Tuesday, 10 June 2008

UK Ambassador denies contacts between Governments about Madeleine's case

The only thing I know about the investigation is that Madeleine is still missing”, Alexander Ellis, UK Ambassador in Portugal, told Jornal de Notícias. Alexander Ellis told that what the British Embassy did, in the Madeleine McCann case, was just to “facilitate meetings between the relevant authorities and giving all the necessary support to the British citizens involved in the case.”

Asked if there were any contacts between the British and Portuguese Governments about the case, taking in account the fact that Clarence Mitchell, at the time a UK Prime-Minister's office high ranking official, was sent to Praia da Luz, to help the McCann couple, Alexander Ellis said: “I don't believe. This is a question for Police, not for the Governments, and the authorities have been working with a good coordination.”

But Gordon Brown, speaking to journalists in Lisbon, before the EU summit, on October 2007, said that he was planning to talk, with the Portuguese Prime-Minister about questions related to Madeleine McCann disappearance. The Portuguese Prime-Minister Press Office denied that the question of Madeleine's investigation was ever referred, during the meeting with Gordon Brown. “The only subjects raised during the meeting between Gordon Brown and José Sócrates were related to the EU summit. All the rest is pure speculation”, according to the same source, quoted by Portuguese daily Correio da Manhã. A spokesman for Mr. Gordon Brown denied this and told British Media that prime minister Gordon Brown spoke to his Portuguese counterpart Jose Socrates about Madeleine during the EU summit in Lisbon. Mr Brown’s official spokesman said: “They both agreed what matters was there should be the closest possible co-operation between the Portuguese and British police.”

UK Government also “believes that Durão Barroso is in a very good position” to be the first post-Lisbon Treaty EU President, according to the UK Ambassador. Alexander Ellis is married with a Portuguese and during the two years before being appointed as Ambassador in Lisbon, he was one of the advisers of Durão Barroso, current EU President.

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Cláudia said...

Sure there were no contacts. And Lady Diana and Elvis are living in Las Vegas.

Anonymous said...

UK Ambassador denies contacts between Governments about Madeleine's case

And Gerry denies using sedatives ...

Outono said...

So quickly the answer from the power.
Que apoiem cidadãos da uk se precisam de ajuda,está certo.Quem não precisa dos seus se estiver num País diferente?
Mas,puxa,tantas conversetas e colinho.Nada falta aos pateticos.

Anonymous said...

Hola Paulo !!

Menudo "papelazo" le toca al nuevo embajador: negarlo todo ! La nariz se le va poner peor que la de Pinocho LOL . A estos ya no les para nadie ....!!!
Y dejar caer .. que Durao Barroso es candidato favorito ...... interessante !
a cuidarse Paulo que aqui seguimos leyéndote !
Un abrazo !

Anonymous said...



Si la participación política tanto desde Portugal como desde UK es desde el principio de calibre y peso, como para poder detener a la PJ, e impedirle llegar al fin de una investigación penal que debería haber sido finalizada hace ya varios meses.

Si el caso podría haber sido resuelto hace ya mucho tiempo.

Si la PJ sabe lo suficiente, pero si los sospechosos y los testigos se esfuerzan lo suficiente para que no pueda corroborarlo, según los pasos que marca el proceder policial.

Las grandes preguntas son

¿Qué gana o pierde Portugal, con esta "mordaza" que le colocan los británicos cuando la PJ intenta en su propio suelo investigar los hechos, en una causa caratulada de inmediato y sin evidencias por los sospechosos y el gobierno británico y sus representantes de medios como "secuestro" de una niña británica?

¿Qué gana o pierde UK con este peculiar enfoque de la verdad y la justicia que aplica a la búsqueda de su pequeña súbdita?


Anonymous said...

Hello Paulo, have you heard about
McCanns and Hello magazine


best regards,

Anonymous said...


You can find more about Hello here

They have been talking about this since yersterday.

Regards to all

Anonymous said...

Auspiciando Facebook y apareciendo en Missing

Kate y Gerry McCann, sospechosos en el caso de la desaparición de su hija Madeleine McCann respaldan la iniciativa de Missing People de utilizar los sitios web de Facebook y Bebo.

Junto a otros invitados al programa de Missing Live de Leopard Films, Kate y Gerry McCann estuvieron en vivo en el estudio para conversar sobre la desaparición de su hija y sobre su campaña para introducir el sistema "Amber Alert" en Europa


Anonymous said...

anon 1244
After what happenened with Nbrado I wonder if anybody can take the Three Arguidos forum seriously again. If Nbrado was willing to do that with the database then he must know something is wrong with the set up. And if Nbrado was just a troll himself it makes you realise how easy it is to mess around with usernames and forums. I'm quite saddened by it all really.

Anonymous said...


I really think you have no idea of what you are talking about.

Today The Three Arguidos is the best "forum" in the network to find out everything that happens in the Madeleine case, as well as a place where you can do comments and ask others about your doubts.

Blogs like this one (Gazeta Digital and others) are very needed becouse they bring us valuable information, but it is the The Three Arguidos forum the place where you can find all the information and comments "in one place" (in English).

I see you've personally advertised a Spanish blog, I know that it isn't the only one, and they only translate news appeared here on Gazeta. This seems very odd to me for an english speaker.

What happened with nbrado doesn't justify the discredit you try do to a forum like this one.

It is only my opinion.

Best regards.

Eloisa said...


See how GB put pressure on the PJ
“Portuguese police have known about the sighting for three weeks but only released the information on Friday after the McCanns reportedly threatened legal action to ensure the details were made public and after a series of private conversations between the McCanns and Gordon Brown, the Chancellor, who has pledged the Government’s full support.

A source close to the McCann family said: “Within a day of the family speaking to Gordon Brown and expressing their frustration about certain things, the whole attitude of the Portuguese police changed and they found them much more open. The sequence of events suggests some influence was exerted from above.”

News of the delay drew criticism. Mark Williams-Thomas, a former detective at Surrey police who has worked on many paedophile investigations, said: “It is quite amazing they didn’t release this information.”

Anonymous said...

British diplomat warned Foreign Office of concerns over McCanns
03 December 2007

The Foreign Office was alerted to fears over Gerry and Kate McCann by a British diplomat in Portugal just days after their daughter Madeleine went missing.

The diplomat was sent to the holiday resort of Praia da Luz in the days following the four-year-old's disappearance and soon became concerned over "inconsistencies" in the testimonies by her parents and their friends.

After visiting the McCanns, the unnamed diplomat sent a report to the Foreign Office in London, admitting his worries about "confused declarations" of the McCanns' movements on the night of May 3.

He also noted the couple's "lack of co-operation" with the Portuguese police.

The diplomat's concerns were made over four months before Gerry and Kate were named arguidos (suspects) on September 7.

Contents of the letter were leaked to Belgian newspaper La Dernière Heure over the weekend.

The diplomat expressed his fears after receiving instruction from the Foreign Office to provide "all possible assistance to the McCann couple".

The French-language paper printed excerpts of the letter, quoting the diplomat as saying: "With the greatest respect, I would like to make you aware of the risks and implications to our relationship with the Portuguese authorities, if you consider the possible involvement of the couple.

"Please confirm to me, in the light of these concerns, that we want to continue to be closely involved in the case as was requested in your previous ­message."

Although the Government was quick to assist the McCanns in the days following Madeleine's disappearance, direct contact with the couple ceased when they were named as suspects.

La Dernière Heure pointed out that a majority of the diplomats originally involved in the case have now been taken off it.

The then-Prime Minister Tony Blair sent special envoy Sheree Dodd to act as a "media liaison officer" for the pair soon after Madeleine vanished.

Ms Dodd has since resigned from the Foreign Office, while the British consul in the Algarve, Bill Henderson, has retired.

John Buck, the British ambassador in Portugal, no longer works in the country.


Anonymous said...

Denies close cooperation?

Listen to GB