Thursday, 24 July 2008

“The Truth of the Lie” - The body-finder (*)

At the beginning of June, Kate started to talk with investigators about information she had received, from several psychics and clairvoyants, concerning the location of her daughter's body. On June 28, the McCann couple told PJ investigators, during one the regular meetings they held, it was their intention to bring Danie Krugel,the South-African alleged body-finder and his mysterious “machine” to Praia da Luz. They asked for the PJ agreement and requested police support to the work Mr. Krugel was supposed to do, at Praia da Luz. Mr. Amaral wrote: “The couple clearly admitted, now, the death of the child, unlike what they had been saying in public (...)”

The “mixed” investigative team (Portuguese and British police officers) was astonished with the “news”, transmitted by the McCann, about those technological developments in “body-finding”. Kate and Gerry refused to given up. Using a TV program about Krugel, they insisted. The team agreed and Krugel came to Praia da Luz.

He took his “machine” to the highest points, North and West of Praia da Luz, put an hair of Madeleine in the machine, defined two lines and pointed to an area around 300 meters large, starting in the sea line and going through the valley near the beach. “The body of Madeleine is in this area”, he said, according to Mr. Amaral. That area had been searched, already, but Police went there, once again. Nothing was found and Mr. Krugel left Praia da Luz.

(*) Summary of pages 144 to 146


Tereza said...

Do any of you also have the feeling that the McCann wanted to end this "dissapearing" act and found a cops out with the body founder? That maybe they wanted someone as an excuse to find the body and they can end the charade? Interesting to know they addmited the death of the child and in the public eye they keep saying they believe she is alive.

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SSiE said...

A group of South African skeptics have now created a ‘Stop Danie Krugel’ site to address the bad science journalism that usually goes along with any mention of him in the media, and to oppose his promotion until such time as his claims have been scientifically validated (or disproved).

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