Tuesday, 22 July 2008

The usual idiots

John O'Connor, a former commander of Scotland Yard's flying squad, said: 'If I were Clarence Mitchell, I'd try to put pressure on Jack Straw (the Justice Secretary and Lord Chancellor) to ask for a review of the case by British police. It's about time for transparency; there's been too much done in secret.'

What's next? Send the Home Fleet and Royal Marines to occupy Algarve and allow Scotland Yard to search again Praia da Luz and the surrounding areas? Transfer suspect natives, whose faces are similar to the famous sketch produced by a FBI trained artist, to concentration camps, as your country did to women and children suspected of supporting the Boers guerrillas fighters? Probably, you also would like that we, humble, short and dark-skinned people, use some kind of distinctive symbol – after you send in the troops – like a yellow sardine, in an armband, as Nature also makes mistakes and there are some blonde hair, blue-eyed Portuguese.

You are a perfect idiot, Mr. John O'Connor. And it seems that there is a lot of people like you, with the same arrogance of those that considers themselves members of a superior race, brought to Earth to serve as an example of what is being civilized. Now, I understand the IRA had good reasons to do what they have done and I even look at Mr Mugabe with a certain sympathy.

PS – Are you the same former Scotland Yard Commander John O'Connor, who has been “working with the Portuguese authorities investigating Madeleine’s disappearance”, as The Online Resident wrote, or was that just a cover up for your real assignment, “enquiring into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in Portugal” for TV?


Anonymous said...

I thought that, for once, justice would be blind.
I'm so naive!!!
«It takes two for a cannoe» isn't it? Portugal and UK have the real amount of corruption that we deserve, because we allow it.
Obrigadinha Sr. Sócrates.

jo said...

Hola Paulo
There are 2 cases: the mccanns case and the Madeleine case
Now the PJ has got rid of the pair they will focus on the REAL case: Madeleine.Here is a staement from both police forces,PJ & LP

“The decision of the Public Minister (MP) to archive the investigation into Madeleine McCann’s disappearance and to lift the arguidos status of the parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, was not greeted with suprise by the PJ investigators or the British police: one of the investigators affirmed, “having been the victims of an agreement which goes over their heads and which does not take account of the interests of the victim, Maddie.”
“The Maddie case has become the McCann case, we have gone from a police investigation to a case of political protection and manipulation of the law,” a British police officer accuses in statements to SMM.”

It speaks volume

Shu/Outono said...

yes,"poor" traste realmente.

- Algarve is occupied many years a go!
-Concentration camps : i propose that the uk trastes go to there.
-arrogance?Worst.Animals with a lot of personal and very strange problems and with a lot of bitterness.

And the british police can come if they spend his money and probably they can finally believe what hapenned to Maddie and put the real guilties in a concentration camp.
No problem,P., they can come.They will spend money here with beers,wine,sardines,"bacalao",flats and so on. Portugal can receive the millions spended with.

P.: can You imagine this? We laugh a lot! Go, a BIG SMILE!

Shu/Outono said...

we received the all trastes,not with both arms open, because they must eat and sleep.

A big smile when You can imagine those things they will do.Neck to left,to right(because we are beautiful); their mouths plenty of food and beers.

Anonymous said...

Belíssimo contador no site de Cláudia:

Day counter

15 days, 9 hours, 58 minutes, and 5 seconds have passed since the McCann detectives accessed 81 leads and Madeleine still hasn't been found ....

Anonymous said...

Parece que Alípio Ribeiro disse mais qualquer coisa,do género :retirar o estatuto de arguidos e não arquivar o caso.(parece ser usual,entre várias coisas,que PGR nunca mais toque no caso).
Mas,por outro lado, a Equipa de Portimão vai ser reforçada(por ELA?) ou para se precaverem com mais delinquentes uk,de férias?

Anonymous said...


Ex-director da PJ 2008-07-22 00:05
Caso Maddie “não devia ser fechado tão cedo”

Ex-director da Polícia Judiciária
Alípio Ribeiro defende que caso Maddie “não devia ser fechado tão cedo”
22.07.2008 - 10h05 PÚBLICO
O antigo director da Polícia Judiciária, Alípio Ribeiro, defende que o caso da menina britânica desaparecida no Algarve, Maddie McCann, “não devia ser fechado tão cedo”, num artigo de opinião publicado hoje no “Diário Económico”.

Alípio Ribeiro sublinha que o tempo de investigação do desaparecimento de crianças pode durar vários anos.

“Um arquivamento precipitado pode vir a prejudicar, quem sabe se definitivamente, um esclarecimento posterior”, escreve no jornal.

Ontem, a Procuradoria-Geral da República decidiu arquivar o inquérito ao desaparecimento de Maddie por falta de provas e cessou a condição de arguidos dos pais da menina, Kate e Gerry McCann, e de Robert Murat.

O inquérito pode ser reaberto se surgirem novos elementos de prova.

Mas Alípio Ribeiro duvida da disponibilidade para procurar esses elementos. Além disso,

“o Ministério Público não tem uma cultura de revisitação dos inquéritos correspondentes a crimes mais graves e que foram arquivados por falta de elementos de prova”, salienta o antigo director nacional da PJ.

Para Alípio Ribeiro, “talvez tivesse sido mais razoável ter determinado a cessação do estatuto de arguidos daqueles que foram constituídos e,

noutro contexto processual, continuar a investigação”.

Em Maio, Alípio Ribeiro pediu a demissão, a um ano do fim da sua comissão de serviço. Na origem da decisão terá estado a entrevista que deu ao “Diário Económico”, preconizando que "devia ser pensada" a saída da Polícia Judiciária do Ministério da Justiça. Para substituí-lo o ministro Alberto nomeou José Almeida Rodrigues, coordenador superior de investigação criminal.

Cláudia said...

Not only an idiot. He's damn ugly too! Jesus! Sorry, but I couldn't resist. :-)

Jose said...

independientemente de como uno se pueda sentir al recibir la noticia, creo que deberias moderar un poco tu opinion con respecto al IRA. Muchas familias han sufrido en sus carnes los actos terroristas de este grupo durante su lucha armada. Con esto no defiendo las posiciones de uno o de otro, sino condano los actos y metodos.

astro said...

The Resident, quote:

Despite this, O’Connor spoke of the high quality detective work in Portugal and believes that they will solve this case. He spoke of the competency and professionalism of the Portuguese police, dismissing any accusations they have faced. He outlined that they were initially responding to a missing child and not a crime and, therefore, did not think that their initial response should be criticised.

“The UK has far more crime, therefore has contingency plans in place to deal with such circumstances. Although this is not the case in Portugal, O’Connor does not believe that the police were too slow to put the borders on alert. “It is not possible to control the border such as the one between Portugal and Spain.”

AfricanMum said...

Love the yellow sardines comment! LOL! :)
Spot on with Mugabe. Now he and his opponents are working on a solution, the BBC and Sky have forgotten Zimbabwe exists, despite stoking the flames on Zim every day for the past 2 months. They even had the guts to say once that life for Africans there was better under British rule - when mixed race children were forced to live in orphanages as that was the only way to see both their parents.

Anonymous said...

Sic Notícias (quem tem ,viu;quem não tem,pode ver o vídeo no site da Sic.


Edição Especial 22-07-2008
Especial Maddie
Debate com Rogério Alves, Carlos Anjos, José Eduardo Pinto da Costa e Paulo Sargento