Wednesday, 9 July 2008

British solicitor collecting funds to bring a private prosecution against the McCann

Tony Bennet, a British solicitor that tried before to take a private prosecution against Gerry and Kate, has set up an association – The Madeleine Foundation – to collect funds in order to bring a new private prosecution against Madeleine's parents, according to the Telegraph.

"We are a group of people, which is rapidly growing in number, who want to get to the truth of what happened to Madeleine. We will also campaign for changes to the law about parents who leave children on their own. If you go on the internet and look at some of the forums and blogs about Madeleine, there is a large and significant number of people who feel powerless and who want to do something about it,” Mr. Bennet told the Telegraph.

Madeleine's parents “fear members of the public will inadvertently donate money to it because they may mistake it for the McCanns' own Madeleine Fund, which pays for private investigations into her whereabouts,” says the Telegraph. The official website for the Madeleine Foundation will be on line soon, according to Mr. Bennet. Clarence Mitchell said it was “a great shame that Mr Bennett feels the need to make money out of Madeleine McCann” and criticised the fact that he “did not seek permission from Gerry or Kate to use Madeleine's name.”


The Truth Always Comes Out said...

Good for you Mr. Bennet. It is refreshing to see there are those in the UK that are not part of what I believe to be a cover-up.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on Kate! I think people are perfectly capable to figure out where they want the money to go. What a Joke!!

TonyBennett said...

The 'Daily Telegraph' report was not quite accurate. For the record, here are the stated aims of The Madeleine Foundation as agreed out our meeting on 26 January 2008:

a) to make every effort to ensure that Kate and Gerry McCann are prosecuted for their admitted abandoning of their children six nights in a row in Praia da Luz

b) to change the law in whatever way is needed in order to send out a clear message to all parents that leaving young children on their own is never acceptable, and to strive for the adoption of a ‘Madeleine’s Law’ with its key message: “Never leave young children on their own”

c) to pursue - in conjunction with others - the truth about Madeleine McCann’s disappearance on 3 May 2007, and in particular to encourage Kate and Gerry McCann and the friends who were with them in Praia da Luz to tell the truth about Madeleine’s disappearance

d) to investigate the facts behind the extent of British government involvement in this case and the reasons for it

e) to ensure that the media, in particular the British media, report this case accurately and give due weight to the opinions of so many of the general public that the McCanns are withholding the truth about Madeleine’s disappearance

f) to demand a full-scale investigation by the relevant authorities into the activities of the Find Madeleine Fund private trust and to encourage the trustees of that fund to give full particulars about its income and expenditure to the public who have donated so generously to it with the express purpose of finding Madeleine

g) to generally promote the welfare of children, in particular by ensuring that parents are aware of the psychological needs of their children and ensuring that the relevant authorities take appropriate action to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.

Finally, thank you Paulo Reis and Gazeta Digital for your excellent coverage of the 'disappearance' of Madeleine McCann over the past year

Cláudia said...

Anyone who seriously pisses them off deserves my utmost respect. They must be climbing walls to know that they may be a few pounds they won't get.

Shu said...

From J.M. :

The Republic’s Attorney General orders that until that date, it is defined whether more diligences are necessary or the process is archived

(more to read,there)

jorgen said...

And perhaps:
h) strike them from the Doctors' register (whatever that is called) due to irresponsible behavior.

How do we become members of The Madeleine Foundation? I live permanently abroad, but can pay with PayPal or credit card.

guerra said...

It's nice to see that someone in the United Kingdom has the courage to seek the truth.

Anonymous said...

Yes, any information on how to become a member of 'The Madeleine Foundation' most welcome.

I am so glad Mr Bennett is again trying to get to the bottom of this. I sincerely hope that all of those with the same concerns as he, decide to either donate or become a member in order to support this initiative - he has a major task ahead of him.

I had to laugh at the comment from Clarence re Mr Bennett 'making money' from this and also his disappointment because he (Mr Bennett) didn't ask permission to use Madeleine's name. Does anyone know the position on that? Is he likely to be sued by the McCanns?


CM is a Clown (IMO) hehehe said...

I think that Mitchell would like to copyright the name Madeleine and make anyone that dares to actually have that name to pay the Fund a fee.

TonyBennett said...

I hesitate to give details about The Madeleine Foundation as there are those who think it is just me fishing for funds.

I think I made my position on that clear back in November when I received hundreds of e-mails of support after I attempted a private prosecution of the McCanns. Many letters offered donations. I wrote back to everyone and told then I did not want any money.

So, if you have ideas on how to pursue any relevant matters re Madeleine's disappearance, especially if you have ideas about how Madeleine - assuming she is dead, poor girl - should be remembered, please e-mail me at:

or 'phone 0044 1279 635789

I am the Secretary of the Madeleine Foundation. We want to do anything reasonable and will co-operate with anyone else who is committed to finding out the truth and obtaining justice for Madeleine.

In the Madeleine Foundation, we believe that a fitting tribute to Madeleine's memory would be a new law which would spell out that it is a criminal offence to leave young children on their own.

A much better tribute, in our opinion, than the Amber Alert

Anonymous said...

Hola Paulo !
Encantado de leer que està en plena forma ! Un saludo para usted !

Me gustaria decirle al Sr Bennet , siento no poder decirselo en su lengua materna pero alguien traducirà quizas ....
Sr Bennet saludo su coraje ,es usted una de las pocas personas del RU que han intentado ponerse delante de esta "apisonadora" llamada McCann .... estabamos empezando a creer que todo el mundo estaba ciego ....
pero parece ser que aun quedan ciudadanos con capacidad para discernir la realidad del "circo" ! Congratulations !!

Su idea de rendir homenaje a Madelaine McCann con una ley que sanccione a los padres que negligen a sus hijos es una excellente idea !!!!! Adelante Sr Bennet !! No deje que le paren ....

odin said...

Mitchell's remark was undoubtedly based on him noticing how much a money spinner Madeleine's disappearance is going to be for the McCanns. They are clearly aiming at making tons of money on the book, TV and movie rights (as is the newly retired Portuguese police inspector).

Mr.Bennett, we are many who would like to contribute money to look into the points you made above.

Anonymous said...

Go for it!!!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen one of the additions to Mr Bennetts e-petition to the PM?

What quality supporters the McCanns have.

If I were Mr Bennett, I seek to sue the author of that - even just to make a point.

Anonymous said...

Would not touch Mr Bennett with a barge pole. Ask for his CV!

TonyBennett said...

The abusive reference to me on the PM's website was soon removed without me having to do anything.

It has spurred me on to circulate by e-mail a reminder about the petition, which has produced another 30 signatories in just 2 days.

It would be such a brilliant tribute to poor Madeleine if the law could be changed to make it more difficult for parents to leave young children in their own

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - Many are aware of Mr Bennetts interests and political beliefs and do not agree with much of that - myself included.

Of course there are concerns, however, given that Mr Bennett is the only one willing to stand up and make a difference with regard to leaving young children alone, then I am happy to support that, in this instance and at this juncture.

This petition is about neglect of underage children (this law needs to be changed), it is not about supporting Mr Bennett as such. Perhaps you have a better idea? If so, please do share. I am only interested in a change to the current legislature on child negligence.

TonyBennett said...

Thank you to the most recent 'Anonymous' for a fair and understanding posting. Though I have to say that some of the reports I've seen of my views and politics have been very well wide of the mark.

I thought I would share one of the many contributions we've received recently at The Madeleine Foundation, which goes to the heart I think of why people should consider supporting the petition:


Firstly, I most definitely will sign this petition. Secondly, how relieved and encouraged I am to see that the Madeleine tragedy has not just gone away with the latest dramatics about the McCanns spending their first holiday without her.

We need something more than endless media reports about the antics of the McCanns and their petitioning the European Court about an Alert. What irony. In their case it's shutting the stable door after the horse has got away.

Ignored is the fact that this little girl will in all probability be spending the rest of her life without them because of what they did. Reliance on an Alert won't change things. What needs to be changed is the casual attitude towards leaving children alone anywhere. The consequences in this one instance seem to have been long forgotten. Here we are once again assailed by the press with sob stories about this family's 'agony' over spending their usual vacation without their missing child.

Missed oppprtunity to reinforce the lesson learned in this tragic case. The press en masse has got the wrong end of the stick.

So kudos to you Mr. Bennett for your perseverance and tenacity. If it saves but one more life, one more missing child, it will be a blessing. Unfortunately, it will take a stringent law to get the message into the heads of all too many parents who have done, are doing, and will do what the McCanns did, the Children ACt of 1933 notwithstanding.

For heaven's sake! Do parents really have to be confronted with a law and legal consequences before they recognise the danger of leaving young children alone? It is a sad commentary on society in general and parents in particular. But no matter, let's have a law making it a criminal offence. Perhaps some will stop to think.


Anonymous said...

Mr Bennett you are adding to a family's grief & suffering and trying to make money on the back of Madeleine's name. What a disgrace!

tonybennett said...

To the last 'Anonymous': Your comment is based on a key assumption. You assume that Madeleine was abducted. There is no evidence that she was abducted, is there? What is your evidence? - Tony Bennett

Anonymous said...

Mr Bennett is standing up for justice for Madeleine ,and there are many people that are grateful for him doing this , people need to know the truth about what happened , what a shame the parents cannot tell us , or rather wont ! they are digging themselves a hole