Sunday, 27 July 2008

Forums under attack, blogs will be next (I)

The 3 Arguidos” is a forum to debate the Madeleine McCann case. It was set up after The Mirror banned from its forum any discussion about the case. Until now, “3A” has been an open forum. It means that everybody could read the posts, without being a registered member. From now on, the content of part of the forum will be “closed” to non-registered members. To read the post, you must be a member. The moderators of 3A posted this, today:


Due to the change in circumstances with regards to the McCann case, we have held a meeting and we are closing the following forums down to registered members only. These forums are Madeleine McCann - The Way Ahead - Madeleine's voice Forum, The Reference Forum, Justice for Maddy Forum and the Translations Forum. All other forums will be open to viewing for guests. We have also decided to delete all zero posters. Please could all those that join make at least one post otherwise your account will be deemed as inactive and will be deleted.”

This will be done over the course of today and all members will now have to log in to view or post on the3arguidos Maddy related forums.”

Thank you for your co-operation in this matter and welcome to all new members.”


Cláudia said...

Does that mean that from now on I'll have to be careful with what I think in case Clarrriiieee finds a way into my brain? Does that mean that my 82 year old downstairs neighbour will be sued? Because the last time we talked she said some things about the McCanns that would make a truckman blush like a schoolgirl. Does that mean that from now on we will have to kneel down (come on now, Mr Mitchell, don't get any ideas) everytime we come across a photo from Saint MacCanns?

Anonymous said...


They want to shut up everybody!

dictatorship has coming !

V said...

They will shut none of us up. They may be some, they may have money, but we are MANY and we WILL NOT GIVE UP OUR RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH.


Cláudia said...

oh no, not here in Portugal. We have fought too hard to get rid of dictatorship to let a pink clown and the rest of the circus performers (no offense meant to the real circus performers) tells us what to think or what to say.

guerra said...

Quer dizer que nem posso pensar que eles metem nojo? Cláudia o teu querido Cor-de-Rosa vai ser o Salazar da Internet.

Anonymous said...

They are so bad,so bad,so foolish,so childness, they do not want we sleep, with fear.

Poor people.Sad people.

Tristes Trastes Tantans(hoje até vai com maiúsculas.Que luxo).

Não.Não,impossível.Deve ser minúscula.

Eles são tristes,trastes,tantans.(T3 mal p----os).T3 APAVORADOS!

Sempre demostraram muito medo.Agora estão em pânico;apavorados! APAVORADOS!!!


Ninguém cala a voz ao pensamento e à verbalização e/ou escrita dos mesmos.

Vão andar mas é em Naus de casca de noz.


Cláudia said...

Guerra, ai podes, podes.
E até podes escrever. Queres ver?
Metem nojo, metem nojo, metem nojo. :-)
Ele pode tentar ser o Salazar da Internet. Daí até conseguir... Um blog faz-se em 5 minutinhos. Fecha um, abre outro. E se for preciso, os meios de comunicação social também podem ser informados da coisa...

jo said...

fClaudia,the former president has put the foot down.He is one of the very brave men and women who has fought against the dictatorship.He and many more are behind the PJ and Amaral
The INfamous are having a tantrum again...tut...tut...
Let them be:the more tantrums they have the more ammnutions we gather
A process is taking place now,the ONLY one in the very first place: JUSTICE for Madeleine and THIS they cannot prevent.They will have a very hard time to present a convincing defense,wont they?

Viva Portugal
Viva la Justicia para Madeleine