Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Forums under attack, blogs will be next (II)

Informal contacts” have been made, by some McCann advisers, with companies that own web hosting businesses, in order to raise awareness for the risks of being liable to legal action, due to what they consider the amount of slanderous and defamatory messages being posted at specific public forums. Contacts with other companies may follow, as the McCann legal team is analysing what could be the best way of dealing with individual bloggers.

Their first “target” are those blogs that have reproduced and posted links to documents that were leaked from the investigation files (the PJ final report) and those which translate to English, with regularity, news from the Portuguese Press. Also in the list are blogs with direct quotes, from English translations of the book of Gonçalo Amaral, “The Truth of the Lie”.

A more “direct approach” is on the table, but it depends from the lawyer's decision concerning the analysis of the contents of the book of Mr. Amaral. If they consider that they may have reasons to sue the author, the strategy will be similar to what they did with Daily Express Group and British Media: to select a few “high-profile cases”, in the Web, and try to neutralize those bloggers, using the threat of an expensive and long libel suit.

Data collection and new detectives

Since more than eight months, organized groups have been “working” in the net, collecting data from sites where McCann's critics use to post. Some of those groups do it openly, while others have a "job" that requires a more low-profile. After the Daily Express case, the McCann campaign diverted more resources to fight the critics on the Web.

Clarence Mitchell even confirmed an “upgrade” on the technical equipment at the disposal of the McCann "private search", when he told BBC, on July 1, that the McCanns had already their own "very sophisticated intelligence gathering operation.”

Just before that, the Sunday Star, in its printed edition, on June 29, wrote that “the privately funded probe into Maddie's disappearance from the family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz on May 3, 2007 has become 'wider and much more sophisticated' according to sources.”

Among the equipment acquired there is a very advanced system that allows to have the calling number always identified, when anyone calls the McCann or their private detective's phone numbers.

The Telegraph reported, on July 2, that the McCann hired a new team of British detectives: “Details about the new team, and what they are being paid, are being kept under wraps.” The new team has elements working abroad, but “they don't want to be identified for operational reasons (...) Any active leads it is felt the police have not followed up properly or left open-ended, they would move on”, according to The Telegraph.

Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis

Version Française


Cláudia said...

Paulo, I guess my 300 Euros have a destination now. :-)

guerra said...

Like I've said before as long as the news or books are in Portuguese, they really don't see it as a problem. The reason being that the British media, which they have in their back pockets, if required distorts everything that is written in Portuguese, e.g. "investigated numerous leads" written in Portuguese is translated by the British media into "ignored numerous leads." As far as Mr. Amaral's book goes, I really don't see a problem except if it is published in Britain. Mr. Amaral is reporting what is in the case file, his observations and his conclusions as an investigator. He should try and get the book published in North America that would really kill them. This is nothing more than intimidation and people should continue fighting to let the world know what actually happened. Mr. Murat is going to take 2 of the Tapas group to court for falsely accusing him. Are the McCanns lawyers going to defend them too.

Anonymous said...

Well, someone decided to attack their blog too, it seems.

Cá se fazem, cá se pagam.

Niza said...

Sr. Reis I like see you on Julia Pinheiro program today. Parabéns!

Paulo Reis said...

Thank you, Niza!!!

Karmaera said...

There is a difference between discussing news and developments versus slagging someone off.

By trying to attack blogs and forums where such news and developments are being discussed, the McCann team are attempting to set a dangerous precedent.

PS - If you come under attack, I will send Canadian dollars. Not worth as much as Euros but every little bit helps.

karmaera said...


Sounds like part of the recent 'investigative work' that the fund is paying for and that is shrouded in secrecy are 'internet investigators' scoping the forums and blogs.


Niza said...

Karmaera, yes that help find Madeleine, right? She on net...so stupid them waste money that way. More suspicious to me.

Karmaera said...



You and I are in total agreement.


From the beginning, accountability and transparency have been thrown to the way side and they continue to wear the mantle of secrecy.

A girl forgotten in the midst of caring more about what people think of them.


Anonymous said...

Gosto do cá se fazem,cá se pagam.

Money,money,money.What a power from mcspatéticos e patética corte.

O pânico está instalado neles de um forma geométricamente crescente.Se a Mary Gold teve receio sobre o que os seus papás iriam pensar dela,agora têm o mundo inteiro a pensar muito mal deles e da corte.
P.J.e C. também podem contar comigo (o irs veio para aí diminuido em 2/3 mas os pensionistas tb. recebem € para férias.E, como não posso fazê-las,aqui estou para Vós)

So,I will trie in english something.
They are with complet fear and afraid; PANIC.
They are like Tio Patinhas(Disney),the old duck,like King Midas.

I will not forget to help You;J. e C.

Help the mcpatetics? NO!


Um bom dia,todos os dias!


Anonymous said...


Spotted by CathyD on 3A

Anonymous said...

On wikipedia's Madeleine talk page people are also being threatened to be blocked from editing: