Monday, 23 June 2008

Kate McCann, from "yummy mummy to spin doctor"

Going Cheap? Female Celebrity in the Tabloid, Reality and Scandal Genres” is the subject of a one-day event sponsored by the School of Film and Television Studies, from the University of East Anglia. The conference “will examine how discourses of tabloidism, 'reality,' and scandal shape the construction of female celebrity in contemporary and historical periods”.

One the papers to be presented has an interesting tittle: “From Yummy Mummy to Spin Doctor: The case of Kate McCann - Examining the tragic circumstances in which Madeleine McCann's mother acquired fame”.

Keynote speakers are Pamela Church Gibson (London College of Fashion, UK), Imogen Tyler (University of Lancaster, UK), Mary Desjardins (Dartmouth College, USA) and Stephen Harper (University of Portsmouth, UK). The event will take place next Wednesday, 25 June, 2008.


Cláudia said...

Fame? That's what it's called nowadays? Mmmm....

Anonymous said...


that partucular session on K McCann on how she became a spin doctor and a celebrity(not) in the tragic disappearance and possible death of her little girl, should be aimed at a public that will later have their own children too, by raising awareness to the main roles of a good caring mother who always put her children priorities in the first place and has no time left to spin or engage herself in manouvres to cover her mistakes. A yummy mummy is the one who will be remembered by her later adult children as the one who was there by them whenever they needed her protection, love and advice.

Funny to think this event is going to take place at one university I visited two years ago for professional reasons. I remember how I and my 15 colleagues were surprised by a group of 5 teenage girls waring tiny skirts and heavy makeup on a Friday night on the street saying ou loud "We want sex!" and our reaction. The morning after, at breakfast we discussed such strange behaviour as well as their parents'.

Today I read a 19 year-old BR mother was arrested in Spain because of neglegt of her 5 year-old son.
This speaks volumes about today's society and the values some pseudo celebrities pass to future generations.


Shu said...

Se ao menos fossem isentos e bem realistas about a not celebrity!
Only shows.So many power.So many bad,bad things....

Shu said...

Preparando o dia de amanhã:

Vi o link em explendor.

Shu said...

Boas! Numa revista de "cusquices"(a Fl....)que os mc cá virão...depois de ser levantado o segredo de j. e de Maddie estar sob alçada dos Serviços Sociais de Protecção de Menores,de UK.

A conferência sobre mulher famosa e sexy,à custa dos tablóides,resultou em...?