Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Last working days of Gonçalo Amaral: 2,5 tons of hashish apprehended

Gonçalo Amaral left Polícia Judiciária today, June 30, 2008, at 5.30 pm. The Criminal Coordinator asked for early retirement, and explained that it was because the national head of PJ never defended him from the accusations of the British Media. Talking to Lusa News Agency, Gonçalo Amaral said that he decided to retire in order to have “full freedom of expression” to defend himself. Yesterday, June 29, Gonçalo Amaral leaded his last police operation. His PJ team arrested six men, while they attempted to transfer, from a fishing boat to other two small boats, 2,5 tons of hashish, on the sea near Ria Formosa, Faro. Gonçalo Amaral has a book about the Madeleine case, ready to be published, as soon as the confidentiality of the investigation is lifted. His request for early retirement was promptly accepted and the process concluded at a “record speed”.


Shu said...

No suport,no good.

A "record speed" to G.Amaral to have full freedom;publish a book; defend his good name before a last and important police operation .

All the best to him!

(thank You,S.M.)

Shu said...

And,S.M., a nice choice of picture photo. He is very well.Look very nice!

Anonymous said...

GA deserves a happy retirement.

He has contributed to a safer and better Portugal.

May God protect him and his family so that he can have time for them too.

For people like him there is no money in the world that can buy integrity, the truth and freedom of speech as well.

Felicidades para ele!


Cláudia said...

The time has arrived when all of them should fear this man. Gonçalo Amaral is now free and that is the worst thing they could wish for. I hope he takes care of his personal security as well as the security of his family. Just in case.

Shu said...

Absolutamente de acordo com a segurança de Gonçalo Amaral e dos seus.É de Homem!Deixou que a Sua Família fosse filmada.Sabe o que faz!Mas,mesmo assim,cautela e caldos de galinha nunca fazem mal.
Gonçalo Amaral agradeceu todos os apoios e não esqueçamos a Pessoa que teve a bela iniciativa de criar um Blog de apoio a ele e à PJ.Não foi,Cláudia?


Shu said...

It is only since Madeleine was taken from us, that Gerry and myself have become aware of just how many children go missing each year from all around the world. The scale of the problem is huge. In fact, it is terrifying. I have asked myself many times “why did I not know about this? Am I that naïve or is it the fact that the problem itself is not well publicised for whatever reason?” .. Kate McCann


So,no newspapers?No Tvs?No radio stations? And talkings,no?



guerra said...

shu as I'm sure you suspect Kate and Gerry were fully aware of how many children go missing around the world. I suspect that they also knew that some people have gone on to make lucrative careers out of their tragedies, e.g. John Walsh.