Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Just to confirm the headline of our previous posts...

EU Vice-President Jacques Barrot REJECTS McCann's project of a European Amber alert”, was the headline. It doesn't say that Barroso and Barrot are against the idea of a rapid response alert, just that they don't support the McCann's “recent” idea, launched with the help of five Members of European Parliament. What Barrot said is very clear, I think: The EU will proceed with it's own legislative process of setting up a missing children alert system, following the formal decisions already taken, since 2006 (among others, a legal decision approved in the beginning of this year by the European Parliament).

The EU Commission has it's own project of a rapid response scheme, since 2006. And that is the project that EU and Barrot are willing to set up - not the McCann's inspired proposal of doing something vague and similar as the USA have done, with the Amber Alert. Check what Carlos Coelho, a Portuguese MEP from PSD said: "The McCann couple launched a public relations campaign, trying to "seize" a policy that is already being enforced..." (and watch the exasperation of Kate and Gerry McCann, when questioned by journalists about the fact they left three children alone...)

Take a look at this, from Missing Children Europe: "With as am aim to drive this ambition forward, the European Commission invited representatives of Missing Children Europe to an informal meeting on 17 August. Following this meeting Missing Children Europe convened an Interdisciplinary Core Group of NGOs and law enforcement agencies, which met on 31 August 2007 and drafted some initial recommendations. These recommendations were presented at a meeting convened by the Directorate–General Justice, Freedom and Security of the European Commission involving Representatives of the Police and/or Judicial authorities from the 27 Member States on 12 September. Meanwhile, the European Commission drafted European Guidelines on the EU Child Alert. These Guidelines were inspired by the recommendations of the Interdisciplinary Core Group. The Commission Guidelines were the starting point for the discussions at the Informal Meeting of Justice and Home Affairs Ministers in Lisbon of 2 October and will be the basis for the suggested project."

Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis

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Outono said...

Very nice post,S.M.
You all Blogers do not must stop this work about SagaMc.It is very important not stop!Your´s work is completly necessare;
Because,they,probably never stop the "visual and personal wash".

By Maddie!

Cláudia said...

Hi, Paulo.
Some people just don't get it, do they?

Karmaera said...

The symbiotic relationship:

Five obscure British MEP's cashing in on the McCann's noteriety and...
The McCann's trying to attach themselves to a 'cause' to be seen as credible.

Thank you..both..
Hope you are faring well, Paulo

Anonymous said...

Stop trying to fudge the issue Paulo. I know you are trying to put as much space as possible between the McCanns and Portugal's former Prime Minister Barroso (now President of the EU Commission). Even Gerry says explicity in his blog today that the Alert Scheme they are supporting is the same Alert Scheme proposed and supported by the European Commission and is being sponsored by the SAME lobby group that camapaigned on the first 'written declaration' two years ago - a declaration and system that was conceived by the Vice-President of the European Commission, Franco Frattini. If the Commission would like to deny what Gerry is saying, then why don't they? These 'obscure British MEPs Kermaera' is referring to occupy senior positions within the EU: the man with the McCanns at the Press Conference, Edward McMillan Scott is Vice-President of the European Parliament, Lady Lady Glenys Kinnock represents Wales in the EU (and is the wife of former Labour leader Neil Kinnock), Roberta Angelilli sits on European Parliament's Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs - as is Evelyne Gebhardt is the former leader of the Liberal democrats in Europe and former Vice President of the European Parliament. Liz Lynne is also a member of the same lobby supporting the McCanns. In an email I forwarded to Mr Reis Liz Lynne says explicitly that the Alert SAcheme they are lobbying for came directly from Franco Frattini - the then Vice-President of the European Commission - second only to Barroso himself. Here is Gerry's blog dated yesterday:

Gerry's Blog From Day 412:

Day 412: Kate and I had a flying visit to Strasbourg yesterday to the European Parliament. The visit was organised by one of the written declaration sponsors, Edward McMillan-Scott who is a Vice-President of the parliament.

It was hectic schedule but well worth effort. We met with the other sponsors, many MEP’s who have signed the declaration and many who did not realise that there was a declaration on the introduction of an EU wide Amber alert. As we stated when we launched the declaration in Brussels last month- the alert is not our idea. It already has the support of the European commission and they and other groups such as Missing Children Europe, PACT and Missing People have done a huge amount of work previously. Our hope is that getting the declaration formally adopted by the parliament will speed up the implementation of alerts throughout the EU member staets and facilitate cross-border cooperation. Many of the MEP’s who have not signed said they will and a lot of those who have already signed said they will lobby their National and fellow group MEP’s to sign.


It is the SAME scheme - backed by the SAME people. Reis is doing exactly what he was brought here to do - muddy the waters.

McCann admits it himself: they joined an already existing lobby put together by the Barroso Commission. THAT's why they have received so much unprcedented support.

Less tiliting at Windmills, Dom. More accurate reporting!

Anonymous said...

"Oh,God,make me good but not yet."

Mosquito sting.
Here is about Maddie.
If we begin to talk about anothers subjects, we run away from Maddie,no?

It is very boring !Big patience is need.Ufff!


Anonymous said...

The Rapid Response System is just another way of describing the Eu-Wide Alert System:

August 8, 2007 - Madeleine's mum calls for rapid response team

MEP Chris Heaton again refers to the Amber Alert Scheme as 'the rapid response initiative'


It utilses America's already exisiting EAS System: Emergency radio and TV response network

People also forget that Kate McCann planned to give up her job as a GP to campaign on Human Trafficking: another of the issues raised in the Barroso Commission's First Europe Forum on the Rights of The Child

I don't agree that this bickering distracts from the truth about Maddie. I believe it is essential that all these things are understood in their rightful context. I strongly believe that our anger towards the McCanns can obscure our better judgement on occasions and that it is easy to 'twist' any info we get as a result of our eagerness to see them brought to justice. I loathe everything this couple stands for - but at the end of the day I want only the truth and nothing but the truth. Anything short of that must be rejected.

Cláudia said...

Oh well, if Gerry said then it must be true. Gerry has never been known to have lied before. More honest than Mother Theresa...

Anonymous said...

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guerra said...

I don’t know if Mr. Barroso supports or does not support this couple’s lobbying of this initiative; what I do know is that it is absurd letting this couple be associated with this initiative. This couple is being investigated by police and are suspected of harming their daughter. They grasp at any reason not to cooperate with the police. They want to clear their names but then they don’t see what purpose a re-enactment would serve. They complain of Kate’s fragility, yet she is strong enough to travel and address and confront MEPs and reporters. Only a very naïve person cannot see that their sole aim is to garner public approval and money. To them their daughter is a business brand nothing else.

Anonymous said...

from carilina
3 arguidos

The Dutch connection

Dutch friends connection? MEP Holland, McCanns sponson in Hyves, collecting signatures for AMBER

Kathalijne Buitenweg MP (38 jaar) is sinds 2004 delegatieleider van GroenLinks in het Europees ... kathalijne


HYVES for MMcCann

AND *keep rolling down*

supports a petition for
Europees Amber Alert!
8 May, 15:06
Wil jij ook dat er een Amber Alert Systeem voor vermiste kinderen komt.

Kijk voor info op-> Europees Amber Alert Hyves

En teken de petitie op->

Amber Alert in Nederland / Europa
Nic. Sopingiusstraat 60
3553TN Utrecht

They have got
1225 signatures
Online since:
08.05.08 - 17:59

Cláudia said...

Guerra, that is all it has ever been for them. Since day one. I mean, since day 3.

Outono said...

Super,guerra!Boas análises,para mim,pois vão ao encontro do que penso e sinto perante tanta ignomínia.
Tudo de bom!