Saturday, 26 July 2008

Haven for paedophiles: It's not only Portugal, also Spain...

A British couple living in Torrevieja, Spain, “have been forced to prevent their children from playing outside their homes, after a local man was caught masturbating in front of them.” The man was apprehend by Bryan Dawson, a British who relocated to Playa los Locos, Torrevieja, five years ago. The Guardia Civil (Spanish Police) was called and arrested the man. But the following day, when the man was in court, the Judge “did not recognize the case as a sexual offence, passing a ruling of ‘Public Disorder,’ and releasing the defendant”, according to Round Town News.

The parents were devastated by the decision, and now it is not the offender but the children who have been denied their freedom, as they can no longer play outside safely”, the on-line paper wrote. Bryan Dawson said “that the Guardia Civil acted swiftly and efficiently, heightening feelings of disbelief and betrayal when the man was released by the Judge on the same terms that would apply had he spat in the street.” Her partner, Carla Mansbride, “referred to the case of Madeleine McCann in the Algarve and other children who have disappeared from Spanish turf, exclaiming, 'It is terrifying to imagine how far this man will be allowed to go before the law will do anything to punish him."

After Madeleine McCann disappeared from Algarve, British Media published stories about the lack of control and the lenient punishment, from Portuguese authorities, concerning sexual offenders. Daily Mail even had a story about “Why Portugal is a haven for paedophiles - the disturbing backcloth to the Madeleine case.” Well, it seems that it's not only Portugal, the Spanish also may have a problem with Judges and sexual offenders. But what is curious is British newspapers reporting that British paedophiles are allowed to travel to Portugal and Portuguese police is not informed of that. Exporting a problem?


Anonymous said...

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Won't shut up - Sue me Clarence! said...

The British have a far, far bigger paedophile problem than Spain or Portugal.

In their haste to export the problem and make it someone else's problem they tend to forget that ex-pats tend to hang around each other. Ergo: Brit paedophiles will tend to hang around Brits and their children.

Instead of worrying about the Iberian paedophiles, I for one, would feel much better if the press concerned themselves with our own. We have enough of a problem here, and should worry about our own before pointing the finger at another country.

Typical sweeping our dirt under the carpet but then complaining about a little dust in the neighbours yard.

guerra said...

There was a deposition by a British couple who had vacationed with the McCanns and friends in 2005. In this deposition to British police in mid May, 2007, they claimed that Mr.Payne performed lewd acts in front of Mr. McCann while they were talking about their children. The PJ were only given this deposition 6 months later, after Mr. Amaral had been removed from the case. I also find it interesting that British police who had come to Portugal almost immediately after the tragedy, left just as quickly when the couple departed. So when I read this article the words hypocrites and liars come to mind. Paulo where Portugal went wrong in this case was in worrying about not offending the British. This preoccupation was detrimental to the investigation. As we all know the British have no qualms offending Portugal or any other nation for that matter. While the present British government is in power I can't see this case moving forward. The British government is corrupt, the British press is controlled and either some people in authority in Portugal are also corrupt or they have no back bone.

Anonymous said...

Nos Pólos, o gelo derrete-se a grande velocidade;
Tempestades e inundações sucedem-se;
Tremores de Terra fortes estão acontecendo quase todos os dias;

Bem,desde ontem...upss...tantos tremores humanos.

I read at 3A que o Payne adoptou o apelido da Fiona.Será?
Pode ser,mas porque razão terá sido?

A VERDADEIRA,sff,caso isto seja real e haja fundamento.


P. viva.Tudo de bom!Boa noite.
Esqueço-me de arranhar em inglês!


Cláudia said...

Guerra, wow.
Have you got a lawyer? Maybe we could share one? ;-)
Apparently bloggers are also going to be sued, especially those who dared to discuss THE BOOK. Did you know that we are only allowed to read and discuss what Mr Mitchell wants us to? And I'm in deeper trouble. You know why? I summarised some of the contents of THE BOOK in English and shared them with the rest of the world wide web on my blog. Do you think I'll escape the death sentence, Guerra? ;-)

Como disse o Hernâni Carvalho na TVI, no que diz respeito à lei Portuguesa, o CM é mais estúpido que uma bota da tropa. E eu acrescento que ele acha que os tugas são todos um bando de parolos que se borram de medo quando ele abre a boca. O governo talves até seja assim. Mas o povo não. O Eduardo Dâmaso hoje dá-lhe uma achega no Correio da Manhã.

Anonymous said...

Ler o Correio da Manhã e Semanário O Sol.


Ah e Murat vai processar os amigos dos mcs.


Bom dia,todos os dias!

Anonymous said...

"Aumentar a pressão política." A frase, de Kate McCann, inscrita nos apontamentos encontrados na sua casa e que a Polícia Judiciária (PJ) mandou apreender, é clara quanto à forma como os pais de Maddie pretendiam gerir o de-saparecimento da filha, trazendo-o para as primeiras páginas da Imprensa e transformando-o num caso com contornos políticos.

E sobre o clarinete um artigo de opinião de Eduardo Dâmaso.

Anonymous said...

Os mcs têm mais blogs.Ver Explendor.

Agarram-se como nunca

ao não aparecimento do corpo (desmembrado) da Pequenina Joana.

E quanto à outra Pequenina?


Cláudia said...

P.S: Correcção: talvez.
Às 3da manhã tinha de dar asneira! :-)

guerra said...

Claudia all these threats that the snake oil salesman Mitchell is making, about suing Mr. Amaral and the Portuguese papers are really threats to British editors who are thinking of publishing the book in English. The McCann team really doesn't care what is said about them in Portuguese because the British media will distort it so that it is in their favour. Since you translated Amaral's book into English, I would say you're in deep trouble. For your safety don't set foot in any commonwealth countries (I'm assuming you're not living in one already) and where ever you are keep an eye out for Metedo3. As for myself, I made a comment here or there that probably won't bother them, what I have against me is that I'm living in a commonwealth nation, although Canada's connection to Britain is more traditional than anything else. This crap is just hilarious.
These people are behaving like bloody dictators. If I had been in the same situation as this couple and cadaver dogs had gone crazy in my premises and in my car but nowhere else and preliminary DNA tests indicated close to 80% match with the child, what would happen to me? Do you think I could call the Canadian government and get a contingent of Canadian police to arrive in Portugal? Do you think anybody working for the Canadian government would step down to be my spokesperson? Do you think the Canadian press would censor any commentary which would be unfavourable to me? Do you think I could arrange a meeting with the pope? Do you think Steven Harper the Canadian prime minister would take an active interest in me that he would spend time talking to me on the phone or bring up the issue internationally? The questions are endless but very few people have the courage to ask them.

Cláudia said...


1 - You would be in jail.
2 - No.
3 - No.
4 - No.
5 - No.
6 - No.

Wanna share bodyguards? ;-)

Anonymous said...


Uma boa notícia com um timing adequado até como resposta face a tudo o que o FSS fez/ ou não no caso Maddie.

Muitas feleicidades para Duarte Nuno. Que a PJ recorra a ele.

Anonymous said...

..."o CM
( o clarinete e companhia.Há que não esquecer pois ele bota faladura pelos outros todos)
é mais estúpido que uma bota da tropa. E eu acrescento que ele acha que os tugas são todos um bando de parolos que se borram de medo quando ele abre a boca..."