Friday, 13 June 2008

One month without a report about a Madeleine's sighting

Does anyone remembers the last report about an alleged Madeleine's sighting? It was exactly on May 13, in Brazil. It's curious, how the number of reports about people claiming they saw Madeleine has ups and downs, in different periods of time. Just a coincidence? A direct relation with the fact that Madeleine is – or is not - on the front page of British tabloids? Is there another plausible or possible explanation?


Eloisa said...

Your're right Paulo. And a month and 2 days without an entry in Gerrys's blog?
I ask with you, is this just a coincidence?
Take care,

Outono said...

O blog do Mc realmente desde 11 de Maio deixou de ter "desabafos" ou relatos do que fazem pelo "mundo deles".

A Pequenina realmente também não aparece nos tablóides,ou porque o daddy programou as tácticas para mais ou menos 1 ano; ou,porque andam mais descansados,provavelmente conseguiram certezas de nada lhes acontecer; OU,A HISTÓRIA DAS FÉRIAS:
nós,público fiel dos Vossos Blogs,nada sabemos se foram autorizados pela nossa PJ a sair da terra deles(mesmo que seja de avião a jacto,não é P.R.?)

SERÁ QUE JÁ ESTÃO DE FÉRIAS nalgum local quentinho e não se fala em propósito.
Alguém sabe alguma coisa?

Euro(foot);combustíveis etc. dão para todos os Países se distrairem.
Desculpem por ter escrito em português.
Obrigada,P.R.pelo post.

Outono said...

I think You prefer the english here.So,the next time I write in the other page.
Or,something I said is not correct?
No problem!

Anonymous said...

Paulo, no Madeleines sightings because there are pages of forensic reports

And no entries in Gerrys blog because noone believes him

The police dossier of evidence against the McCanns contains hundreds of pages of interview transcripts, witness statements, forensic reports and analysis by detectives

Cláudia said...

Is the money running out?

Anonymous said...

Just in case money is running out

Anonymous said...

So, Gerry, since there is already a European campaign for Europe-wide change, why do you think it's necessary for you to set up some kind of separate campaign? Why not just support the existing work?

And, oh dear, Gerry! Making Europe a safer place for our children? So, they do things differently in the US, do they when parents leave their children alone in an unlocked apartment? What do they do? Have some kind of alarm system in every home, hotel room, holiday apartment etc, that lets you know when your children, whom you have left to fend for themselves, are being abducted? Maybe a red light flashes on your mobile phone while you're sitting there at dinner sending text messages?

Well, Gerry, just two bits of advice I'd like to share with you.

1) Children are generally much safer when they are not left alone. So, maybe that should be the basis of your campaign.

2) No need for your European campaign. Just contact Missing Children Europe who, I am sure, will appreciate your support, especially as you are so good at fund-raising and you do appear to have contacts in high places.