Thursday, 26 June 2008

Two slightly different versions

Lady Glenys Kinnock, MEP and one of the sponsors of the “McCann written declaration” about a EU Ambert Alert System, said that the idea of drafting it was from the MEPs, not from the McCann. Edward McMillan-Scott, another sponsor, said that “the 'written declaration' was proposed by the McCann” - two versions “slightly different”, both given in answers to questions made by Blackwatch, in the blog “The Sargeants”.


Cláudia said...

We all know that there is no problem whatsoever with different version about the same topic. It doesn't mean anyone is lying. God forbid. It means different people have different approaches to reality. We all know the Tapas have very different approaches and nothing came out of it. So...

guerra said...

So you approach MEPs asking them for a signature and you tell them that the initiative was conceived by other MEPs and then when you have all the signatures you tell the world that it was the McCann’s idea. That’s how you coax people into doing something they normally wouldn’t do: you misinform, you use words that are ambiguous, and you appeal to people’s interests and prejudices. You keep doing this until people eventually lose sight of the truth. This is how team McCann have managed to keep the money coming in.

Anonymous said...

To me,it is the same.
The same game.They think we look both sides with the wind.
We do more than that.We think.


All the best.

And,the same,to S.M.

Anonymous said...

It was very nice to read words and answers in a blog
("kennedy´s husband,the actor, a very b i g!So many muscles".)


Anonymous said...

The Portugal News


Paedophiles free to adopt

A legal loophole in the legislation is allowing child sex offenders to adopt children once they have served out their sentences. While there is currently a growing lobby in Parliament to have the law re-written, it faces an uphill battle to be passed as legislation, as experts claim any move to have the sexual offenders of children named and shamed would be unconstitutional and infringe upon a convicted paedophile’s human rights...............

Heard it all now! This is outrageous.

maria said...

Também vi o jornal de uma das nossas Tvs.A minha leitura é diferente.
Coloquei-a como comentário, no post acerca dos euro deputados.


maria said...

De uma revista de guia de Tv.
Rúbrica -Esquadra de Polícia.


"..De certa forma,é como se dissesse:NADA DISTO ACONTECEU.
"...................Afinal o caso Maddie não existiu.Tudo não passou de um pesadelo"(Moita Flores).
(pág. 105)

Pergunto ,EU,NESTE MOMENTO,um crime perfeitissimo?Independentemente do tipo de crime?
Maddie existiu?
Maddie existes?
Maddie:alguma vez nasceste?

Isto DÓI,DÓI,DÓI cada vez mais!

Consegues perdoar ao Mundo,Maddie,minha Pequenina?

2345 said...


Whilst people have different approaches to reality, there is only ever one truth; truth is absolute in any situation.

Denying reality is 'lying' as guerra's comments show. McCanns have used 'spin' - media monitoring/manipulation from day one as a means of defence, as opposed to standard legal procedures.