Tuesday, 1 July 2008

McCann searching for Madeleine with their "very sophisticated intelligence gathering operation"

Clarence Mitchell, spokesman for McCann couple, told BBC that if Portuguese “police now planned to stop searching for Madeleine”, the “thousands of pieces of information” in the police files “must be made public so the McCanns could carry on their own hunt”, using “their own 'very sophisticated intelligence gathering operation", according to BBC.


Cláudia said...

Paulo, I can't wait for the secrecy to be over and for the 'leads' to be passed on to the McCann team. With their 'very sophisticated intelligence gathering operation' I'm sure Madeleine will be returned safe and sound a few hours after the info is passed on. I hope their 'very sophisticated intelligence gathering operation' includes a resurrection expert.

Shu said...


Some big,big and very strange and unknown power stop the Maddie´s searching.All the time!A real nightmare.So,so obscure...

To the Universe: Maddie and all children a lot of kisses to YOU ALL!

guerra said...

Yes it is a very sophisticated intelligence gathering operation. It involves using a collection agency with a criminal past, which employs techniques such as paying people to claim they saw something. Can it be that Mr. Mitchell is capable of keeping the unsavoury details from being publicized by the British media? Maybe Amaral already knows that this is the case and that is why he is publishing his book. If I was Mr. Amaral I would keep an eye over my shoulder.

Cláudia said...

SHU, ;-)

Guerra, I know that Mr Amaral is a brave man and that nothing will stop him from telling the world what he feels needs to be told. But I agree with you. I hope he takes care of his personal security as well as his family's.