Tuesday, 29 July 2008

UK government agency, blogs and Clarence Mitchell

Financial Times
By Carlos Grande
Published: August 15 2007

UK government agency to monitor blogs

The COI, the UK government’s communications agency, is working on a way to monitor what people say about policy on blogs and internet forums for the media briefings it sends to ministers. A project by the COI’s Media Monitoring Unit is considering how to add blogs to its regular summaries of government coverage in mainstream press or television (...)

Mark Sweney
Tuesday September 18 2007

A veteran of major stories

Mr Mitchell announced today that he was stepping down from his role as director of the Media Monitoring Unit at the government's Central Office of Information to help the "innocent victims of a heinous crime". The unit, which is responsible for providing 24-hour coverage and in-depth news briefings for press officers, policy officials, special advisers and ministers across all government departments, is based in the Cabinet Office in Whitehall.

Mr Mitchell joined the unit in April last year but this summer found himself in Portugal - at the request of the Foreign Office - advising the McCanns for around a month until the end of June. While in Portugal he was reportedly behind the McCanns' visit to the Pope and their tour of Spain, Germany and Morocco.

Upon his return he went back to his former role; just last month he was pushing a new initiative at the MMU looking at an online monitoring product to track public debates from blogs.


Shu/Outono said...

Vamos mas é ajudar o clarinete.Ainda desce cada vez mais os degraus da sua importância.

Vamos dar-lhe emprego.

Agora há que reinventar temas para filmes.(guerra fria;ex-jugoslávia;bombas humanas etc- já está 1 pouco esgotado).Usa vai começar a fazer filmes tenebrosos sobre estes temas mais recentes,tal como a influência do poder político e a sofreguidão por dinheiro; as espionagens...

Karmaera said...

I read this last year, Paulo...interesting isn't it? The implicatons for it are far reaching...and ominous.

Manufacturing consent - Noam Chomsky.


Anonymous said...

I bet Paulo also thinks the McCanns will ultimately decide the fate of the American elections too. Powerful figures these middle-class GPs, eh? But of course they have that lame duck British Prime Minister pulling all the strings (even though he couldn't even guarantee the support of his own ministers on his flasgship 48-day detention bill). By contrast, the EU Parliament has been planning tighter controls on internet forums and blogs. Truth is, this has little to do with Brown and everything to do with Blair, Mandelson and the EU Commission. It was Blair, afterall who loaned Mitchell to the McCanns - not Brown. Not a Brown supporter by any means, myself, but the idea of a Brown/Downing Street conspiracy leads absolutely nowhere. Start with Blair (and his friendships within te EU Commission - not least with Barroso who played matchmaker and host to the 'coalition' summit in the run up to the war in Iraq) and it all makes much better sense. Miliband is a Blairite too. And I sense his presence in all this a litle more strongly than Brown's.

Anonymous said...

I bet Paulo also thinks the McCanns will ultimately decide the fate of the American elections too.

anon 18:06
could you please ellaborate...

Anonymous said...

British businessman faces 12 years in jail over child porn internet swap

By Annette Witheridge
Last updated at 6:42 PM on 29th July 2008

A high-flying British business executive today pleaded guilty to possessing hundreds of images of children having sadomasochist sex with adults.


Anonymous said...

Just another coincidence.
Branson funding searches. Now investigators believe Fosset is alive and it was a hoax.
This character is somehow weird to me.


Anonymous said...

New intrnet watchdog to police facebook


Anonymous said...

A British businessman was last week awarded £22,000 libel damages from a school friend who made false accusations against him on a fake Facebook profile.

Probably yes;probably not. A case to solve.


E os comentários,na minha opinião,até são de ler.

O tal homem de negócios pode apanhar (só!!!)12 anos de cadeia,por ver o que vê.

Ah,sim O controlo na net só seria super se conseguissem localizar todas as crianças filmadas e entrega-las às familias; todos os que foram levados.E não aparecem.
Depois do uso e da violência,o que se segue?Penso que sei uma terrível resposta...

Se fosse possível controlar e apanhar as infelizes crianças,sim.Isso estaria muitissimo bem.

O nosso R.P.apanhado nesta teia dos sado-masoquistas!!!

Cão de Guarda.

Aí o watchdog faria tudo por elas.
Aí,sim.Mas sabemos que não é isso que se passa.


Anonymous said...

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