Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Pre-publication of Amaral's book on Correio da Manhã (III)

DNA profiles, Forensic Science Service and inconclusive results

In the first days of September, Superintendent Stuart Prior, from Leicestershire Constabulary, went to Portimão, taking with him “a first preliminary report” from the results of the analysis of two samples collected at Praia da Luz, obtained with the help of South Yorkshire Police dogs Eddie and Keela, to discuss with PJ investigators how the investigation was developing. During the meeting, Stuart Prior “revealed that he was disappointed with the results of the analysis”, made at Forensic Science Service, in Birmingham, writes Mr. Amaral, according to Correio da Manhã. The Portuguese team of investigators also read the report and they didn't agree with the conclusions of Stuart Prior.

Concerning the first sample, found in the apartment's floor, the report showed “an incomplete DNA profile” with “low quality DNA traces from more than one person. But all DNA components identified coincided with the corresponding components from Madeleine's DNA profile.” The two samples, analysed at FSS, were “blood traces”, according to Mr. Amaral, “because the CSI dog is trained to detect only that body fluid”, a fact that he says is confirmed on a report prepared by “experts Mark Harrison and Martin Grime”, both British police officers assigned to go to Praia da Luz with Eddie and Keela.

After an explanation about the components from Madeleine's DNA profile, the conclusion was that 15 of the19 alleles of Madeleine's DNA profile were found in the analysis to the second sample of blood, took from the boot of the McCann rented car. “According to FSS experts, those 15 (alleles) were not enough to come to the conclusion, with a high degree of reliability, that it was Madeleine's DNA profile, even because the Low Copy Number (technique) found 37 components in that sample.”

Mr. Amaral refers also that the existence of 37 components was justified, in the FSS report, with the fact that, at least, DNA from three different persons “had contributed to that result” and emphasizes what he considers a “bizarre precaution” from the scientist that prepared the report: he explained that “in most DNA profiles of the laboratory experts, the components of Madeleine's DNA profile are also found.” He regrets that “in spite of having found 15 components of Madeleine's DNA profile” in the sample taken from the rented car, “results (of the analysis) were considered not conclusive.”


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