Thursday, 14 August 2008

Amaral's book Spanish edition published on September

The Spanish edition of “The Truth of the Lie” will be published in the first week of September. The same week, the former PJ detective will be interviewed by two Spanish TV channels, “Antena 3” (September 1) and Telecinco (September 8). Contacts for an English edition (probably including also an USA edition) continue and are expected to result in a deal, very soon.


Anonymous said...

Thank You again.

Is nice to know.

***S**** há estrelas no céu....

Anonymous said...

I'll be first in the queue at The Dollar Shop.

Anonymous said...

Olééé !

get em Goncalo said...

I can't wait for the english version.....!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Get em Gonçalo to give you the bad news (that is if you're in Britain)
"Britain’s libel laws are stifling free speech, says UN"; Robert Verkaik, Law Editor; The Independent 14/08/08
"British libel laws are stifling free speech around the world as wealthy businessmen and celebrities increasingly turn to UK courts to silence their critics abroad, the United Nations has warned.

In a report published yesterday, the UN’s Committee on Human Rights criticises the phenomenon of “libel tourism”, where foreign businessmen and millionaires use the High Court in London to sue foreign publishers under claimant-friendly defamation laws.
The report cites the case of Dr Rachel Ehrenfeld, an American researcher who was sued in London by a Saudi businessman and his two sons over a book which was not published in the UK, although 23 copies were sold into the jurisdiction via the internet and one chapter was available online.

The claim led to the State of New York passing legislation to protect writers and publishers working there from the enforcement of defamation judgments made by other courts, unless those courts accorded the same freedom of speech protection as New York and US federal law.

The US federal legislature is considering enacting similar legislation.

The committee also criticised the way the British Official Secrets Act 1989 had been used to stop former Crown employees from bringing issues of public interest into the public domain and said that provisions in the Terrorism Act 2006 regarding encouragement of terrorism were vague and could have a chilling effect on freedom of expression."

Anonymous said...

get em goncalo,

British laws of libel do not forbid the publication of substantiated fact, as is the case with Mr Amaral's book.

Government intervention/influence will undoubtedly be brought to bear on it's import and distribution.

It seems "war" has been declared on the TRUTH in Madeleine's case. There are 'ways and means' in any war, especially those involving freedom of choice and speech.

How many British servicemen gave their lives in two world wars to preserve our freedom and rights ?

Will Brown give orders to line up and shoot those who distribute Mr Amaral's book in English, along with those who read it ?

We'll see, I understand this is exactly what is happening, underground - away from Mitchell's prying eyes.

Anonymous said...


Libel cases are notoriously expensive and especially rare in Britain.

The word 'libel' has been used repeatedly throughout the McCanns defence by media. Using and abusing 'law' for bullying tactics.

Mr Amaral invited Mitchell to 'argue the case in Court'; no action was taken.

The media's despicable portrayal of Mr Amaral reinforced overwhelming British support.