroots support necessary to have it impact in parliament. The McCanns have (rightly or wrongly and to varying degrees of success) provided that grassroots support - and I am absolutely convinced that Barroso and Frattini hiajacked the Madeleine gravy-train at a very early stage of the crisis - knowing that an attractive, middle-class couple who had recently lost their daughter would make powerful lobbyists. Afterall, the Amber Alert was Frattini and Barroso's own mini campaign to begin with.

But let's not get sidetracked by the smaller issue. Back in June and July 2007 Gerry was not just talking about Alert Schemes - he was talking about centralised DNA databases, extended DNA databases, cross-border policing, and pan-European cooperation between police forces, file-sharing, human-trafficking etc. Gerry at that time was mouthpiece for all the controversial issues that arose as a rsult of the Prum Treaty being written into the new EU Constituition (the Reform Treaty - and signed -off by Blair in June 2007 at a Brussels Summit - the day the McCanns released the balloons around the world).

Have a look at these quotes: is it Gerry speaking or Brussels speaking:

"Gerry McCann said Friday that his daughter’s disappearance should be examined in connection with other abductions, particularly in neighbouring Spain, and that there should be a European-wide response to child abductions" - Gerry McCann June 1st, 2007
“We do feel that perhaps these types of disappearances should be considered in a pan-European fashion, the same way that other EU movement of people is considered.” - Gerry McCann June 1st 2007

Asked if she believed that the chances of finding Madeleine would have been improved if a pan-European missing child alert system had been in operation at the time of her disappearance, Mrs McCann commented: “The fact is we don’t know. But I believe the chances of recovery would have been greater.” - Kate McCann April 10, 2008

"Members of the European Parliament overwhelmingly want to see an EU-wide register of sex offenders established, a survey suggests. Gerry McCann, father of four-year-old Madeleine, said such a database would "help prevent child abuse and track those responsible for such crimes". Gerry McCann August 22, 2007"

"Mr McCann said: "We are pleased to see that elected members of both the UK and European parliaments agree that changes to legislation and greater consistency across the European Union are needed."

Pan-European this. Pan-European that. Seems Gerry was being primed for a nice little seat in the European Parliament.

Cláudia said...

I find it amazing that two arguidos on the case of the disappearance of their own daughter are even allowed to set foot on the European Parliament and campaign for child security, topic that obviously they know nothing at all about. One of these days we're going to see a suspected paedophile campaigning against child abuse. Hey, why not invite Michael Jackson? And O. J. Simpson is also a good name to campaign against domestic violence.

P.S: I wouldn't mind seeing them going on a world tour to talk about the dangers of leaving children home alone in while the parents eat, drink and have fun elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Anónimo 17 June 2008 11:03 says

"Pan-European this. Pan-European that. Seems Gerry was being primed for a nice little seat in the European Parliament."

Eloisa says

Estos eurodiputados5 son los abren la puerta a los McCann a fin de que los sospechosos se presenten en el Parlamento Europeo, en el 2008, haciendo suya una causa noble y justa, pero que ya tiene antecedentes que se remontan al 2006 (Sr. Frattini) y al 2003 (alerta vigente en Sussex). Estos eurodiputados5 no vacilan en presentar declaraciones escritas supernumerarias y redundantes... Variaciones sobre un mismo tema. Estamos ante el principio gatopardista de "cambiar todo para que nada cambie"?

Ya vimos que los McCann han sido críticos de los procedimientos policiales desde el 3 de mayo del 2007. Y que tampoco ha logrado meterlos en caja el señor Richard Bryan, a pesar de la experiencia policial que ostenta.
Dado que los McCann son impermeables a las críticas, aún a las constructivas, e incombustibles a las pruebas de la realidad, no sería de extrañar que estos mismos eurodiputados5 impulsaran algún cargo político para la pareja de sospechosos dentro del mismo Parlamento Europeo, para que los McCann sean los encargados, por ejemplo, de reorganizar la Policía Europea, a la que prestarían asistencia y capacitación.

En ese caso, es fácil deducir que lo primero que harían serían autolevantarse el estatus de arguido, destruir su expediente, y exilar a los perros detectores de olor a cadáver. También podrían cerrar definitivamente los laboratorios de análisis de ADN, pues cualquier presentación de este tipo de evidencia sería nula.

Se cumple entre los McCann y los Eurodiputados5 el famoso dicho "hoy por tí, mañana por mí"? Cuando la confusión es tan grande los malpensados no vacilan en señalar el tráfico de favores

Anonymous said...

Gerry McCann “has grown frustrated” by the refusal of many Members of European Parliament to sign up a “written declaration” proposing the creation of an EU alert system similar to the Amber alert, in the USA. The father of Madeleine McCann accused those MEPs of a "complete lack of understanding in what we hope to achieve.”

and Gerry finish: