Wednesday, 13 August 2008

24 pictures that may help to re-open the case

Coming soon..

Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis

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I'm very much looking forward to these pictures.

Can you say what the chances are of the case to be re opened Paulo?

20th September is the deadline, is this correct?

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Beware... Comical Clary will take legal action :)

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Do you know the source of the photograph - article newfrommybigdesk - small child dressed in pink top holding lady's hand ? It relates to the Guard's sighting and articles.

The shadow of the woman holding the child's hand is clearly cast on the child. Bizarrely, a second shadow (identical to Kate's profile) is shown on the wall behind. The blonde child is the size of of an average two year old.

In one of the articles, the Guard gives a very detailed description of the clothes worn by the child he saw, white top, plaid skirt and white stockings who passed the building with a woman of Moroccan origin.

The child in the photograph is wearing a bright pink top and is bare legged. Her escort cannot possibly cast two shadows and the child is not the one vivdly described by the Guard.

I've always supported the police in this case, reaffirmed by Mr Amaral's factual account & PJ's Report. Mr Amaral has confirmed the Public Minister's conclusions based on evidenced fact are the same as his - Madeleine died in her parents apartment; the abduction was staged. Kate's fingerprints are the only ones found on the infamous window.

The source of the promised 24 revelationary photo's being prepared for the Daily Express media campaign will not alter the facts on police files.

The level of "sensationalism" as a result of the death of an innocent little girl in her parents' apartment is the most sickening abuse of the media and democratic journalism the public have ever encountered. The media's utter contempt for the evidenced facts on police files is utterly contemptible.

Doctoring photos of Madeleine (and others) for media manipulation/disinformation to undermine the police and justice has been in operation from day one of this case.

That which is promised tomorrow by media campaign frontrunners - Daily Express/Sun - will be no different, merely more sickening.

My colleague has encountered difficulties e-mailing the photo I arranged to be sent. Through his various contacts, he's arranging to send it by post. He downloaded all the photos in forums and is happy to share them with you if you wish. He will, of course, enclose a covering letter.

Kind regards.

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The 'deadline' is not 20th September; Madeleine's 'deadline'
occurred between 1 & 2 May in her parents apartment.

Did you know that only 4% of children under five die at the hands of a stranger ? In 92% of child fatalities the father is the party responsible, over and above step fathers.

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Fear not, Clarrie is a Laborite bully; blinded by his self importance. He went very quiet after Mr Amaral welcomed 'arguing the case in Court'. One of two threats Mitchell made to the police co-ordinator.

The British press don't print 'facts' in this case, do they ?

Media manipulation and lies is McCanns only means of defence, coupled with threats of suing via their mouthpiece. Mitchell's job is to keep the damning facts in this case out of Court.

full of hot airMr Amaral would welcome

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I can't wait to see them !