Monday, 21 July 2008

No evidence of crime committed by the "arguidos"

The case was shelved “because no evidence was found that any of the 'arguidos' have committed a crime”, according to PGR statement.


Anonymous said...

Se conseguires,descansa em Paz.
Como se isso fosse possível!

Perfeição total.

Anonymous said...


google translation:

....The office of Prosecutor-General of the Republic announced that, by decision of two judges jurisdiction (the same who refused the use of multiple evidence, including telephone records and written messages), the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann is archived for lack of evidence against the three arguidos.

Anonymous said...

A foto da Pequenina no site da Sic é a foto de uma Menina pálida e a olhar para baixo. Envergonhada?
Ah,sim! Muito envergonhada mesmo!

Penso que a foto deve ser vista.

Anonymous said...

Bem,fui ao google mas sem grande sorte.
Percebo que há 1 a blasfemar contra o P.R? E contra um País 3º mundista? PORQUÊ?

Porque não houve justiça a favor da Maddie++++ ou está a amaldiçoar ,quem lutou pela +++Maddie+++pelos trabalhos em que os mcs se colocaram?


Pode ajudar-me a perceber?S.f.f.

É que a tradução não me ajudou a perceber.

Não é aqui. É noutro.

guerra said...

Considering the strong political opposition to the revelation of the truth, it was to be expected. Whoever has followed this case has to ask themselves if a true democracy really exists and if justice is applied equally to the rich and the poor. I see that the British press is now focusing on reminding the public about the character flaws of Mr. Amaral. That's what happens to you in Britain when you try to reveal what some consider the inconvenient truth. I guess the floodgates are now open for further monetary gains for the McCanns. There will be talk show appearances, of course any poignant questions will not be permitted, there will be movies, magazine interviews, books and donations from the uninformed, etc. etc. Thanks to Paulo and other blogs like his we were given a different perspective that was not provided by the English Press. One good thing that has come out of this decision is that Portugal won't be wasting the people's money on a lost cause.

Anonymous said...

Guerra wote:
"Whoever has followed this case has to ask themselves if a true democracy really exists and if justice is applied equally to the rich and the poor."

No. This has to be pursued beyond simple rhetoric. Whoever has followed this case really has to ask themselves why there has been so much political interference and from which directions has it come?

Sidlining this as a 'rich vs poor' debate is rather too convenient.

So the McCans were cleared simply because they were well respected members of the medical profession, eh?

I don't seem to recall that this helped Harold Shipman much?

Or perhaps because they had friends in high places?

Lord Lucan had friends in high places. Peter Foster had friends in high places (the Blairs). Jeffrey Archer had friends in high places. As did Mark Thatcher.

Let's not whitewash this thing still further by asking all the wrong questions. You'll never get the right answers if you are not prepared to ask the right questions.

This is a political issue. Not a class issue.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, it is a very special and strange a lot class issue.



guerra said...

Anonymous very few Politicians are interested in the poor, most are just concerned about their own best interests. I agree with you rich people go to jail all the time, but if you are rich or have rich friends the probability of going to jail is much less than if you're poor. In Portugal the odds are probably even greater in favour of a rich person. All I can say is if there had been this much evidence against me I would have been going on my second year in jail.

Shu/Outono said...

Força,guerra!Mantenha as suas convicções.


E,hoje,nem vou ver os papers de uk nem as tvs deles.Não há pachorra.

Abaixo os crimes perfeitos (porque os há).

Anonymous said...

in the first place, they were made arguidos "because of the evidence"

they dismiss the evidence to lift the status ...

guerra said...

shu/outono eu também não vou ler nenhuns jornais ingleses para não me incomodar. Um manchete dos jornais Ingleses que eu li esta manhã dizia que o laboratório inglês errou quando fez os testes forenses, outro dizia que o sofrimento do pobre casal vai continuar por causa do livro do Amaral. O Sr. Amaral agora vai ser o alvo principal dos jornais ingleses. É melhor esquecer desta gente. Eu penso que muitos Britânicos já reconhecem que algo não está certo com o governo deles. Os Portugueses também devem ter muitas perguntas a respeito deste caso para fazer aos políticos em Portugal. Eu para mim penso que mais tarde ou mais cedo o casal ou uns dos amigos deles vão escorregar.

AfricanMum said...

There's a blogger in UK who was asking questions about this case, someone posted anonymous comments on his blog threatening him that his licence to be out of jail would be revoked (I think he committed some crime in his past and is currently out of jail on licence). Anyway, I don't think I've ever seen this in any other case. We can remember the British media was quite happy to accuse Prince Phillip of killing Princess Diana, this is the husband of the head of state of our country, but these people are treated like royalty.
I for one won't be voting for the Labour Party ever again, because of this case.

Anonymous said...

There are many reasons not to vote Labour ever again!

guerra said...

There is more to this story than meets the eye. My theory is that some in the Tapas group along with some politicians are linked by their involvement in deviant behaviour.

Karmaera said...

and cowardice
walk together
hand in hand.

Paulo, much sadness I feel for the honour of Madeleine.