Wednesday, 11 June 2008

European police organizes a child kidnap simulation

Portuguese and Spanish police officers will participate, as observers, on a simulated child's kidnapping, to take place on June 12. The simulation was proposed by the French Justice minister, Rachida Dati, in order to test the coordination of the authorities of all EU countries in these kind of crimes. The simulated kidnap will take place in France. A child from Luxembourg will be “kidnapped” by two police officers, who will try to drive her from France through Belgium, to an unknown destiny, using a car with a Dutch licence plate. Police from France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Holland will participate in the attempt to trace, find and arrest the “kidnappers”. UK police was also invited as an observer, but refused the invitation.

Duarte Levy & Paulo Reis

Version Française Versão Portuguesa


Eloisa said...

I am happy you are well and working again.
The Spanish version of your entry is in Esplendor.
Best regards,

Cláudia said...

Aren't the McCanns going to be invited? I think they might contribute with with an interesting input...

Rosa said...

la versión española en Esplendor

Anonymous said...

A second simulation so soon after the one in May of last year? Perhaps last year's went wrong somehow. Back to the drawing board, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

I'd be worried if I were the parents of the Luxembourg child ... I'd be praying that nothing went wrong. This seems to be damage control, n'est-ce pas? Why not just put all energy into finding Madeleine McCann and other missing children? There seriously needs to be an overhaul in how we find missing children at any rate, good luck!