Monday, 21 July 2008

McCann "arguidos" status lifted


Anonymous said...


From site PGR:


By order dated today (21.07.2008) delivered by both the public prosecutor responsible for the case, was given the closing of the investigation on the disappearance of smaller Madeleine McCann for not having obtained evidence of the practice of any crime by of defendants.


Ceases once the condition of the defendant Robert James Queriol Evelegh Murat, Gerald Patrick McCann and Kate Marie Healy, declaring itself extinct measures of coercion imposed on them.


They may be the complaint hierarchy, the request for opening of education or the reopening of the investigation, requested by those who have standing to do so.


The investigation could be reopened by the prosecutor or the application of any interested arise if new evidence that create serious steps, relevant and consistent.


After that the legal time limits, the process can be consulted by any person who discloses it legitimate interest, observed that the formalism and limits imposed by law.

Lisbon, July 21, 2008

Anonymous said...

Stay in peace,if You,Maddie,can....

appalled said...

Damn you and your third world nation for allowing them to walk away. DAMN YOU.

Anonymous said...

Pardon? Third World Nation?UK?


Anonymous said...

Bem,fui ao google mas sem grande sorte.
Percebo que há 1 a blasfemar contra o P.R? E contra um País 3º mundista? PORQUÊ?

Porque não houve justiça a favor da Maddie++++ ou está a amaldiçoar ,quem lutou pela +++Maddie+++pelos trabalhos em que os mcs se colocaram?

Joana Morais said...

Appalled you must be joking - after the fuc**** million euros spend on the investigation, the man power, the boycott and several months delay made to the PJ's rogatory letters by the home office, the counter information done by the metodo3 agency, the perversion of the course of justice done to the investigation since day 3 by the McCanns and their pact of silence friends, the phone call made by the british ambassador to oblige the PJ to a theory of kidnapping even before any officer from the Portuguese Judiciary was on the crime scene, the delays of the FSS lab results, the dismissal of the PJ's coordinator, the interference of Gordon Brown, the abuse and perversion of the course of Justice and racist attacks by Clarence Mitchell, Tony Parsons, tabloid rags, former cops 'opiniating'[read vilifying]on the PJ's investigation and Rupert Murdoch's Sky News sanctifying the greedy McCanns, after all that was done in England how dare you call us, Portuguese and our country a third world nation?

We never asked for neglectful, pissed English Parents to leave 3 children under 3 years old alone - how dare you after all that we have done to give justice to a girl who was forgotten by her own family, by her own country?

Shame on you, shame on all the hypocrisy and liars.

We all did our very best, Madeleine McCann parents didn't even searched for her physically on the first night and all the british authorities and establishment did was to protect the infamous parents.

Even the paedophile list with british sex offenders was given too late.

and you know there is much more.

So,tell me again how come in the UK there are around 846 cases of child abductions year(police records) , while the total cases of missing children (runaways for any reason) is estimated at 70.000 annually, also England has one of the worst rates of child poverty in the industrialised world: more than one in four children live in poverty. That's over 3 million children.

Explain me again which third world nation are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

Boa,Mulher de Armas!

Cláudia said...

Joana, what Appaled probably meant was that what they deserved was really a third world country. A country where they would be thrown in jail as soon as they said they left their 3 under 4 children home alone while they ate, drank and laughed. Oh, and keys thrown away.

Joana Morais said...

I see, something like in shoot first ask questions later, apologize never? Like with the Brazilian kid Charles de Menezes?

They should have been in that country!

um beijinho Shu, um beijinho Cláudia
e um abraço forte ao homem aqui da casa- PR

Shu/Outono said...

1 beijito também,Joana.
E para o P.R. um super abraço.
São uns lutadores sofridos mas com muita garra.

Anonymous said...

arguido status was to protect them

now it has been lifted, could something happen?

Shu/Outono said...

arguido status was to protect them

now it has been lifted, could something happen?


Very well.I hope that.

Without arguidos protection,what will be possible to do?
But, the pinocheteanos....

AfricanMum said...

If child neglect is a crime in Portugal, why on earth weren't they charged with that? Why did some members of the Portuguese authorities defer to British authority? Even in Zimbabwe, British officials are told to go to hell if they interfere. And I really hope this case means the end of the secrecy laws. We've now seen they can be exploited. In UK, police aren't perfect, but they would've briefed the public on a daily basis in public, so speculation and media manipulation would've been impossible. Is it possible the neglect charges weren't brought because so many Brits abandon their kids when on holiday in Portugal to go on the piss, the Portuguese authorities chose make it easier for Brits to come on holiday and not fear prosecution?
if this case happened in UK, I think they would've faced at least one charge, and soon.
Today a British woman in Greece was charged with murdering her baby. Justice was swift. A British woman was murdered in Italy, again, arrests and charges were swiftly brought.
This concept of arguidos who can talk to the media and Euro parliament is a joke.
I love Portugal, but do try and remember you're a sovereign country not some colony of Britain. We Africans now stand up to the Brits and recently, when Gordon Brown tried interefering in Nigeria, we asked him to get stuffed. I would've liked to see such spirit from the Portuguese. This is a tragic shame. I can see why 'appalled' is so frustrated.

AfricanMum said...

And another thing, whose idea was it to run tests in UK? Don't you have labs in Portugal? I'm sure you do. Even in Africa we have our own forensic labs. When someone suggested using British facilities, the Portuguese should have told them that your country is sovereign, a crime has been committed there, not in Britain and you'd do your own tests, thank you very much. This is the puzzling bit, that a country would allow another country, worse country in so many respects, to push it around. If a Portuguese national committed a crime here, do you think the British police would send for tests in Portugal? Certainly not.
I think Portuguese people should ask themselves some really serious questions about their legal and justice system. And why has it taken so long?! Foreigners visiting your country would think they can just take the piss if they complain loud enough and get the British embassy to intimidate Portuguese officials? And where are your MEPs? Why has none of them said anything about this? What of your ambassador to UK, why did he say nothing about the ridiculous media coverage of your country?
Instead of being angry with 'appalled', ask yourselves these things. And please vote this govt out as they're obviously acting as slaves to the British.

Cláudia said...

Joana, yes, more or less a place like that.

Sara said...

Hoje é um dia muito triste para nós, Portugueses, pais, pessoas de bem. Dá bem para ver que o dinheiro, a porra do dinheiro vence sempre...que se lixem as crianças, que se lixem os "bons". Vamos lá ver se estes ainda não serão incomodados e processados pelo wondercouple. A mim já nada me admira.

Ao Sr. Paulo Reis
Ao Sr. Duarte Levy
À Joana Morais
À Claudia
e a muitos outros
ficam os meus mais sinceros agradecimentos pela vossa coragem.
No meio desta história sórdida é bom saber que há pessoas com TOMATES em Portugal. Quem sabe, qualquer dia consigamos arranjá-los em número suficiente para podermos levar o nosso país para a frente. Até lá seremos o menino dos recados dos bifes, e vamos continuar a gastar dinheiro que tanto nos faz cá falta com aquela gentalha da porcaria.

E vamos lá ver se ainda não têm o desplante de tentar processar o estado Português...

Cláudia said...

Sara, isto ainda não acabou.
Quanto a processar o estado Português ou até mesmo os jornais, se isso os obrigar a pôr os pézinhos dentro de um tribunal, força aí!

guerra said...

I don't believe the Portuguese state will be prosecuted, if that happened then you might as well say good bye to any future police investigations. No one was charged.
With regard to the couple, the British specialist dogs did react to scents in their apartment and vehicle, and the couple did refuse to answer police questions, therefore the police had cause to consider them as suspects. With regard to Murat the police took the word of the McCann's friends who claimed that they saw him on the premises that night and the statements of a British reporter who claimed he acted suspiciously. Depending on the details of the investigation Murat may have a case, but I think his chances of litigation are greater if he pursues the McCann's friends. I read the report that was submitted by the police for review and based on what I read there was no definitive evidence that could be used in a court of law to explain what happened to the child. After giving it some thought perhaps the decision to archive the case and lift the "Arguido Status" is the best thing to do. The reason I believe this is that any future review of new evidence can be done in a calm manner without intense media speculation. Also, now the McCanns when confronted with a question that makes them uncomfortable cannot use the excuse that they are not allowed to talk. It will also be interesting to see what means they will use to find their daughter. Will they continue with the infamous Metodo 3? There is a saying: "If you give enough rope to someone they will hang themselves."